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  1. 5:00am when the alarm goes off...followed by 6:15am when I actually drag myself out of bed... Is it COLD enought for you today?
  2. ***Speechless*** Well I have been looking in on this thread for a few months and wow.... Here is was getting mad becasue I can't paint as fast or as good. This helps put everything in the correct light... Good work takes time. GREAT WORK TAKES EVEN LONGER!!! Can't wait to see more updates. Love the horns and eyes
  3. So I would know to how much care to actually put into making it. Buttercream Icing or Whipping Cream Icing?
  4. Had some Rum Cake from Grand Caymen Last night. Where's the Rum???
  5. Of Chaos............. **Insert evil giggle** How big is the hole in the wall where you bang YOUR head???
  6. No... But everyone tells me I am on Crack. Bunny or Tiger?
  7. Well have to say since it was my first Tourny and I didn't suck as bad as I thought I would, I had a blast. Learned a few things.... Lightening bolts SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Terrain can be your friend.... was a little indimitated by it at first... and the snow kept attaching to my clothes.... I think I still have some if you want it back Jason.=o) ZOMBIES... I like them. Had a blast and hope to come back up with my army painted and maybe my other army painted and try them both. I will bring Cake the next time.... yummmmmmmm
  8. Actually I do travel Sometimes and we are considering making a trip up to reaper possibly for a warlord tourny in the next month or so =O) .... Could be convinced....
  9. Sure some of us from Houston will be there 3 or 4 anywho. =O) I need the classes so I won't volunteer to teach any =O) that would be like putting a 2 year old in charge of an art class at a college.... I like the red crayon it is yummy *wink*
  10. Have to come up with some more evilness ..... for my next cake. Glad you enjoyed it Vince. Everyone else. =O) Hope you had fun with the WIP Picts.
  11. Ok so.... Here are the updates and finished pictures..... Did a little outlining this time.... Filled in Another few to show the basing Then a little fun...... The cake with red lights on it..... EVIL!!!!!!
  12. I thought it was closer to 10 Pounds... OH Wait that was the weight of the Cheese cake after adding the chocolate and the cream cheese and the Eggs..... BUT DANG WAS IT GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Started posting WIP pictures of Vince's Cake.... VINCE YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO GO SEE IT YET>...... =P *Insert Evil Laugh* I was not allowed to go the full Height I wanted... My cake carrier is only so big... =P and Gary thought the Diabetic Association might call me if I put too many layers... =P
  13. SO this time I decided to do a WIP of the cake as I am doing it over two days.... I said it would be bigger.... Since Vince's Colors are Blue and Orange for his Reptus Army I decided I would do his cake the same. Here is the cake with its 3 layers, A little gap filling at each level where the filling goes and to level off the cake. =O) No Green stuff used. Chocolate Cake, with Chocolate Chuncks and White Chocolate Chips inside.... YUM! A nice Strawberry Filling...you know the gooey insides of the Reptus *wink* A little Size comparison.... Now that is a big cake.... Have put on the base coat.... So I will post tonight with my next Portion....
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