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  1. Guess what I received today... Hans made it safely to Germany. Hontou ni domo arigatou gozaimasu! I'll get some pics posted later, but as my photo-fu is weak, feel free to post any pics you took. Glad you liked it and suprised it got there so fast. Yokkattayo! G
  2. Finished and posted. It's coming from Japan so I hope it doesn't take too long. Hope it's well received, I'm quite fond of it.G
  3. First one since the mini exchange. Bit rough around the edges, but finished her in record time. Had a lot of fun with drybrushing multiple colours. Pearly paint on her chicken legs(always looks a bit thick doesn't it...) and lot's of red ink splashed about. Sticks and stones and bones in her nest. Oooh an a very slap dash make up look for the bird who knows heroine chic is the look for every murderess beasty. What do you all think. Comments are always welcomed as I've been painting for little over a year and still have so much to learn, don't I.... Cheers, G (Why do so many of my minis end up green? I love it! Just can't help myself!)
  4. Dark Heaven Legends Alyscia Fairy 02248 Amiryth Female Elf Archer 02711 Arilyn Water Sorceress 02563 Astral Rever(s) 02765 Bad fairy 02741 Baerwyn Elf Archer 02735 Bathalian Mindflayer 02116 Callus Darklore Wizard 02449 Cheetah Girrrl Archer 02910 Dark Elf Queen 02577 Elise Witch 02869 Female Necromancer 02925 Gargoyle 02039 Gargoyle Devil 02374 Halloween familiars Devil Girl Jolie Female Scribe 02835 Lillith Succubus 02098 Linroc Brightrune Dwarf 02244 Lizardman Warrior 02315 Medusa 02833 Terezinya Necromancer 02826 Viking Girl Warlords Reven:Harpy 14216 Necropolis:Banshee 14053 Nefsokar:Mummy Consort 14081 Mummy Fatima 14048 Elves:Lysette 14022
  5. Mine showed up today. I love it. If you have pics go ahead and post em. If not I'll see if I can get my camera to talk to my computer again. Really? That was quick. Gotta hand it to the Japanese they are prompt. Forgot to take pics in my haste to get it out to ya. If you could post some that'd be swell. I hope the base was ok.G
  6. Thanks. I'm off to Tokyo tomorrow to track them down.G
  7. Thanks for the positive feedback. Trying to thin my paints but still haven't quite got the hang of it. I am just trying to have fun painting them, I know they are flawed ,but they look better under less scrutiny than the camera provides. G
  8. Takes a while for new reaper minis to hit the stores in Japan, but am keen to get my hands on these. Can anyone tell me if they have been released yet and if not when they are likely to be available. Cheers G Fire sorceress Klocke Succubus Klocke Mermaid Klocke Three dwarven women Klocke Female Vamp with Crypt ?
  9. Some girls I am working on at the moment.An clearly they shouldn't be here, so I've added one of my favourites.
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