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  1. Did I miss the information? If so, please point me in the right direction.
  2. Thank you. It is my first person... I found my color notes for the orange I made: Marigold Yellow / Fire Orange (50/50) Talespinner has told me, that once I use glazes, I'll like them. He is right...but I have such a hard time mixing them up so they go on right. Back to Orange and base coats. You said that if you mix a red in the orange that it will start looking red instead of orange. Well, being a total novice about color & color theory and color knowledge...and limiting the color choices to reaper paints, what colors would you mix with orange to get the Shadow, Mid tone & Highlights? I made a guess and lost my mind on the base coat. We are talking about pumpkins now, and they start out green...so would you use a green to blend in with the orange for the shadow?
  3. Talespinner & I have been friends decades and I have always had him paint miniatures for me. He always did a great job. Then he goes all rogue on me and starts sculpting. Tells me I have to paint my own miniatures. He sweet talks me into going to ReaperCon 2013, at great risk to my home life <insert disgruntled family here> that I was going to "have fun while they had to stay home." All in all, I opted the path of forgiveness instead of permission. I'm still in one piece, and have managed to get my kid interested in painting as a result of this trip. SO, it has been a good thing...but an expensive one (if you have nothing to start with, the upfront cost for me was super high) but I made it work. I didn't have any paints, brushes, mixing trays, lights, vision magnification, or a clue...until after i just started painting at the con. My first painted miniature was the Hell Hound (77038: Hell Hound by: Ben Siens)...but that is another story. Anyways, I have been working with Talespinner on painting minis since ReaperCon 2013. He has given me pointers and descriptions etc, with the patience of a saint. I started a Pathfinder adventure and one of the characters is a monk, and the guy playing him asked me to paint him a mini. I'm terrified, I have not ever painted a human. I spent time trying to figure out how to paint skeletons...<ok, technically they were human skeletons>... so in my brain, I have no idea how to even start this mini. SO, I ask him what the color scheme is: Yellow shirt & pants, Orange Cloak, Blue Highlights, Brown Hair, Blue hair ties. I looked for a miniature that fit his her and settled on: Kazumi, Male Monk by: James van Schaik. Now for the on topic comment: 1) I was thinking I would paint orange as my mid tone, and then darken the orange with a light brown (but didn't) and then lighten the orange for highlights with some yellow (but I didn't do that either). What happened: I was putting on my base coat of orange, and it streaked...so I put on another layer, and it streaked...<insert frustration>...after about 15 coats of orange, I finally had no streaking, and a smooth color. I was a wreck! I was frustrated. I swore I would never touch orange again because it sucks... This is why I never got to mixing any shadow or highlight colors for orange. I was so unahappy about my base coat experience that I went into avoidance mode for orange. 2) I thought I could relax again if i worked with the yellow shirt & pants. AGAIN! it took lots of coats just to get it looking good...and again, I'm just frustrated. I set the mini aside for about a week. After seeing a councilor for Chrysophobia, Xanthophobia, and consulting many adult beverages, I went back and finished the mini. I used 50/50 Orange and a orangeish red and just glazed in the shadows. Sorry for the massive photos, But I wanted to show what happened with my orange experience. *NOTE: The white stuff on the back view is from my dull coat sprayed in high humidity <for which I had no idea this would happen> Now my kid wants me to paint a Pumpkin Monster...Not sure why, with October basically here and advertisements of Halloween everywhere. SO, I have to face my nemesis - ORANGE... I apologize for the long explanation. I'm looking for some advice on how to base coat and then work my way up to the orange of a pumpkin...
  4. I'm stoked about the 2015 Con. I'll help Talespinner get away from his sculpting chair and hang out with people...Promise! I might even have to pry the sculpting tools from his hands as he kicks and screams. I hope its not too big a scene.
  5. Random, I'm getting really stoked to attend this year.
  6. I'd like an Occulus to paint. I'm hoping Reaper decides to cast it.
  7. Some flourescent lights have a flicker rate that may trigger head aches or cause your eyes to tire quickly. I've used an overhead shop light and only been able to work for an hour before eye fatigue set in, from flicker rate. I suggest a light that doesn't have a flicker rate.
  8. I'd like to see a series of minis that express all of the various occupations &/or variations in a culture. An example of this would be: Giants Hill Giants Then there would be a male & female version of the average version of those giants and then a variety of occupations for that type of giant...like warriors, spell casters or beast masters. Run the range within a given racial representation. Another Example would be: Demons Just start making a sculpt of a male and female (If sex would be applicable) of each kind AND Talespinner's Beholder...what an awesome sculpt!
