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  1. Yes i purchased the male saber tooth tigerman #2785 but those three females weren't working with the character I needed unfortunately-- two look too much like a lycanthrope and the other wasn't right for the character class. Otherwise I would have used one! -Top
  2. I have been playing EQ for five years now and a little over a year ago I started to paint up some of my fellow Guild memebers. That evolved into painting one character for each player. So now, finally finished, I present the Emerald Alliance and all its 53 members. All but two were done with Reaper products. I wanted to do the entire project exclusively with Reaper because I like these figures so much but I could only find a good male Vah Shir (cat man) and not a female. :( Here is a link to a large version of the picture. http://www.voidgamers.com/channel/fantasy/...-ClassPhoto.jpg I am not the best painter by far but I will say that I am enthusiastic! -Top
  3. Thanks! Alas they won't quite do. I may have to see what I canmod. Hmmmmmmm. -Top
  4. Greetings! I own #2785 Sabertooth Tiger Man, and I have been looking through the online catalog for a female companion for this figure. Has Reaper ever made one, and if so, what is the number so I can order it? -Top
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