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  1. So who remembers the 80's series about the boy and guy who jumped from time period to time period and had to fix something wrong with history. There was a pocket watch like clock with a red and green light that indicated when things had been fixed. Can remember watching the show but not the name of it.
  2. Not that they are not very sweet, but do you remember when legos were mainly just blocks and if you were lucky you might get a few sets of wheels and a bendable piece. You have come a long way baby.
  3. In no particular order because the little voices in my head couldn't come to an agreement: BSG (both) MST3K Cowboy Bebop (final episode has to be one of the best endings to a series period) Firefly Farscape (how could sci/fi choose to keep yet another SG series over it) G-Force Ultraman B5 The Prisoner (ok maybe not quite sci/fi but still an awesome series) ST original and STNG Robotech (who didn't want their own Skull-1 or Cyclone) series from my youth that will stay there: Buck Rodgers Land of the Lost Space 1999 V Star Blazers Was surprised to see Dr. Who not getting more love...
  4. My thanks to everyone's suggestions, will take some time and give them all a good look and see if I can convince (read beg) the Mrs. that I need a new hobby. I think the fact that many of them have rule sets that can be downloaded will be a plus. Now if I can just keep my son away from my CAV units!
  5. Ok, so now the youngest is old enough to amuse herself or play with her brother so daddy actually has free time again. So of course I am looking at filling the burning desire of a squad based sci/fi table top game in my life. Other than 40K, what is out there that people would recommend? I loved the old Warzone Mutant Chronicles but the new edition leaves me cold. The scale doesnt do anything for me and I personally like to paint my own figs with out having to paint over someone else's. Do I really need to go into why 40K isn't going to work? Even pulled my old CAV figs out, then my son noticed them and wants them for his own. So what is out there that you would recommend, would really enjoy hearing from the fine folks of the forums.
  6. Wish my local Hobbytown USA in Monroeville had a selection like that! They are pretty good with my orders, though quick would not be a term I would use. More and more of my former FLGS locals are either closing or moving away from minis other than some die hard GW locations. If anyone knows of any in the Pittsburgh, Greensburg area they could recommend I would appreciate it. I like to try to support the local stores when I can.
  7. Ok, so I so I have been gone awhile and figure this is as good a place as any to start posting again. Down 6 pounds in the last two weeks, but then I just started the diet two weeks ago. But still have about 35 to go....lets hear it for a concerned wife and weight watchers!
  8. Me, I am a sucker for the fluff, and working at a bookstore I get to read all the novels as they come in, the good and the bad. My problem is not running out and buying the figures I have just read about, or models to make conversions. Through strength of will...and the image of a really upset wife I have been able to resist. (ok more so the wife image than any will on my part)
  9. Thanks Nanite. Yeah, I would agree with you about the figs, was just looking through the line. I know there are a ton of squad sci-fi games out there besides 40k and have been thinking about getting into one. I had remember thinking the initial figures looking cool and but could not remember the name for the life of me.
  10. Yep, those are them, thanks abunch. Anyone play them?
  11. Quite a few months ago (possibly even a year) in a thread we had been talking about the release of a new minature line that remined me of Ghost in the Shell or possibly Appleseed. Think I could remember the name...of course not, think I can find the thread it was in...of course not. So does anyone happen to remember what I am talking about, and if so has anyone played it? If anyone can point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it.
  12. It wasn't so much a case of disassembling...more of jaming the screwdriver into the power port and totally destroying the plug. We had the 1) Dangers of putting anything into a socket or anything to do with power 2) Not touching the computer unless mommy or daddy are around to help you 3) Being careful and respectful of others things. I am sure we well need to revisit these again...and again but he seemed to understand not to touch the laptop again. Then the whole idea that Santa wasn't going to bring him anything because he had been bad made him look so pathetic it took acouple days to convince him that it was going to be ok and Santa understood he was trying to help daddy and wasn't bad on purpose. Now, if he wants to take his own toys apart...I'll even buy him junior tools if it will keep him away from the expensive stuff.
