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  1. I have all of the points calculation formula. Happy to help you develop a Dark Dwarf faction. I had hoped with Savage North to have Dwarves of the Plains that Disliked Mole Dwarves and were friendly to the Reven as fellow nomads and trading partners. Instead, we got another Dwarf faction but this one has runes.
  2. I will be there, so please feel free to include me on the card. I even plan on having a sticker of my forum pic on my badge. herzogbrian forum pic Thurs-Sun
  3. So this is basically a 2-tiered faction. All of the leaders are spellcasters and everyone else is an elemental creature. Casters can command ANY type of elemental, they can only cast to heal elementals that match their same tome. There is also some thinking of letting a caster heal themselves by inflicting damage on a like tome elemental under their command (perhaps at a 1 pt heal/2 pts inflicted)...this really has only been tried in a couple of games..mixed feelings on it. So let me know what you think and shoot me any ideas as to faction equipment and spells that you think are balanced enough to playtest. Would also love your feedback on the factions, but PLEASE if you have an observation, please present along with it YOUR corrections to the observed flaws. Elementalist Brotherhood faction.pdf
  4. This was in late playtest when the plug was pulled on Warlord. It works pretty well and certainly has it's own character. There are some hard hitters that don't have a ton of staying power when countered, so choose your fights wisely. halfling warlord faction.pdf
  5. As Reaper Games does not seem to exist any more, here is the Halfling faction halfling warlord faction.pdf
  6. I will be bringing a couple of companies to the show, if anyone wants to play a pick-up game or three. Any 'locals' or 'drivers' bringing terrain? Or will it be catch as catch can? Hope to see some of ya there, so we can kill each other. -B
  7. Looking for a lift back to DFW on Sunday for an 8p flight.
  8. I'm a Lottle (it's like a little but a lot) late as I had time to picked up a paint brush in nearly 3 months now. I got about 2 hrs yesterday and will have my mini finished tomorrow to post out on Monday!!!!
  9. Was going for the creepy factor with the Iris being white and the whites being colored
  10. I only have painted around 1/5 of these lovely ladies. The rest were exchanges or simply painted by friends. The concept started with the Sisters being part of the Mercenary faction. As Mercs, I figured everyone owned their own gear and so there would be no real uniform. I am only sooo' creative, and therefore, enlisted friends to paint a few minis giving them no color scheme or overall direction. That way I could end up with different takes on the same mini. I had everyone leave them unbased and so 'tied' them together as a faction by basing them the same. Isabeau was done by my friend Kyle, I did the Viking runes, and Leopardpixie did the one the the crown & checks
  11. As requested, here are some break out pictures of my Sisters of the Blade Warlord Army. Dedicated to all the women that I know that have survived breast cancer. If you are interested in contributing your paint, I will happily exchange with you or simply send you a figure, just PM me.
  12. I have had several folks wanting to see pictures of my Sister's of the Blade Warlord army that is dedicated to all the women that I know that have fought Breast Cancer and survived. Painted by my friends, Reaper mini-exchange partners, and with a handful from me. In honor of the Race for the Cure today, here they are. If you click on the photo, then click FULL SIZED in the lower left corner you can zoom in very close. That said, I will try to take some smaller group photos so that it is easier to see the various individual takes on the same model.
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