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    LOVE to paint mini's of course. I spend alot of time gaming when I am not at the table or work aswell. <br /><br />Drop over to my website for a veiw of news and mini's I have done.<br /><br />Contact me for any Commission work.

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  1. Solid work MamaGeek!! Really like the transitions in the blends.
  2. I don't mind at all friend thats why we are here to pass on info and tips. The Olive green triads 9712 Reaper MSP. 6 different mixes to smooth the transitions out. Goodluck and Thanks!
  3. Good Stuff, I always like your creations. I think I saw some of those guys on animal plant the other night in a deep sea special More please!
  4. Solid work Metalchaos! I really dig the apron, how you where able to give it that worn look. Nice! And your blacks are popin to.
  5. I have had the same problems with the tips getting clogged. Anyone able to provide some advice on the best way to get them unclogged and keep them from returning to that state. I have about 8 paints doing the one drop clog back thing as well. I love the paints but some of the tips make baby lions cry.
  6. That horse skin is amazing!! That is a busy mini I have him on the self half done. I tip my hat Sir.
  7. Wow!! Thats a very nice improvement!! I think some black lining would also make it Pop right out. I am no pro just a friendly suggestion. Keep up the good work!!
  8. Thanks David!! I have enjoyed you videos very much over the last hour they are very informative. I would like to add you to my links on my blog for tutorials if that is alright with you. I think anyone just starting out will find them very helpful.
  9. Thanks King Tiger! "he looks ready to chew some poor adventurer's face off!" Yeah the whole time I was painting him I couldn't get Grendal (spelling) from Beowulf the recent Ani movie, out of my mind.
  10. Well its been along time since I put paint on a mini. This one was a fun sculpt to paint. I am happy to be back at the table even if I am out of practice. I hope you like him. CC Welcome I am rusty so be gentle. Still working on the photo fu!!
  11. Hello Been hanging out on the boards for awhile just don't post much. I like your skin tones on this mini But the metal bit on the end of the ax keeps grabbing my eye. It looks like it could be a bit of the casting. I am not sure I don't own that mini. If I am wrong I am sorry my eyes are getting bad. Old age 8(. I like your stuff keep pumping them out and work on that photo fu!!
  12. Awesome !!!! I love it Meg and the title sets the post off !!
  13. Your work is inspiring as always friend!! I really like what you did with Blue Orchid..
  14. Hello all I thought I would drop in and post some recent work I have gotten done. I have been working on this one off and on for some time now. My Father lost the battle to his illness 13days ago, so I lost all inspiration to sit at the table and paint. I have been sitting down some now and went ahead and finished him. He was a great sculpt!! Tre your work is the bomb!!! I made a trip recently and bought some new sculpts to paint up so I should have more stuff painted later. I hope you like him.... Plus Santa is bringing me the complete MSP set so I have paint to use up!! I know the base is not done I will get it I just needed a fresh piece on the table.
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