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  1. Something I did for a friend, a birthday gift. She loves Night Lords and is a med student, so this made perfect sense. =D If I was to redo this, what would I change - the battle damage on the UM. It is too much in places and unconvincing but I needed something to show that he was hurt/wounded instead of him just laying there. I am not good with battle damage and the GW way of "black with silver over the top" isn't all that convincing. Oh well, I think she'll be happy with it - or at least hope she will. http://img174.imageshack.us/img174/9279/presentpz6.jpg [unfort
  2. Ok so here is a better and larger picture; I know the base is rather crappy but.. I am bad with them. Seems more thought into them are required before the painting is started. But basically the idea was a sort of muddy section on the shore of a swampy looking thing. *shrugs* Live and learn. Oh and first time using any varnish at all, Testors Dull Cote spray. Not bad. KU
  3. This is my first non Games Workshop mini, and indeed first female one too. Was fun to paint and different, the only think I'm not sure on is the base; well the fact it needs a proper one. Any ideas? Anyway, pictures; Ok, three pictures as I'm not sure which one looks the best; which do you think? KU
  4. I agree with Heisler, in most cases a trophy is a better choice than prizes. Take events like ReaperCon and Golden Daemon, you turn up - hand over your mini and people stare at them. For me it would be much easier to walk away with a single trophy - to show that you did it, a trophy will more or less imortalise you where as a few bits and pieces would not. Yet, if the event was online - say like the Wyrd one - then I would say a trophy would be somewhat complicated and so a bunch of 'booty' works better. Either way, I would much prefer to get a trophy or a prize(s) than cash. KU
  5. What makes a premier contest. Hmm.. I think to be world wide a contest needs lots of exposure, Golden Daemons get this with GW being the most popular and known miniature company about, for the moment, and so they get their events great exposure due to; web site, stores, magazine and word of mouth. All this combines to make painters want a daemon, over the years it has become more and more impressive - then again it also has its downsides with poor entries and judging. Overall I would say to localise the event, build and improve on it for the area it is in (so the US); making it the event ev
  6. Oh I agree, not disputing the fact that many of these would stand a extremely good chance of taking home gold at the Daemons. I was not aware it had been only running for a couple of years, though I do think it'll take a few more to get it up to the prestige of the Daemons. Not to belittle the ReaperCon but the Daemons are not localised to the US, ReaperCon may become to the top event in the US. And I hope it does, I did not see one bad entry, except the novice ones but that is understandable. But I still think the Daemons will remain the premium world wide event. But this stuff rocks,
  7. Ok well first post, I think. But wow. These are some damn fine stuff, I am use to GW stuff and the Golden Daemons. Whilst this isn't quite the same level, it is pretty close in most places! Great stuff and keep up the work! KU
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