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  1. ROFLMAO!!! That's AWESOME!!!!
  2. Bummer about the mini, but more importantly, is your dad okay?
  3. I'm curious as to what the general consensus/official stance is on the sizes of Reaper's dragons in terms of D&D play. I just finished Lavarath and am about to start on Cinder, but I don't have bases for either of them yet and I'm wondering if they're supposed to be huge (3"x3") or gargantuan (4"x4"). The reason for my confusion is that, while both dragons seem to fit nicely into a 3x3 square, they are both posed standing on their hind legs and I'm thinking that were they in more of a 4-legged cat-about-to-pounce pose akin to Ebonwrath, would they, in fact, be 4x4? My consternation is compounded by my recent purchase of the Malryte half-dragon dire wolf from Magnificent Egos, which comes with a 2x2 base but, when placed on a grid, should clearly be a 3x3 creature. So what's everyone else's take?
  4. Thanks, Bodhi. That's quite informative. When I did the axeheads on my halfling I didn't try to use a mold, I just freehanded simple hatchet-like heads. They're pretty balanced between the two, but it is obvious that they were freehand. Maybe I'll order some brown stuff and try them again with a mold.
  5. Well, there is this guy, Dark Heaven Legends 2709. Maybe instead of sculpting from the ground up you could do a very simple conversion on something like Biff, here, and post the results in the Conversions thread... I already did, but thanks for offering that up. I snipped the ends from the kamas and sculpted axe heads onto the handles. Didn't turn out great, but not too bad for a first attempt at something like that. Once he's painted I'll try to post a pic.
  6. Well, wait a few years and you can have 3:14:15 9/26/53 Okay, yeah. I'm a geek....
  7. Eh, between staring at computer screens all day and squinting at minis all night, I'm slowly destroying my eyes anyway. Might as well just buy this and get it overwith all at once.
  8. This may seem really simple and may have already been mentioned (I don't have time to read this whole thread right now), but how about some barbarians with a little modesty? Seems like all the barbarians I find are wearing boots, a loincloth and a bearskin cape while they go, "Look at my pecs and thighs, you girly man. Are you not ashamed of your wimpy, girly physique? HA! I will scrub the stink from you on my washboard abs!!!" How about some meatshields in hide armor (or better yet, dragonhide) with big swords and axes?
  9. Hey Kevin, I lived in Tucson for about 4 years before I moved up here to the Smog Pit of AZ. Someday I hope to move back down there, actually. I wasn't into minis when I lived there, but I know I usually got my RPG fix at a place called Things for Thinkers. I know it was on Speedway, I'm wanting to think just west of Swan on the south side in a strip mall. Not sure what their mini selection is like (or even if they're still in business) but you might want to take a look.
  10. I'm north-central Phoenix. 101-17 interchange area. I usually go to Imperial Outpost Games on 51st Ave and Thunderbird. But I work in Scottsdale and drive all over the east valley, so next time I find myself in Tempe around lunchtime I'll try to check them out.
  11. Heh heh. Yeah, this place should be fun... I don't know about sending them, but if he's ever in Phoenix I'll take him out for wings and brew. I got to meet Alice around Christmas when my band played at his club here in Phoenix. Really cool guy. If you live where there's a station that carries Nights with Alice Cooper, definitely tune in. He's funny in the way that Dennis Miller tries unsuccessfully to be.
  12. I'll be sure to get that $1K wired over as soon as you get me the info. I'd hate to be violation of any forum policies. Can I pay in bearer bonds?
  13. Thanks. That's most helpful. Wasn't there an episode of Seinfeld about that?
  14. I just got into the world of minis within the last few months, and now I'm finding that out of necessity I need to learn some sculpting (seriously, why can't I find a halfling with twin hatchets?). I've figured out enough of the basics to be able to fill gaps and turn Biff the Halfling Monk's kamas into hatchets, but I've also figured out that there are a few things I don't get yet. So I was hoping maybe someone could help educate me a bit. My biggest question at this point is about different sculpting media. I've only used greenstuff as that's all they regularly carry at my FLGS, and I'm getting the hang of it, but when I look at greens on the website and at some of the work posted in this forum, I see things like brown stuff and gray stuff and sculpey and little metal poles and what look like pre-fabbed blades. Now, I know I can buy weapons packs as far as the last of those go, but I'm more curious about the other things. How do the brown and gray putties compare to the green? How does sculpey compare to any of these and would it be useful for conversions or is it primarily a build-from-scratch material? Are there any other media out there that I might find useful or interesting? Are there certain situations where one medium performs better than another or is it really just preference? Okay, I think that's enough questions for now. Thanks in advance for your help.
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