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  1. Looking for a lift back to DFW on Sunday for an 8p flight.
  2. I'm a Lottle (it's like a little but a lot) late as I had time to picked up a paint brush in nearly 3 months now. I got about 2 hrs yesterday and will have my mini finished tomorrow to post out on Monday!!!!
  3. Was going for the creepy factor with the Iris being white and the whites being colored
  4. I only have painted around 1/5 of these lovely ladies. The rest were exchanges or simply painted by friends. The concept started with the Sisters being part of the Mercenary faction. As Mercs, I figured everyone owned their own gear and so there would be no real uniform. I am only sooo' creative, and therefore, enlisted friends to paint a few minis giving them no color scheme or overall direction. That way I could end up with different takes on the same mini. I had everyone leave them unbased and so 'tied' them together as a faction by basing them the same. Isabeau
  5. As requested, here are some break out pictures of my Sisters of the Blade Warlord Army. Dedicated to all the women that I know that have survived breast cancer. If you are interested in contributing your paint, I will happily exchange with you or simply send you a figure, just PM me.
  6. I have had several folks wanting to see pictures of my Sister's of the Blade Warlord army that is dedicated to all the women that I know that have fought Breast Cancer and survived. Painted by my friends, Reaper mini-exchange partners, and with a handful from me. In honor of the Race for the Cure today, here they are. If you click on the photo, then click FULL SIZED in the lower left corner you can zoom in very close. That said, I will try to take some smaller group photos so that it is easier to see the various individual takes on the same model.
  7. Finished my second (late start) exchange piece last night and sealed it this morning. Will flock and take pics and hopefully have it out by Friday.
  8. At least you didn't grab the primer instead of the clear coat can. Had a friend do that and we both cried a little (me mostly from laughing)
  9. Happy to exchange with you. PM sent. -B
  10. 1982 was the year they switched to a copper clad zinc core penny. So any year prior to that. Remember to polish them every so often to keep the Cu bio-available. 1964 and prior dimes, half dollars, and silver dollars work wonderfully to as Silver is also quite toxic.
  11. Got a beat-up little box in the post yesterday from edz15. A very beautifully done Nicole of the Blade for my Warlord Sisters army. She will be slaughtering her enemies with her sisters quite soon. A quick search found a link to her picture here:
  12. She has arrived and is beautiful. Thank you. She will be based and slaughtering her enemies with her Sisters quite shortly.
  13. The Pict is an Ollie's Army figure and the one that I originally wanted to do for the exchange. He had been sitting around wanting to be painted for almost 2 yrs and had just REFUSED to tell be how he wanted to look!! Boring human Ranger paint schemes and the like had me mourning the loss of a nice figure, so he sat. Then I ran across a picture on the net just as I got my Exchange assignment, and PING I knew what he was supposed to look like. As it is a Reaper exchange, felt that I need to do a Reaper mini so Pochi got the Arab Goblin. By the way, according to Google transla
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