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  1. That's a great idea. I'll have to think about it when time comes to assemble everything.
  2. I'm brand new to this whole thing. Been painting for a while but this will be my first attempt at something more than a base for a single model. So no, but I'll look into them. :)
  3. Thanks that's a good point. If I could do it without it being really visible then that would be fine, but if I can't then it's going to detract from the overall effect. I'll see what I can come up with.
  4. I was considering working on a small diorama for reapercon this year. A dragon and a party of adventures. As much as I enjoy painting I think I enjoy basing slightly more, and I get more compliments on my bases. So I figured maybe I'd take a shot at it. I'm considering trying to do something with some very fine fishing line so I can have some sort of arcane bolt flying from the mage towards the dragon, but I wasn't sure if that would detract from the model or not. I'm thinking of using either 03547: Juliette, Wizard or 89006: Seoni, Iconic Sorceress and having them cast a magic missile or something towards the dragon. But the only way to really pull that off is with something to hang them off of. But if something like that is viewed poorly by the judges I would rethink it.
  5. Dalth

    Bones Gryphon - Finished.

    Thanks :) I found the trick was to consider it 3 parts. Focus on the lion because that's not too hard. Then I worked on the head and front claws. Then finally worked on the wings. I did the base coat on all 3 then started working on the detail. Also as Gitterwolf said, looking at pictures of real animals helps a ton. Doing it that way helped because I could focus on one part which is different then the rest. The biggest part of the wings is don't do a golden eagle so you can paint them one color ;) But if you do want to add a flash, counting the feathers helps because then you can make it symmetrical, but very little in nature is purely symmetrical so there's some room there. Also a dry brush after doing some lining/wash really helps a ton. For the head, I found that to get it to look good I had to dark line every feather (which was a lot of work) and then work it lighter to the tips. That helped make them pop.
  6. Dalth

    Bonny Ann Pirate Queen Bust By Glitterwolf

    Wonderful work so far :)
  7. Dalth

    Bones Gryphon - Finished.

    Thanks, I'm rather proud of it. It turned out rather well and looks better in person rather than my somewhat crappy pictures. :) I will say that I was a bit intimidated by it at first (and at least half way through painting it :)) The lion body was pretty easy, but the wings and eagle part was challenging, since I've never painted a bird, let alone one so large. Took a lot of trial and error before I finally got the wings like I liked them, but the advice from Geoff was a huge help. That and figuring out that I could count the feathers to make the white flash match up. Funny thing about the base is when I showed my wife the final product she didn't even notice the bones which is the effect I wanted. Once you know they're there you can spot them but they look natural and correct there so they sorta blend in.
  8. Dalth

    Bones Gryphon - Finished.

    So here's the final version. Rick is quite happy with it. :) I do need to paint the base with black around the edge. The white thing which isn't super easy to make out in the pic is some bones skeleton I cut up and put on the base.
  9. Dalth

    Bones Gryphon - Finished.

    So I dry brushed the wings and thanks @Geoff Davis for that suggestion they turned out really nice I think. :) I also did what Talespinner suggested and at first I didn't like it but when I looked again this morning after it was completely dried I much happier with it. Which is an important tip I sometimes forget. That sometimes the best thing to do is let stuff sit and come back to it later. I think I may make a few more passes of glaze over the head to lighten it up bit more and make it more golden like Talespinners pic above.
  10. Dalth

    Bones Gryphon - Finished.

    I agree and I think that would be a great way to tie it all together. It would also make the the transition less stark, so I love that. :) No I'm not. I know I should, but the problem is that when I'm trying to get a color there's a fair amount of adding a color and having it be the wrong shade or too light/dark and having to add other colors. So my journal would look like... Orange - 2 drops, no 2 drops are too much so add more white. No not that much white, and more yellow.
  11. Dalth

    Bones Gryphon - Finished.

    Talespinner and I used to go birdwatching all the time back in college. So I know :) The comment was partly a joke aimed at him.
  12. Dalth

    Bones Gryphon - Finished.

    That's a great idea :) I'll try doing that. I've been working a little bit on highlighting the tips of the feathers on the head, but I hadn't considered using that color. I'll do that. that's the problems with birds... They're not very uniform looking. Do a google image search for Golden Eagle and no two of them look exactly alike. It also means mixing up more paint for the lion part, which I can get eventually but it involves a few more drops of this, and then one too many drops of that.
  13. So been painting a bit, got a few things done but mostly stuff that's not quite as important and stuff I feel I have a decent grasp on so I haven't posted anything. Also had a weekend at @TaleSpinner and he showed me some stuff, which was quite helpful. The guy I did the Minotaur for has a figurine of wondrous power and we picked up a gryphon for it on the way to the game. I've been working on it a bit the last week or so. I'm pretty happy with it more or less, but I'm not sure what else to do with the wings. I'm basing it on a Golden Eagle, which is mostly brown but the wings have this flash of white on them. The pics below are from a still in progress work. The lion part I'm quite happy with, the head I'm pretty happy with. The wings.. I'm going to do some more glazes of tan to darken them. Then I think I may try some light grey as a dark line. I've used brown liner on the head and the dark part of the wings. But I may need to do that a bit more yet. So if anyone has any suggestions for things I could/should do I'd be happy to hear them.
  14. Dalth

    Kasatha Miniature

    Another option is some of the Genestealer Cult stuff from 40k. Some of the hybrids have 3 arms but are still mostly humanoid, so those would work. That's what I was going to do for the Kasatha in my campaign. Something from the acolyte hybrids box could work.
  15. Dalth

    28mm Sci-Fi Skirmish Games?

    Nevermind, was going to recommend Star Wars Legion, but that's not really a skirmish game