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  1. I know I never say anything on the forums(nor can I show any of my paint jobs, because I don't have a good camera), but I think this would look really neat with some gloss tossed on it.
  2. Okies, I never say anything on these forums, I’ve been waiting to get involved til I have a camera that’ll take good pics of my minis, but, I just got a can of the games workshop primer, it's a new kind, I think, or just a different label, but it wont stick to my pewter minis at all and it’s unusually shiny...I know this is no help to the topic, but I just had to mention it, because it's the first time I've ever had a problem with primer I"ve always used games workshops chaos black...I know this should have its own post, but any tips on how to make it less shiny? I hate having to toss a thin layer of black paint over the primer, just to dull it down...
  3. third mini?? wow....umm i know this was posted a while back but i just HAD to say that you did an excelent job for that being your third, i look back at my 10th and it still looks terrible compaired to that...great job, maybe a black wash on armor though
  4. Lilly


    Thanks for all the advice guys, I'll let you know if it works once I get my camera back, my bf has it and hes out right now, but ill let you guys know...thanks!!
  5. Lilly


    ummmm, We found the manual but I looked in the index and the closest thing to macro mode we found was magnify....wich DOES NOT work....at all
  6. Lilly


    I'm not to sure, I havent really taken the time to read it yet but I'm sure it will help, ummm, I feel kinda dumb because I cant find were to post a pic now, I swear I saw it when I was makeing the origional post but now it like...dissapeared.... I;'m useing a flash, and I also try regular light, nothing works and as far as I know, this carmera doesnt have a macro mode, my bf and i lost the booklet for it and all i can find on the setup is the flash settings, I dont know much about digis, I'm used to my big bulky minolta with my zoom lenses and stuff... I've tried turning the flash off, they come out a little better, but we're looking for the manual to find out if it has macro, it should...I hope.....
  7. Lilly


    Alright, I posted this topic in the show off fourm as well but I need help with my pics, Whenever I take them they wind up blurry with alot of glare, I am useing a Kodak EasyShare CX7300 digi and the pics come out like the ones in the reply to this post(because I accedantly submitted this before i typed anything and i cant add pics on the edit...), what should I do?
  8. Lilly


    Thanks for the tips, I know I should be posting on the shutterbug section, I discovered it soon after I made the origonal post. I am useing a Kodak easyShare CX7300 (digi) and the problem with my pics is that they all come out extreamly blurry, with a huge glare, I will try takeing the pics at a further distance, I already have a tripod and am actually rather experienced(sp?) with a regular camera, I'm just clueless with digis. I'll go ahead and post this topic on the shutterbug fourm I just thought I'd reply here as well, thanks for the help, I look forward to (hopefully) takeing clear pics of my models to be able to post them. I will also post a pic of how they are currently comeing out a bit later on today, I just need to get on my other pc to do that.
  9. Alright, I've been trying to take decent pics of my minis FOREVER and I just don't get how you guys do it, what kind of camera do you use, what lighting? please help me out with specifics, I'm desperate...
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