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  1. Preach it! I've hate-painted entire armies 😄
  2. You know, I'd like to see more Illyrians. We have a scout, a PI, and...a stripper. Intentional or not, they resemble a certain one-eyed race in a sci-fi webcomic that recently finished it's run. More military types for these guys would be cool.
  3. Nice, got a regular 4 day ticket with no trouble. 🙂
  4. Hmph, I'll be working all day tomorrow, and won't have time to camp for a ticket. Shame, as I live only 15 miles from the 'con.
  5. Hah, we loved GURPS back in the '90s - the highlight game took place in the 30 Years War (yes, really). My character was, well, pretty much a dumber version of The Kurgan. I got around this by saying that he had been kicked in the head by a horse and was taking a while to recover.
  6. Wish granted. Asgard miniatures barbarian with horribly miscast hands, painted in 1984. Combination Testors and Poly-S. Edit: On second thought, it might be all Testors.
  7. Can't speak for Ft. Worth, but avoid the Frisco/The Colony/Plano area (north of Dallas), unless you like high property taxes. Lot of companies have moved here in the past 5-ish years, so we're paying for it. Not that I'm bitter, or anything...
  8. Oh pleasohpleaseohplease... I'm sad that I'll miss seeing my bestest Con Buddy - you know, the metal trade in table. :)
  9. Well, it had to happen; I am finally on my last bottle of the one-off color, Big Top Red. I absolutely love this stuff - to me it's everything a base red color should be. Has anyone out there in Reaper Land discovered a good match for it in Reaper's current paint line-up? So far, the Heraldic Red swatch looks close but I know that colors on the computer screen can be filthy liars. Thanks, all.
  10. April 2006? Huh... Must have been for the ReaperCon that year. I don't really post much; I got away from regular message board visiting a while ago.
  11. Garnet. Especially the gorgeous dark red and red-brown ones.
  12. I stared at those mounted wraiths for a looong time at the Con today... I want about nine of them, oh yes, I indeedy do.
  13. Sharky

    Names and Faces

    I only seem to make every third RCon, which is odd considering that I live less than 20 miles away. I'll be there Thursday, at least... Name: Sharky, aka Gitkikka Pronoun: He/Him Huggability: Negative
  14. I've been doing my darndest to keep it a quiet Monday.
  15. I find R. A. Salvatore's unbridled use of melodrama so off-putting, I've never managed to get completely through one of his books. Honestly, any of the "Hey, that was an awesome D&D game! Let's write a novel about it!" authors are almost painful to read (I'm looking at you, Weis and Hickman). And yes, reading Moby Dick is like taking a beating. It's just so weird to read...
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