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  1. I started this some time ago never got past the primer stage was thinking of finishing it soon the plans are from an old White Dwarf(when the magazine was worth reading) It is built from a heavy 1/8 thick card stock The rivets on the sides are pins plus some bits from stuff i had laying around The barrel is made from pipe fittings and a plastic tube Exhaust stacks are 223 shell casings Bolts on the wheels are small allen bolts ,Treds are craft diamonds
  2. I have used dried whipes like wet ones they are stronger than regular tissue
  3. I use scaple blades they are a little thinner than an exacto blade and a bit sharper also a good steel straight edge
  4. Ever thought of using a tissue paint it let it dry it looks like canvas i have used this on some tanks for rolled up tarps etc
  5. I use Maxi cure (cyanoacrylic (superglue) on plastic and metals it cames in different thicknesses and cureing times never really tried epoxy but i would use it on large minis combined with pinning
  6. I like the wire idea for the whip i quess you would just use the gage wire that would match the scale of the model
  7. I am working on a minotaur conversion kind of like a demon (winged minotaur in wip section) and i want the hair and skin to be black i want the skin to be like ebony but i am not sure how to seperate the skin from the hair i dont want it to look like i just painted it black i was thinking of doing the skin in gloss black and washes of purple not sure how to highlight gloss black for the hair i was thinking of flat black with dark brown highlight any advice would be greatly appreaciated and helpfull
  8. Im not very good at sculpting anything and need help on how to make a whip or flail Thanks
  9. looks good I always like this one may have to pick it up now As for a base i was thinking of a river with marsh on the sides mabey some bones strewn around the rive bank rats snakes that kind of stuff
  10. I was thinking whip too but a flail might look cool mabey a skull flail Just have too figure out what colors to make him was going to go with light to mid browns for skin and wings and black for hair possible reds for the loin cloth was thinking gold for the armor on arms and leg any suggestions would be helpfull also have to add a nose ring Never made a whip what is a good way to go about it Thanks
  11. i agree It does need more highlights
  12. Finished this one a few days ago only thing i changed was the staff i made it longer and added some skuls
  13. This still needs a lot of cleaning and prep work but i thought this would be a simple but different looking conversion the wings are from the demon Prince figure and fit this figure with little work just need to hollow out a small section on the back and pin them Any suggestions would be appreciated Was thinking of removing the left hand and replacing with this blade or even a whip might look good
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