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  1. I got the Vallejo paints for free. I never said I was on the site to buy more.
  2. I just figure that with shipping, shopping online vs. store shopping evens out if I'm testing brands (I.E. buying one brush to test). BTW, thanks! I never heard of Dick Blick online. I'll have to check them out.
  3. I bought some Sapphire brushes by Robert Simmons today. It's a sable/synth blend. They are very nice!! Anyone else try these out? I was just curious about performance and general lifetime. I normally use Loew & Cornell synths, but they're crapping out. I never expected them to last long anyways. Also, does anyone know where I can get Sable brushes? Besides Reaper, obviously. I mean more not on the internet. I didn't see anything that stuck out to me at Michael's.
  4. http://www.acrylicosvallejo.com/ has a pretty sweet tutorial on layering and such. I read it and tried it out on my latest mini's hair. Came out a lot better than what I used to do. I'm not a traitor, I swear!!! I got some Vallejo paints from a friend, and I was checking out the site. *looks out for Anne* Though, I honestly like the RMS paints better. I actually use a white wash as a primer. I read that it can be used in the first tutorial site I found. I have not have any problems with it. I am buying the brush-on primer on my next order, though.
  5. If superglue is that bad, should I use epoxy for attaching arms, wings and such? I'm using Locktite gel control superglue.
  6. I've tried sticking the mini on a juice bottlecap and using sculpey to hold it down. It works decently, but sometimes the mini falls off while working on it. Do you GLUE it glue it? Cause that idea makes me nervous.
  7. That's so awesomely gross!
  8. Hi! I just started painting minis a couple of weeks ago and I decided to finally get the courage to post a mini. This one is the Angel of Shadow. I figured with the shadowy theme, I'd make her sorta gothy. I tried to make the lighting of the lantern show. I think it turned out OK. Oh, and before someone says something about it, the reason why the lighting doesn't show too much on the wing is because the lower wing covers most of the lanterns "glow" (the lantern is almost touching the wing at the bottom). Lemme know!
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