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  1. You could go for: 03385 : Amon, Viking Warrior, or check some of the mercs they have for Warlord. Several of those are pretty beefy. Amon has advantages, because he comes with a sword in a sheath, and either an axe or spear for the right hand, and the shield can easily be skipped. The shield is separate, but there is a strap around his arm and in his hand. He's about 40mm to the top of his helmet, but would fit a 1" base fine.
  2. I remember my days doing delivery work for a courier company. I don't miss it, either. That actually added to my frustration. My neighborhood isn't a bad place for deliveries, and works well on Mapquest. Our house is right on a corner and labeled, and the driver simply went to the wrong corner. The Post Office makes occasional mistakes, and they normally look like sorting errors instead of straight delivery errors. Even with that, we see maybe two or three Post Office mistakes in a year, and we've never had a package mistake. The demo went great, and as I noted earlier, having fresh figures to work on was a bonus. I may try to bring some for every demo.
  3. 'Twas FedEx Ground, though they've never failed us before. I think we either have a new driver for the area, or simply a replacement for that day. A happy ending; just as I was getting ready to leave for my painting demo, the man down the street they left it for brought it by. They delivered to the right house number on the wrong street. He noticed it when he was out working in his front yard (they normally use their side door). Fortunately, we live in a pretty good neighborhood, and people tend to help when deliveries go wrong. It worked out well, as some people came through the demo that were curious about what it takes to prep a miniature, while I had miniatures there to prep.
  4. Wonderful news! Thanks for keeping us updated.
  5. I felt like ranting, without bothering my wife this morning. I was excited, I made a Reaper order, and got a delivery email from FedEx noting it was scheduled to be delivered Friday. Since I had a painting demo today, I thought it was perfect timing; get the new figures Friday, and have the day to prep them for the demo today. Lots more cool figures to put on display is a very good thing in a mall store. I checked my email last night, and had a confirmation email from FedEx stating the package was delivered to my front door while I was sitting in my living room waiting for it. No sound of delivery trucks. No ringing of the doorbell. No package received. FedEx apparently delivered my miniatures to the wrong house. I called last night, and was told they'd check on it, and have an answer this morning. I called this morning when told to, and nothing has happened yet. I've sent an email inquiry through their site, and have only gotten an automated response. This is not the way I'd hoped for the day to progress. At least when FedEx was delivering temperature sensitive medicines for my son, they never screwed up.
  6. I always heard the additional posit that they could not breed back with the original, but had to be able to breed, or they were simply a non-viable mutation. I haven't heard of them progressing beyond mutated fruit flies that were still fruit flies that could breed with other fruit flies. I haven't been keeping track of evolutionary theory and science, but most of my instructors expected there to be a big deal made if they succeeded in that. I oversimplified. Natural selection was Darwins, and he postulated evolution being influenced by it. My point was that natural selection is a proven observable concept, but that it became inextricably entwined with evolution for many people through the influence of non-scientific people, largely using it for political ends. Evolution posits natural selection as a tool used in evolution, but natural selection should be allowed to exist separately from evolution. The questions I'd heard about the bombadier beetle were not related to the old exploding beetle issues, but rather tied to natural selection, and whether the posited changes that could lead to an evolutionary bombadier beetle would be superior options that would allow the process to continue. Natural selection favors the most efficient, which is not always the most complex. I don't feel picked on, by the way. I'm in a minority opinion, and am trying to give functional discourse, so it's logical that my thoughts are being addressed. I'm out of touch on many matters biological, however, simply because it is not my major area of interest. It has been an interesting discussion, that's helping bring me somewhere closer to up to speed.