  9. I don't know you but I'm wishing you and your family all the best.
  10. Will this mini be available for purchase at reapercon?
  11. Any indicator as to when they come out for the rest of us?
  12. Do they have a similar piece of jewelry or other item that binds them as is evident with Garevel?
  13. This looks great. There is only one problem, You typically don't make or paint minis unless you intend to use them on your players...which fills me with dread.
  14. Raineer, will continue to scan people with his spell until it is gone. For our questioning of individuals, I will watch for body language that suggests someone has something to hide. I will also watch for people slipping to the back after they hear the questions. ====================== In regard to if this pbp is dead or not... I doubt it is dead, it is just not a very rapidly moving one. ======================
  15. << Sorry for not responding for so long, I have not been around the internet for 3 weeks and the 2 weeks before that my like was filled too full>> After scanning the guards and others around I will keep my observations to myself for now. With the interruption of the wanderer...Scan Calaverius as long as my spell is active. If no one gives him water, I will give him a small bit so he doesn't get sick. "Drink this, only a little until your more recovered, lest you get sick." If healing will help his condition, I will also provide a simple restorative healing on him.
  16. [ooc] LOL, order of the stick for the win Just so we are all clear. I said i was waggling my fingers and saying strange words and then looking around. Nothing oppressive about that...If I suddenly put my spear through your heart, that would be a bit oppressive. *ties double knots on all belongings and attaches bells and strings to everything so the slightest tug or lightness is noticed* REALLY, i trust you have no negative qualities... *never puts back to Qwyksilver's 'hero'* Besides, who really knows I'm casting a spell, or which one? I'm glad your only holding up a lead sheet and not a mirror...African or European - AAAAAGH! [/ooc]
  17. As quietly and inconspicuously as possible I will cast Detect Evil. I will start with Garavel and then work my way to all those in the tent and then while the spell is still active, work my way around the camp observing as many as I can and determining their wheel with respect to mine. [waggles fingers & says strange words quietly] [looks around intently be discretely so as not to draw attention from starring] Make mental notes on everyone i observe.
  18. [iC]While others are milling about in this tent and talking to Garavel, I will make it so that I can observe him and his body language discreetly, a habit I would have from working the markets. While still chewing on a bit of food. I suspect Garavel might have asked many people for this job and might have tipped off a competitor, either intentionally or not. [player discussion]It is also my opinion that the first way to take people's attention off you if your guilty is to point out someone else who might easily be found 'guilty'. In this case, Garavel has quickly pointed us off to Dashki. This makes me suspicious of Garavel and cautious of Dashki. Perhaps these two have a history that needs to be discovered. [iC]If this cannot be done then, I'll quietly cast Detect Evil, from my vantage point and scan all present long enough to determine if any among us have an evil wheel. If no one present posses any such characteristics, I'll continue to scan the area seeking out other such points of interest. If this means leaving the tent, I will after I'm certain no one inside registers with evil intentions. I will leave the tent as discreetly as i can and continue to can the wagons and other tents. Something is not right in all of this.
  19. Raineer watches Gravel's reaction as he hears of each person's 'approval' of him. using his people skills to determine if there is something else lurking deeper in the man who guided us here. Raineer will abstain from judging Gravel, neither approving nor accusing him of anything. I will continue to eat and drink until I am full. During a lul in the conversation I will add, "I do not like the timing of the burning tree and our arrival." There is more to this than what is being presented to us."
  20. After seating himself on a pillow in a corner, and after the first person introduces themselves he will introduces himself, "I am Raineer. He offers a respectful nod to Almah and a warm smile. <merchant & trade knowledge of her family name, the town names and trade routes: Any information I know I will keep to myself for now> I suspect the smoke has revealed our position to all for many miles in all directions. This can work against any plans we might make if we take too long to act on those plans." He will then find some food and drink, indicating he is finished speaking for now.
  21. Raineer nods at each as people introduce themselves. Raineer will kneel, placing my spear flat to the ground but still maintaining a solid grasp of it, as to lower himself as if a servant to both Zastoran and Alzubra and humbly say, "It was the least I could do. I follow the fire in my heart." He rises back to his feet again presenting himself now as an equal. [quote name='haldir'As the camp returns to the normal you see the beautiful woman Almah command the soliders to make sure the fires are out for good. She does tell everyone to try & conserve water thou, if flames can be snuffed with dirt or something else, then to use that method instead. As she surveys the camp she chats with Gravel about something. She disappears into the largest tent afterward. As the woman turns to leave, Gravel comes to attention & turns around & walks toward the group. When he reaches the group he says, "Almah, wishes to thank everyone for the help in the putting out the fire & also for conserving the supplies in doing so quickly. She also wishes to convene with everyone in the main tent as soon as possible." Ranieer will guide his mount to a place near the other mounts, secure it and head to the main tent.
  22. It has been 17 days since the last post. Forgive me for loosing faith. Please give me a sign that your lapse is with purpose for me and those I am with.
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