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  1. Perfect , that was what I was looking for ladystorm . thank you.
  2. Thanks Aryanun, but I was looking more to the actual time it takes once it is decided to produce the mini. I'm just trying to get an ideal as to the time involved from a to b .
  3. These are a few questions posed toward Reaper and any other casters that read this. I was wondering , Once you have a green from an Artist how long does it take from green to metal? Is there alot of adjustments involved in the greens to make them castable , i.e. undercuts, cutting arms , weapons seperate, ect/. once a mold is made , what would be the average casting run? thanks for the info , best to you.
  4. Sorry if it's a dumb Question , but whats FLGs?
  5. Hey I just got in a Tube of Fresh Putty and man what a diffrence. Thank you all for the information , I started My first green a Hill Troll. Best to you all. chris
  6. Thanks Cade. I'll order some and thanks for the link , haven't seen it before. chris
  7. Well at least I'm not the only one who had this problem. I use Milliput a great deal , but it will not with stand the molding process for metal casting. thanks for asking , but not at this time , but good news for you ,there is a company that produces the V-7 Whitewind, check this forum for it and other 2500th scale models. http://www.starshipmodeler.net/cgi-bin/php...t=21657&start=0 http://www.picturetrail.com/gallery/view?p...8508&uid=657989 the web site to order from. http://hometown.aol.com/odysseyslipways/index.html hope that helps.
  8. Thats ok , I never argue with "Swedish Body guards"
  9. What is the surface like on your yellow, is it tacky or does it have aplastic feel? I'm not talking about the plastic cover that comes with it.
  10. Hi all .My first posting here at the scupting area. I am a sculptor by trade , mostly larger peaces in clay or wax , then converted into resin castings. I've tried to use the Blue /yellow ribbon many times , but I keep running into the same problem every time. I always have to scrape the inside of each color out to get a clear mix and I get very little out of each pack and spend an annoying amount of time doing this. I always find a skin on both the blue and yellow , but mainly on the yellow. I always cut away the center and then have to skin the yellow , which always leaves more blue. If I mix it evenly with out removeing the skin , the skin will just not blend. So I end up giving up and going back what I am use to. the only problem with that , is it is very hard to find someone who can convert resin , or plastic into metal. has anyone else had this problem ? if so how did you get past it? big thanks for any help . chris
  11. I tend now a days to paint more than play . which is due more to life than desire. I was more supprised at the age diffence , at least at the reaper site, I thought there would be more teens than adults , I don't fell so old any more.
  12. I really like it , the face really stands out to me. good pose and a fun looking peace.
  13. I agree , well done . I think you cought the feel that you were shooting for , very erie. What is the name of the mini ? , is it a reaper?
  14. Ravenstar

    Larger Archer

    Hey I ordered two new Archers from my local gaming store (Big believer in supporting them) but when they came in , they were the small ones I already have. Could someone who has a new one post the measurements, H,W,. I've sent reaper a note to see if I could trade , but i won't make sure I'm not trading for the same thing. Big thanks chris
  15. WOW indeed , extremely nice work, how did you do that book? A true show peace.
  16. Ravenstar

    Larger Archer

    thanks ladyStorm ,I'll go to the source. I'll keep my little one though , I still like it , I'll just redign it into a compact.
  17. Ravenstar

    Larger Archer

    Did the Larger Archer ever hit the stores? I have yet to find one and would really like to find at least one , two would be great. thanks
  18. Do you think the Reaper guys will read this and take heart our requests? Besides the young Dwarf and the Traps , I would love to see more creatures. I love the Barrow rats that Jason Wiebe sculpted , and the new EYE Beast by Julie Guthrie. Mybe someone could sculpted a new Bullet monster, call it a land shark......could be cool if done right. :oo:
  19. Hey great to hear , and congrats. I know how you feel , we just have our 4th son june 24th. HAHA , how comes the sleepless nights , glad to see some one else will be going through it too. HEHEHEHE :D
  20. Ravenstar

    New releases

    Hey now , a Puma a day keeps the Infantry away. :O
  21. Ravenstar

    Cav ships?

    Hey not so fast , come back here Matt! Give it man , we needs more info !!!! :O give a brother something ............................................. :D Ok please..
  22. SkorpionDrache thats a great ideal , I don't know whats wrong with me , I cast resin every week for my models ,and I've never thought of doing a Gel monster myself.I really like the ideal of the glitter imbedded in the resin. with diffirent dies you could create rainbow of diffrent looks. very cool.
  23. Ravenstar

    Cav ships?

    Any one know if Reaper will be developing ships for CAV , either warships or even dropships?
  24. Thats kinda nutty, but a fanged toothed white rabbit , now thats something. :p Something else I thought would be cool was Dungeon traps, and gel-like creatures. chris
  25. I would like to see Reaper and thier great sculptors come out with a Young Dwarf with a short beard , not a kid , but 18 to 25 year range. A small group of us were looking through our minis and discussing what we would like to have in our collections . And none of us have ever seen a young dwarf sculpted. all of them look like 50 years and up, with raging weapons or a beer mug in hand. give him some basics and a starter weapon , short sword or single bladed AX. This would be the early years starting to adventure in the new world. So what would you like to see?
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