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  1. Base looks well cool,seen the beasts painted as snow tigers in white dwarf(?) and they looked great too.
  2. Looking good so far,you going to go for a stark contrast with the hand and the figure it is elevating?
  3. Same bat time same bat channel? When is the next update? Keep up the good work fella.
  4. Keep going with it,it looks great so far,also think the colour scheme compliments the "feel" of the mini,very iron kingdomesque(yes,I know that is a made up word).
  5. You could always put his doo dads on his base,that would be a novelty!
  6. Keep the collar white/off-white and go for a vivid hair colour,dont laugh but have you thought about a ginger/orange hair colour,real focal point on a figure and adds to the wild woman feel of the hotty you have chosen to paint!
  7. Very canny,especially the drow,keep up the good work,and get playing again!
  8. Regarding the web link/page for a store,I would have thought it almost obligatory(?),what have you got to lose by having one? With regard to the original post by the sarge,it may sound obvious but the best thing to do is repost this thread in six years time to make sure your market strategy is current,unless of course we have all been assimilated by GW by then...........
  9. Sounds pretty much like your tales of the trials and tribulations of executing a regular RPG session are remarkably similar to those of our group in the UK,we are six at full strength,but I cant honestly remember the last time we had that number at a gaming session. Regarding the little wee people spied at conventions etc. think you will find they are indeed the offspring of older gamers who have taken them along with them,either that or they are halflings or sprites maybe........
  10. I know there have only been a few posts since this topic started,but there arent many (or any?) references to "new blood" coming through to continue the RPG aspect of the "hobby"? I am going out on a limb here,so dont take offence,but I am guessing the average age of those who have replied thus far will be approaching "early middle age"? The general poor health of the RPG hobby in the UK has not been helped over recent years by Games Workshops attempts to take over the world,to the extent that they even shelved their own system(until recently that is).
  11. I think the pleasure is twofold for those that enjoy the painting aspect,you get pleasure from actually painting and then further pleasure from actually fielding/using the finished article. On the other hand if you find painting a chore your misery is compounded by not being able to field/display painted minis! Win-win or lose-lose situation!
  12. Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere people! A recent well known games magazine in the UK stated that there were only,an estimated(?),1500 roleplayers "active" in our green and pleasant land! Assuming that the majority of users on this forum are from across the pond,I was curious as to the health of gaming in the land of the free? Fit and healthy,prospering and going from strength to strength,or being kept "alive" by maturing individuals reliving the vestiges of Mr.Gygax's zenith?
  13. Dont you think the order of the title "tells" you who is the lead character?Gotrek AND Felix,as in Batman AND Robin,the lead comes first?
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