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  1. Updated my original post with two other pictures. Let me know if either of those is good. Anthony
  2. They are a bit blurry. I'm working on them this evening and will post better. The one on the left is 2416 Cave Troll and on the right is 2488 Cave Troll Champion. Thanks Anthony
  3. Feel free to use these. I am almost done with them. If I finish in the next day or two I will re-post better pictures. Anthony
  4. Always looking for players for rpg's or mini's in Land O Lakes, FL and surrounding area. Anthony
  5. Downloaded last night and printed this morning. Looks like fun! I used blue and green cardstock for the weapon and power-up cards that I will match to the glass tokens on the board. Anthony
  6. I have seen it before and I laugh just as hard as the first time. Anthony
  7. Me too. But, unless you look at the additional pics you don't see exactly how cool it is. Anthony
  8. Unisystem all the way. Tried 3.0, but I will not keep re-buying the same books. Anthony
  9. Watch zombie movies. Just watched Flight of the Living Dead and 28 Weeks Later. Read zombie books and comics. Currently reading an anthology called Undead from Permuted Press and the Walking Dead comics. Play zombie video games. Currently playing Dead Rising. Anthony
  10. The Hitler idea is awesome. Definitely a great villian. Maybe mix in some zombie Nazis. Anthony
  11. Zombie Guts cereal...I love Halloween. Anthony
  12. Taking a break from painting Warlord figs, so here is The Head from the Superfigs line. Took about 2 hours for a quick tabletop paint. Anthony
  13. Thanks. I was not sure either, but after checking Rage Chronicles it now states equipment stacks with the totem unless their description states otherwise. Anthony
  14. Found another glitch. If you purchase a totem of battle for the army and a magic weapon for an individual model the bonuses do not stack. Anthony
  15. Luckily I stopped it half way through, So you only owe me 1:26:) Anthony
  16. I've noticed when buying multiple spells they are usually grouped together. However, for some reason one of the spells will be placed at the bottom of the model listing separate from the others. For example, Moandain with bolt x2, ice shards x2, stun, ice blast and ice storm. The program puts ice storm at the bottom and the other spells grouped together at the top with cast SA's, Melee SA's Model SA's and Range SA's in between. Any idea why? Anthony
  17. Thanks and great job!. I'm messing around with the program now. Anthony
  18. I think it came out in 2006. The narrator basically jumps around the world and relates short accounts of what is going on over the course of the war. My only complaint is some of the stories are so good I wanted more, but after a few pages the story moves somewhere else. Anthony
  19. The text refers to the stunned model's activation, not its troop's activation. A stunned model can make its check any time during its troop's activation. I cleric can heal a stunned model in its own troop, before the tough check. I'll see about getting a clarification line added to ReaperGames. Thanks. I'm glad that didn't change. Anthony
  20. I underlined the part that makes me think it happens first thing in the activation. My reasoning being that if it wasn't first thing in the activation then a Cleric from the same troop could heal the mini (as was the case before RAGE Chronicles 2007) I have been wondering about that. I read it the same way you do. Anthony
  21. MUST OWN ZOMBIE NAZI"S!!! (See avatar for any questions) The fig is great, especially the bullet holes. Anthony
  22. It really depends on the color of ink and how dark your freckles are. The easiest way I have to describe it (and this goes for coverups,too) is to think of the ink like a watercolor, and your skin as the paper. Watercolors are translucent, allowing colors under them to show through and affect the topmost color. Thus, the paler the skin, the more colors will pop and the lighter the colors that can be used on them. Darker skin means that paler colors (think your pastels, pale yellows, white) won't show up as well, if at all. Freckles are just darker pigment dots on the skin, and generally speaking (without seeing your skin or the design you want) I wouldn't be too worried about them detracting from the tattoo. Yes, they might show through lighter colors, but when you have a nice tattoo, I doubt many people will be looking at the freckles under it. Thanks! Great info. Anthony
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