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  1. I like the way you think Qwyksilver, your argument sounds like one of mine to be able to play a necromancer in a good d&d campaign .
  2. I think that animate corpse should only be alllowed for neutral or evil casters. My thinking on this is imagine the holy crusaders running around casting animate corpse with the great many mages they have. Plus poor Marcus Gideon he'll have to kill the incoming enemys then turn on his own ranks to finish off the zombies that Valandil created .
  3. I've a few questions Jos Gebblar the merc mage from the hanged has the necromancer SA. It says he can go in the crypt legion that makes him the only living model in the crypt legion list, anyone think that'll change when the official rules come out? Also this question may seem stupid but I have to ask cause ppl like starting things, because he can be fielded as a necropolis he gets all the necropolis abilities right?
  4. Awesome so I still have no idea if they are truly related but I did find some ppl are fanatical about thier factions . Necropolis rules! (cause we have a small chunk of all your factions)
  5. I wasn't looking to get the ogres you guys may have changed my mind allthough the non-unique seems to be a better value. I've allways liked the sculpt on lurgh now that he's on my team I really like him. Any thoughts on kiakara? Does the standard reven list get used much?
  6. Does that mean khardullis taught the nefoskar how to make pyramids?
  7. I was looking through the reaper catalog as I frequently do when I noticed in the cav section they have playing cards. In the red deck is the name Ritterlich a name from warlord and in the black deck Malvernis a name from one of my armies the overlords. So what i'm asking is cav the future of taltos?
  8. I played my first game with the reven ... i won . I played against the darkspawn, I used the bull orc sub-list warcry was very handy for keeping my opponet for getting pain tokens. I like the army can't wait to get more money to get more figs.
  9. I was thinking about finding something with cool wings and converting a chevy w/wings to add to the effect of having horse shoes of the nightmare.
  10. I was under the impression when a model was stunned it's md was 0. That's why i said warcry was a auto standup. I checked the rule book it doesn't specify was there a ruling made on the forum? If so could someone post the thread.
  11. I have the book now the default list changed alot from the core book, but looks like a solid army to me can't wait to play em. Thnx for the help much information form the reven peeps. one more question is there any models that are not worth using? OK maybe two is there some that deserve honorable mention?
  12. nice list qwyksilver but I still want some power (I still like the numbers though). How well does the all leaders have warcry ability work? Is it successfull do you find yourself crowded around your leader so you can auto pass tough checks? If so is a fire ball moot because you auto pass tough checks? I think i'm going to like the reven they look to have some things in common with my other armies (Overlords & Necropolis).
  13. I also am joining the ranks of reven players (I'm basicaly bieng given a reven army), I have a necropolis army and a olords. My question is the lists i'm seeing posted are carrying alot of troops for 1000 pts are reven really cheap? One of the main reasons I like olords is mob + 16pt bondslaves, do reven have a compareable setup? I don't have the army book so how are the lists/sub-lists?
  14. Is that demon that powerfull? we really don't have to many ways to deal with flying mages. Bile maybe?
  15. If you want my 2 cents, I would fill out those units some more 4 or 5 breakers per railor seems like a waste. Drop dauron and a railor put more breakers per unit and a bone horror. Warroirs are cheaper but then you lose mav so thats a trade off, life transfer is a great spell . Thats my 2 cents.
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