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  1. Online faves are Battlefield2 special forces and counter strike. Flash bang grenade followed by a head shot,sweet!
  2. Yes,especially if they sang gospel melodies Ever copyrighted or patented a band name?
  3. Hey the music thing worked for Hasselhoff,in Germany at least,so why not old Stevee boy? Would love to see him crooning though,got me laughing just thinking about it
  4. Yes I do. Was the last question not a double negative?
  5. Out of total curiosity how long do you go without a break? Posture,eye strain etc. all being considered? Do you try to get a full 8hrs in a day then?
  6. Great work,though she really should wrap that cloak shut
  7. Two great looking figs,detail work on the ronin is superb
  8. That is both superstition and plain weird
  9. Yes indeedy,but not this week Ever danced with the devil beneath the pale moonlight?
  10. "ever been mistaken for a man Vasquez?" Reply "no,have you?"
  11. That throws up another facet to this whole thread,whereby players do tend to "migrate" towards playing themselves,or there own fantasy conception of themselves,no matter how subtle or sub-conscious it may be. How many players do you know who play the same race/class of pc in each new game?You know that player x will want to be an elf wizard for example 9 times out of 10,admittedly that is where the DM can intervene and assign characters to players from the outset. As for xp's generally I do think they add to the game and are indeed necessary,though some systems approach are better than others,IMHO warhammer fantasy roleplay has one of the best,and I recently ran a campaign for some hardcore,devout d&d players which they thoroughly enjoyed. To fill in some blanks from the original post,the player in question had been playing a kender,dragonlance setting,and a large part of the session had been a sizeable combat,which the kender didnt feature too heavily in,there had been a slight altercation between him and the DM,all of which may have led to him being "penalised".I know that doesnt justify the actions of the DM but they were obviously influencing factors.And the little #@?* pinched 5gp from my character during the session,so obviously it serves him right......doesnt it?
  12. Actually got a game in last night.....hooray! Ended up with a discussion between myself and another player because I "took him to task" over his complaint to the DM that he didnt get as many xp's from the session as some of the other players.This led to me observing that he was "powergaming" and that the most important aspect is to enjoy the game and not let the advancement become your driving force for playing,though I must admit to that when a teenager! Question being,how important is character advancement to players of roleplaying games generally,I guess ultimately it is the "point" of playing,but surely it doesnt matter if it happens slowly? Any thoughts people?
  13. Just checked this out,fantastic work!
  14. Excellent,best of luck with the full time painting,dont burn out though!
  15. Excellent work,shows what you can do with a pretty dull figure(IMHO),turned it into a classic
  16. Interesting,more please..........
  17. Fantastic,thread started with spongebob and gets to Cthulhu Marvel at the power of the great old ones
  18. Striped every time. Painting figs or roleplaying/wargaming?
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