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  1. HOw about a SWAG Sophie that is modeled to look like her on the back of the blisters? That would be pretty neat.
  2. Paint job reminds me of Aeris from Final Fantasy VII. Very nice. :D
  3. I wanna see the return of the Highlanders. I've wanted to get a Bruce O'Hugh soooo bad and paint my clan tartan. But he's discontinued. :p
  4. Nice Idea. I like the originality of it. Can't wait to see the figure fully painted.
  5. This mini is undoubtably L337! My advice, never EVER sell him/trade him. He is way too cool.
  6. What do you guys like to use in your armies, faction wise?
  7. Yes indeed the world needs more cat girl minis. I would definitely by those in a heart beat. I also would like to see some minis from "The Dark Crystal". You know like the Skeksis, Uru, Gelflings, Pod People, and of course Aughra.
  8. Right on me brother! At last another dwarf lover! They can kick the arse of any pansy elf ever to riddle the lands with their pansiness. I also like Orcs/half-Orcs, and humans. Always thought they were cool. My least favorite race is elves (minus Dark elves). Why? Read first sentence. Gnomes and Centaurs are pretty neat too!
  9. If you want to mod one, I'd suggest the older sculpt of Cleo, where she is more cat-like and not so humanoid.
  10. Sweet. I think I'm gonna like freelancing. But can I still put Reven in there? What about Reptus?
  11. I know that CAV has a new Freelancers faction, but does Warlord have one too? I wanna make a combo army of Dwarves, Mercs, and Reven (maybe Necropolis too). Is such an army legal in tournament play? Is so, what do you guys like to use in your Freelance armies?
  12. What about using the MS primer paint from the bottle? Does that do the job just as well?
  13. IF I were to write a poem or something about Warlord or CAV, would I get any SWAG ponts for them? Also, how much SWAG do you need to get the paint rack?
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