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  1. Some great underwater hues going on there!
  2. Simply brilliant green tones on the big baddy,love it!
  3. Try Shrine by James Herbert,he knocks spots off Mr.King IMHO
  4. Very interesting this one,few points/observations to make...... 1.IMHO the general standard of the reaper figs is way superior to the GW stuff,I have been buying reaper stuff for a while now and when I "examine" a potential gw purchase I actually think their standards have fallen of late.Whether this is because they can get away with it and are becoming complacent I can only hazard a guess? 2.Point was made about Reaper in the UK being expensive,which is subjective as they are,as highlighted,a pure luxury item.However when you compare the cost of a single "character" figure it can be just as "cheap" to buy reaper and get them shipped,which is another pointer to how expensive gw have become. 3.Every now and again you will find an anomaly in the gw price structuring which makes you think they must have got it wrong,sadly this only occurs from the cheaper perspective,they remain generally,IMHO,overpriced. 4.It isnt just the figures either,they recently released the masterworks paintbrush set,basically five brushes in a balsa wood box with a cloth and soap,which was retailing over here at £75,dont know if it is being sold in the U.S? 5.Despite all of the grievances they cause,I cant help but ask myself "where would the gaming world/community be without them"?And to be honest I dont know the answer to that one! Thats my rant over!
  5. As per usual,excellent work Got a link to their web-site for the minis?
  6. Haldir's comment is bang on the mark.....Simple,but very effective! Great job!
  7. Top notch work! Out of curiosity,what beat you to first place?
  8. Clean,crisp,well defined work,Bravo!
  9. Fantastic work,particularly the downright mean look on the face,think it is great! If it isnt reaper what is it then?
  10. Great blending on his PJ's
  11. Just checked out the latest offerings on the homepage,whilst browsing it occured to me that I cant actually recall the last time I saw a new reaper mini that I didnt like. Sure I like some more than others but I honestly cant recall looking at one and thinking I genuinely dont like it. That in turn prompted me into posting this topic for two reasons 1.To enquire if anybody out there has any figs they dont like,even allowing for biased views given the fact that use of this forum would indicate a vested interest. 2.To no longer take for granted the general quality of the work turned out by Reaper! This isnt meant to be a "sucky up" sicofantic post by the way,just a genuine outpouring of a revelation that I have been taking for granted and needed to share
  12. What you doing with your spares then?
  13. Neither,both poor! Fred Flintstone or Barney Rubble?
  14. Tremendous work,spell effect/flame makes this dull figure look fantastic!
  15. Gimp,change your name to contrary please Disagree with your somewhat flippant disregard for the importance of calling/using pc names rather than the players name,it is important,and it doesnt mean you have to play your pc with oscar winning monologues just because you refer to them by their given "name",its a fundamental basic which regularly gets overlooked.....fact
  16. Simply not enough superlatives to describe these pics,fantastic looking WIP.
  17. Some american guy playing robin the hood very badly! And there was a prince and a thief in it somewhere as well. Rob from the rich or give to the poor?
  18. Spike's point about NCP names is a relevant one,it is too easy in roleplaying to refer to PC's by their players name or their race/class,rather than their character name e.g."what is the elf/druid doing" rather than "what is twinkle toe the hippy doing". Not using character names is a basic error in roleplaying but one which I find occurs frequently......doesnt it?
  19. That truly is something to "show off",congrats to all.
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