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  1. You've been Stubbed

  2. Vince just told me the news. Please let them know they are all in our prayers, we are sorry this unfortunate thing has happened to her especially at such a young age. This kind of thing does and can happen to small children, newborn to toddlers and most come out fine. We pray that she did not lose much oxygen in her brain and that she comes out of this soon and stays healthy for the rest of her life. May the Angels watch over her. Our love and prayers, -Terri Billen aka WaferChickie, Ellie and Vince
  3. She looks great! Love all the colors and the little scene down below her. Shakandara loves it and he can't wait to get it! I can't wait to put her in one of our cases Happy Painting! -Terri aka WaferChickie
  4. ooo How about putting her on a light brown, feather brown and dark brown shirts...gives the feel of being more authentic. Am I using the word 'authentic' too much, or does it not fit?
  5. I agree with CBP. IMO, this years Sophie is more like a 'remake' of a WW2 pin-up gal, but in miniature form. I love it that Reaper has gone this route especially since RotD is coming out and the two do go hand-in-hand. I have no qualms with Sophie on a WW2 bomb, she looks quite 'sexy' as she should I plan on the whole set, wings and all but will green stuff the back so it looks more 'authentic'...CAN'T WAIT!!!
  6. Add one more to that list...like Charles and Vince, I too read 'bowels' instead of 'bowls'. Kind if hard NOT to think of the word 'bowels' when dealing with chips and salsa and Mexican restaurants Hope you enjoyed your birthday!
  7. This is the Happy Birthday song I learn many many moons back when I worked at a restaurant called Bennigans in Fort Worth, Texas...and here we go *takes a deep breath and cheerfully sings*... HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON THIS YOUR SPECIAL DAY, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY THAT'S WHY WE'RE HERE TO SAY, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY...MAY ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUUUUUUUUE, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM EVERYONE OF US TO YOU!!! And now in Chinese... Wait, nevermind, I don't know Chinese. hApI BiRfY dAyS Kim-ster! -Terri
  8. I wants to cuddles with it aaaaaaall night long and let it keep me safe from the evils of the closet monsters and the boogie mens under my bed. Froggy, that little guy is so cute!
  9. OOO ME ME ME ME!!!!...oh, wait a minute, I'm already on the list Have fun folks and let the splashing of the colors begin!
  10. Thank you everyone. Vince has spoiled me even more rotten than before...I LOVE MY SHAKANDARA MAN!!! We had a great dinner, he and Ellie cooked for me tonight. Surf-N-Turf, awesome as usual. Vince gave me a gorgeous earring and necklace set, sterling silver with an amber stone in each earring and the matching necklace. Can't wait to wear it to work tomorrow! My best friend from high school, her son and Ellie made me a cake today, it was delish! Chocolate cake with chocolate icing. I'll post the pics when they get downloaded. I had a wonderful birthday and so very happy that I got to spend it with my family. Thanks again for your love and support of old age (Old age meaning me) Take care and Blessings to all, Terri aka NeccoWafer
  11. I'm home for lunch nad don't have much time to respond but here goes... Thank you for offering to make/give/buy things for Ellie. She does need a few more items of clothing, her sizes go as follows... Shirt size: Medium (12-14-16) Pants size 14-16 (she's growing taller) Skirt size 12-14 Shoes 6 1/2 Her favorite color is pink but she does like purple and blue. Just don't want to have too much of those colors so other colors are fine. Jewelry: I got her two beaded necklaces both with bracelets (pink and blue) she loves beads. Gold looks better on her. She wants to make a frog, forest, fairy room so if you all can find pics of fairy's that aren't provocotive please let me know where to find them. Ok, gotta get back to work, thanks again friends! Terri aka NeccoWafer
  12. First off I would like to thank everyone who has put in their moral support, two cents, shovels, bats, wrenches, tire irons and whatever else they can find to help beat the living crap out of whomever stole my baby's things. Thank you. The morning I was awoken to find that the trailer had been gone, I immediatly started making the neccesary phone calls and all the while my heart broke with every thought of every piece that Ellie owned. Everything from the pictures of her and her first best friends from kindergarten to the recent 7th grade dance pics with the same best friends in their Hawaiin Leys. The year books from every year at elementary school and junior high, drawings, paintings and play scripts from over the years, jewelry from friends and family, friendship bracelets, certain stuffed animals she was allowed to keep...I got rid of A LOT of stuffed animals, her room was FULL of them. I cried silently while I talked with the police and with the U-Haul people and afterwords balled my eyes out. Ellie woke up a little while after I made the calls and told her the news. She was a little upset then said the words that I'm sure you all have already heard from Vince, "Mom, it's ok, the people in Katrina lost everything they had, even family members, I just lost replacable stuff". I hugged my young lady so tight and told her how much I loved her. I'm so proud to have a very smart, loving and giving child in my life. God has truly blessed me with her. I am also very blessed to have such a wonderful, loving, caring, giving, emotional, funny, gorgeous, sexy, dad-in-the-making boyfriend (Hey, he's got a pre-teen living with him now and you can't get out of being some kind of parent to them...right?) Vince is an angel...our angel. Our families and friends are helping us out with getting things for Ellie, we can't wait to take her shopping. Ok, I'm gonna start crying again from all this love that's been handed out unconditionally. Thank you again for everything friends. We love you! NeccoWafer - aka - Terri
  13. "I want to eat spunk from your hand" -Reaper Bryan saying that to me while I was handing out the Europian candy called 'Spunk' Another one is when Erin and I went to an early dinner Saturday night. She had never had a margarita before so while I ordered her drink for her I asked her if she wanted it "Dressed or naked"? (salt and lime on the glass)...she just gave me a blank stare. (I was using 'bar' code, I worked in a bar a few years ago and that's what we asked our customers, if they wanted their tequila shots dressed or naked)
  14. 'Pokes Vincent (Shakandara) until he takes her to go get supplies to make a colosium like Bugeyes'. I'm still drooling over it Buggy, it's awesome!!! -Terri aka NeccoWafer
  15. Was wondering if RCon has an amatures division. I want to enter a mini this year. -Terri
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