  13. 'I was just trying to fix it daddy' (said by my son of three who will still make it to see four, while holding a screwdriver and bits and pieces of what should have been internal parts of my laptop were now external bits. So after being gone for a month (and I have not read all the back posts yet so please forgive me if I ask any questions that have been covered a hundred times already) I have to say the new look of the site is great, I was shocked at the change the first time it came up but really like the new feel. Was saddened to hear L5R will no longer be produced by Reaper, anyone else picking up the line? Congrads to any new deities that I might have missed, and if there have been any other major events I missed please someone fill me in...even if its just the abrided version. Finally....it is good to be back, really missed hanging here with all of you here at our little piece of heaven on the net. (Normally not so emotional...but the awe of having the computer back hasn't wore off yet )
  14. ....and I am supposed to fall asleep after that.
  15. Thanks to both of you, glad you enjoyed a bit of the family history. Please call me Eric, just couldn't think of anything snappy to go with my first name so I settled on something that went with the last
  16. Same reason I will field some type of merc unit...once I reorganize the forces I have (yet to paint) and determine which Faction will be my primary...oh who am I kidding most likely Terran becuase I can not get enough of the Mitso-Ta units
  17. My grandfather served in the Army ground pounder, served in the Pacific, some of the places he had been stationed were Lau New Guinea, a number of islands in the Southwest Pacific and Dutch East Indes, and Goodenough Island were he had been injured and transfered to Austrialia to recover. He died when I was very young so I never really had a chance to talk to him about the war. If you have a moment go ahead and read the little story here...or just skip down to my few aircraft selects. When he passed on I received some of his things, the Lionel train set he and I played with when I was a small boy, his cuff links, and his small collection of war mementoes. I have his copy of the Armed Services Memorial Edition of The complete History of World War 2, his service picture, but the most unusual is a ring. After he had been shot up, and sent to Austrialia he had made a number of friends while in hospital and ended up getting a bunch of aussie stuff in trade and his Purple Heart and a few other medals...and the bullet that was removed from his leg. When he was shipped back state side somewhere in transit his bag with all of his trade stuff and medals were 'lost'. He never made a big deal about lsoing it, but the bullet he had kept with him. So when he got home to Carnegie he looked up a jeweler and had the bullet melted down and made into a ring. I never had a chance to ask him why, infact, it was only after my mother had given it to me and I had been wearing it did she tell me is history. Yes, there are times when I must admit it is strange to think the ring on my finger had been in my Pap pap and nearly cost him is life. Does help me keep my bad days in perspective though, considering at even at my worst it can't compare to what he must have gone through. My aircraft in no real order here Lightning, Mustang, Corsair, Spitfire, Black Widow, Stuka, Zero, Flying Fortress, Mitchel, those come to mind sure I am missing some...kinda early and the brain is not firing on all cells right now.
  18. Yeah, does sound like way to much work. Anyway I too was able to find a beautiful woman who is the mother to my two wonderful children. She just smiles and nods when I slip in to 'oh gotta have that...(fill in any number of game related items here)' And Mughzee I certainly woudl not want you to go anywhere, the boards would be a lesser place whit out you here. But if Pat was going to do you in..... But I am glad you are still with us here and not tossed out some airlock.
  19. I think I bought my first box of all metal teminators for right around $50. Got rid of most of my GW figs but just could not part with my small collection of teminators. This looks like Infinity is turning into a threat to my wallet too
  20. V is up there in my top 3 favorite graphic novels, and working at a book store I get to read a ton for free! I have to admit I was surprised at how true Sin City stayed to the graphic novels so there is hope. But can lightning strike twice? Not saying that I won't try and get to see it the first weekend of release.
  21. Welcome to the friendliest boards I have found and to the most customer focused company you could ever hope to find.
  22. But if Pat would do in Mughzee though the use of the dark side....do the rest of us get to split the post total, not that I am trying to advance my position through the misfortune of others...but it worked for General Veers...for awhile. I didn't know you could turn geek off....someone has been holding out on me again
  23. While not a minature exactly, I would love to see one of the learn to paint kits geared more to us CAV types who have not painted in awhile and are looking to get back into it. Also any tips from Anne are never ever a bad thing.
  24. One can only hope....I do not think I can handle one more 'the real life of this washed up celeb' or 'Watch as this group of people are told to do things that never happen in real life'
  25. It was very cool, the commies were invading on both coasts and through Mexico. America has paritsans and gains a laser battery per turn that had a good chance of taking out any unit. The key for the American player was to hold out long enough to have an arsenal of laser batteries to lay waste to the commie forces. Not as long to play as A&A or strategic but a fun way to kill a few hours. I really need to dig that out and find someone to play with.
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