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  1. Thats cool not sure how I miss that one . Looks very real ,and not silly like some of the BT tanks . any one have one painted yet?  :D
  2. I was really going over it last night , and started a sculpt for myself, and I noticed that the sculpt is diffrent than the Art work in the JOR . Was the detail reworked for the computer model? the legs are a bit diffrent  , along with the upper body. I'm basing mine on the pencil drawing , I kinda like it better , seems bulkyer.


  3. Thanks Crome , yea I cought it over at Mil-net . well too bad . yea the Talon is the opposite, but I can live with the larger talon, the Archer is just too small. I'll try and Sculpt one larger , if it looks good enough I'll give it to them for free if that would help. thanks again



  4. hey I just picked up the new Archer , I've been waiting for this mini ever since I saw it in the JOR, but it's tiny. The JOR siys its a 92 ton cav , but its a 3rd the size of the Katana which is 84 tons. anyone know if Reaper will increase the size of the mini ? I love every thing Reaper puts out and own most of it, so it's very hard for me to speak ill of them , but please make it bigger!!! :O
  5. I'm a long time  collector of minis and since Reapers biginnings they have never disapointed me . I'm a sculptor myself and I truly enjoy the great works that are produced in such a small scale.

     For years and years I've wanted a Halfing wizard and sure enough  Reaper and Garritty produced a perfect one , big thanks.:):):)

    the Bunny is a great touch , this will dress up my collection and fill a void  that was truly missing.


    chris lynch


  6. I know you didn't imply that they were not being made , I'm just having fun working on the BT stuff and thought I would share :)

    I do understand about the long wait , I've also been asking for years for some BT ships minis.


    is the Imperator a reaper design or are you talking about the BFG ships , yes I'm lost.lol

  7. what does the Imperator look like ? is it the ship in the rules book?

     The ships for BT are in the works , I know because I'm sculpting some of them.

     And even though the rights went back to the UK , you can still get them. I just recieved the Japanese fleet two weeks ago. Great models. yes the shippings can be high , but even when Geo-hex had the minis , there were alot of things you still had to get over seas , or wait for a while.


    Me I would like to see some ships from Reaper , just to see what they come up with. they have a great team , and a lot of fire , so to me it would be great.



  8. Hi John , yea I know been real busy with work and making minis.

      as far as scale goes I think going the fullthrust way is good. if they go to small like the starblazers ( which i love and have all) I think alot of people would stay away from them.some of us are getting old and can't see much ..oh my.

     if you go to big like the first B5 minis ( yes which I have all) , that can scare off people too. but if you could use them in other games ( which I would) like FT and DP9's JC, they would also seel with out a cav version .

     so what are you working on now , still making the cav models , hope thay are going well.



  9. Anyone know if Reaper has any plans for a star ship line? Theres not much on the market besides the full thrust line and the dp9 jc line and they are not sure if they are going to release any new ships. So I would like to see something new and think Reaper would of course produce a winner ..



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