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  1. A scaled up print of a pug that I made and painted for my mom to match her dog, Susie. The .stl file also has a version with a backpack and pouches, for your dungeon-crawling needs. Still not convinced that pug dogs aren't really aliens.
  2. ...try not to make a fuss, he charges $25 for autographs. Alt title: "The Rock (giant) wonders just who this jabroni is, getting painted first." Well Rock, this guy has only waited about 38 years to be finished, so... He spent all that time partially covered in Polly-S Mezzodaemon Deep Red (demons are red, dontchaknow), but old Sharky wanted to see him in Retro Slate. Wasn't really the most fun mini I've painted, but I like him now he's done. He'll make a good chaos spawn or other warp entity.
  3. "Palaeo Diet - Eat or be Eaten" is a fun little game. Low miniature count, can be played solo if necessary and generally a hoot with others; especially when a player gets mauled by a beastie. Reaper's Black Bear Clan cavemen seem as if they were made expressly for the game - each member holds a weapon that is available in game to arm your hungry cavemen with. When I started painting this quartet, I looked around to see if I had any more miniatures that would work as extra cavemen, should more people want to play. What I found was an old Citadel barbarian lady from their Collector's series, curiously called "Big Mama". She seemed perfect as a second spear carrier, so I added her in to the project. From left to right we have Thug, Klunk, Ooga, Thunk and Ugh. Yes, mold lines. I still find even Bones Black a pig's ear to prep. "Werewolf?" "There wolf. Wait, that demon. Uh oh." Here is a solo pic of Ooga, just because I like her face. "Klunk, yoo idgit!"
  4. Citadel Chaos Amazon by Michael Perry, painted as a Champion of Khorne which is my default Chaos god. Or you can call her Kinky Chaosette - if you wanna be nasty. /Janet Jackson A fun if somewhat difficult miniature to paint. Naturally, I had to compound the issue with the shield design 😛 I kind of regret the color of the bow, as it really draws the eye away from everything else. Ah well. Here's one more pic with her against an experimental canvas painted by Mrs. Sharky, just because. Fitting, no?
  5. Sadly, this is where I'll be today and tomorrow until 11pm. At least I live 30 miles from the hotel.
  6. You know, I'd like to see more Illyrians. We have a scout, a PI, and...a stripper. Intentional or not, they resemble a certain one-eyed race in a sci-fi webcomic that recently finished it's run. More military types for these guys would be cool.
  7. Hah, we loved GURPS back in the '90s - the highlight game took place in the 30 Years War (yes, really). My character was, well, pretty much a dumber version of The Kurgan. I got around this by saying that he had been kicked in the head by a horse and was taking a while to recover.
  8. Wish granted. Asgard miniatures barbarian with horribly miscast hands, painted in 1984. Combination Testors and Poly-S. Edit: On second thought, it might be all Testors.
  9. Can't speak for Ft. Worth, but avoid the Frisco/The Colony/Plano area (north of Dallas), unless you like high property taxes. Lot of companies have moved here in the past 5-ish years, so we're paying for it. Not that I'm bitter, or anything...
  10. Oh pleasohpleaseohplease... I'm sad that I'll miss seeing my bestest Con Buddy - you know, the metal trade in table. :)
  11. Well, it had to happen; I am finally on my last bottle of the one-off color, Big Top Red. I absolutely love this stuff - to me it's everything a base red color should be. Has anyone out there in Reaper Land discovered a good match for it in Reaper's current paint line-up? So far, the Heraldic Red swatch looks close but I know that colors on the computer screen can be filthy liars. Thanks, all.
  12. April 2006? Huh... Must have been for the ReaperCon that year. I don't really post much; I got away from regular message board visiting a while ago.
  13. Garnet. Especially the gorgeous dark red and red-brown ones.
  14. I stared at those mounted wraiths for a looong time at the Con today... I want about nine of them, oh yes, I indeedy do.
  15. Sharky

    Names and Faces

    I only seem to make every third RCon, which is odd considering that I live less than 20 miles away. I'll be there Thursday, at least... Name: Sharky, aka Gitkikka Pronoun: He/Him Huggability: Negative
  16. I've been doing my darndest to keep it a quiet Monday.
  17. I find R. A. Salvatore's unbridled use of melodrama so off-putting, I've never managed to get completely through one of his books. Honestly, any of the "Hey, that was an awesome D&D game! Let's write a novel about it!" authors are almost painful to read (I'm looking at you, Weis and Hickman). And yes, reading Moby Dick is like taking a beating. It's just so weird to read...
  18. You better be good... ...for goodness sakes. Wargames Foundry Bazooka Santa. Edit: Whoops, sorry - not a Reaper. I did just happen to paint up this guy a couple days ago, and figured he should be in on the festivities.
  19. That has *got* to be a Bob Olley sculpt.
  20. My oldest are these Citadel Fantasy Tribe skellies that my parents got for me in 1983: Finally got around to painting them this year :p My first painted miniature was an Asgard barbarian that came with a variety of weapons to put in his (horribly miscast) hands. No pictures though - the paintjob is no big whoop. Rarest? I don't know... Space Slann? "Kinky Chaosette"? All unpainted of course, but i have recently primed a few of the Slann, and I hope to start my Chaos project next year...
  21. Oh heck, while I'm at it... I painted this old Ork Boy at the same time that I did the Grenadier Orcs posted earlier, just to test the darker skin tone on a 40K miniature. Actually finished him a week or so ago, but work does tend to get in the way with posting. "On Top". Why? Who knows? Good photography is optional. :)
  22. What do you do when you need to build an army worthy of Mordor, but have a limited budget? Outsource, baby! Some test scemes here on a trio of plastic Grenadier orcs from their Fantasy Warriors game. I'm putting together a Mordor force for GW's LotR game, but didn't want to just use their sculpts (because orcs are a varied lot - that, and I have a HUGE number of these Grenadier guys just laying around). Cute buggers, ya? Best part about them is that they seem to be the same type of HIPS that GW uses, so I can kitbash to my heart's content.
  23. Coincidence is a funny thing. A couple weeks ago, Kev! posted his version of the old Heritage sorceress (1206b) right when I was starting the highlights on mine. I finished slapping paint on mine (and her blister-sister, 1206c) over a week ago, but just now got around to snapping a couple pics due to work and stuff. Rough little sculpts, to be sure. My level of painting didn't do them any favors, either ;) I painted 1206c's (purple robes) eyes as if they were closed, as her pose and general "feel" is like she is deep in casting some heavy magics. Whatever the case, it's about time I got some color on them - I've only had them 30-ish years, after all...
  24. Sorry to hear that. Goblin says that she will fill in for your kitty today.
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