  7. I have no problem keeping religious belief and science separate, and would be happy to see our universe explained better. Science and religion do not have to be adversarial concepts. Most people who embrace science and religion can accept that a creator would be creating a functional universe with laws that allow that universe to function without requiring continuos intervention. Darwin's basic concept on natural selection is really just common sense observation of the world: if things change, what works best in the new conditions will thrive, and what doesn't work as well will have a harder time. Natural selection and evolution were tied more due to politics than science. There is increasing fossil evidence that suggests the theory of evolution has validity, but still nothing established as a definitive link. Circumstantial evidence suggests, but does not establish, causality. There are still organisms that are problematic, at best, for the theory of evolution to explain (ex: the bombadier beetle). Mutation is one thing, but it leaves a variation of the same organism. Evolution is the change to an identifiably different organism, and is much harder to show. With all the 3 day generations run through fruit fly experiments, we've only gotten fruit flies at the end. The still existant gaps in the fossil record make proof from that arena difficult, as well. Evolution is the leader in explaining how many things may happen, but it is still unproven, as it contains those issues. For those who are older, abiogenesis used to be lumped in with the study of evolution. Separation of the two is a much newer concept. Abiogenesis was originally used to refer to spontaneous generation of life from inanimate matter (maggots appearing in old meat, etc). The term still fits what is being researched, but it does give it a colorful history. I don't have serious issues with evolution; it may or may not be the mechanism in place. I have serious issues with people who insist anyone who doubts it is an uneducated fool. Science should always doubt until some positive verification is obtained. The cutting edge of science should always have a gamut of ideas on the table, or people are being poor scientists. Realistically, my biggest contention comes from they way beaurocratic educational systems push some theories, while denying others equal time, or more importantly, research funding. Global warming got thrown into the conversation, and it raised my hackles further. Governmental intervention has raised global warming to the point that many people assume it is considered a completely verified event, yet a significant portion of the scientific community has raised extreme doubts about it, including some members of the team that helped with the reports that mutated politically into Gore's Nobel Prize fiasco. I'd thought to comment on that more directly, but decided it was going too far off topic. It would be wonderful if we could establish a separation of science and state. Governmental intervention causes inequities in research funding to award those who follow politically accepted theories, and can even lead to the stupidity of trying to legislate science (how many remember the attempt to legislate the tomato to be a vegatable?). When scientists are faced with going with politically accepted theories, or not having research funds, which way do people expect them to go?
  8. Bess is a Great Rail Wars figure. I have the same one.
  9. At the risk of this devolving into something for the beekeepers: Spend some time trying to find out why a theory that has been researched for over a century can still have no verified positive evidence other than belief by those who support it, and still be treated as the only truly valid theory. That's a better definition of a religion than a scientific theory. The last time I was in taking science classes at the university, they still taught that theories had to be supported by evidence, and were only valid so long as they were supported by all the evidence obtained. If contradictory evidence was found, the theory had to be corrected to match the relevant facts. If no evidence was found, the theory was supposed to be acknowledged as unproven, and an open scientific evaluation should be continued to find other theories to explain things. Religion can be based on faith over fact. Science is not supposed to be treated the same way.
  10. I've been offline a bit extra, and hadn't seen this. Best wishes and many prayers for a quick recovery.
  11. The Fiendish Star Empire of Fu Manchu Stellar Blossoms Dragons of the Stars The Qin Dynasty Wars Seven from Planet Xian Crouching Tiger, Hidden Blaster The Warring Stars Period The Emperor's Return Curse of the Terra Cotta Starships The Mongol Starmada Khans of the Stars Sun Tzu's Art of Stellar Conquest Shaolin Starships Swords of the Emperor Once Upon a Time in Qin Space
  12. I've traditionally painted them up as grassy ground cover, or covered them/removed them for a different basing. Since most of the figures look like temperate climate fantasy, that works most of the time. That said, the brocoli bases work well painted as alternate ground cover. I've painted some up as rocky sand, and had that work, as well. If it works for the ground cover I want, I paint it. If it doesn't, I change it. @LunchBox, Only if you forget and add melted butter. It could mess up the judges paperwork.
  13. The most important thing in gaming is to remember that it is a game played for fun. If the group wants to redo the encounter, it isn't wrong to do it. Even if it's only because the DM wants to redo things without their mistake, it isn't wrong. There is no wrong way to play if the people playing are having fun.
  14. Good miniatures, good paints, good prices, and good people. That's a pretty good mix for earning my money.
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