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  1. Somehow think this bad boy will appear here a few more times in coming weeks Great job though,fits the 40k character frighteningly well.
  2. Great detail work,looks fantastic!
  3. The circle being "scribed" with the staff/wand is the icing on the cake!
  4. Dont beat yourself up over it,the fig looks fantastic!
  5. Good looking work thus far,interested in seeing the finished article. Particularly looking forward to seeing where you are going with the yellow basemount
  6. Your brush hand is obviously more steady than your camera hand
  7. Dancin Debby apparently H.P. Lovecraft,twisted mind or visionary genius?
  8. Think you will still find there is a rationale behind the order of the pairings,instigated by the creator/author/director,rather than chosen randomly. Regardless of the reasoning people perceive the first named to be the "main" character/focus.
  9. Nice job,but the base doesnt float my boat,think it needs something less crisp and clean,IMHO.
  10. Looks great,good to see the different stages and the shading,highlighting and detail coming to life(or death in the case of this figure )
  11. Excellent,really think it is a great mini and paint job,colour scheme spot on as well.
  12. Great idea/work on the shield
  13. Good set of figures,bet they will look even better when alltogether in that dungeon you mention.
  14. Shield sideways for sure,looking good but not sure about the skin tone IMHO.
  15. Them stars are more detailed now,keep it up,looking good!
  16. Looking good,more updates please!
  17. The GW behemoth is getting complacent in its enormity
  18. "fox-hunting,the ridiculous in pursuit of the inedible" Oscar Wilde......brilliant.
  19. Fantastic set of replies,which confirm my suspicions about gamers having their own little idiosyncracies,otherwise known as general wierdnesses!
  20. During a recent game a fellow gamer asked for the loan of a d20,this was met with much horror/mirth from the other players with the sage like advise being given,as follows "dont loan Phil any dice he will curse them". To my amusement I then "refused" to loan him said multi-facetted moulded polyhedrons,for fear of him ruining their game winning potential. Led me to thinking whether or not anybody else has any dice related foibles?You know the one where you change the dice after a "bad" roll or even talk to your dice before rolling them or the old Vegas trick of blowing on them before letting them out of your sweaty palm.
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