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  1. Hey guys. I usually dullcoat after each part of a miniature is completed. I had a can that I was using for a while and I ran out so I got some more. I just finished dullcoating the model that I'm working on and it dried completely satin and glossy. Has anyone had this problem before? How do I fix it? Thanks, Jake
  2. I think it looks great! I would have chosen I different skin tone but thats a personal preferance and I would have highlighted the cloak a bit more. The freehand really looks excelant! May I ask what colors you used for the loin cloth? Jake Edit: I just noticed something really weird. The sword shows the light source is on the right but everything else (even the back of the sword) has a left light source. I'm sorry but those things REALLY tick me off.
  3. I still miss the citadel "magic washes" that they used to have. Maybe some pre-mixed washes (black,brown, flesh, ect...) would be good. Anne, thoughts? Jake
  4. I've ordered from both the warstore and miniature market. I think that mini market is a little cheeper.
  5. This is a great black-steel recipe I found. Base with Blue liner (9066) Shade with pure black (9037) highlight with a mix of BL (9066), rainy gray(9038) and snow shadow (9021) highlight with a mix of RG (9038) and SS (9021) Highlight with a mix of Misty Gray (9090) and ghost white (9063) finish with a pure white highlight (9039) thanks! Jake
  6. Yep I saw that in her seminar. Too bad it was cut short to only an hour. Nice seeing you at the sfbamp meeting, Jake
  7. Everything looks good from what I can see. You've definately matched the reaper studio painted version of the dragon. If you want to take it to the next level though, you have a couple more things that you could do on the scales. Most dragon scales are mettalic or shiney in someway. To show this I suggest that you highlight them to follow the light source.An other thing you can do is add thin brush strokes to define the texture of the scales. I hope that helps! Jake
  8. For freehand...hmm... If I were to paint this mini it would be a drow so I'd probabley paint a spider or something. Maybe just a little trim or just generic freehand like patchwork. the only place that needs shading is the wide fold in the back. The rest looks fine. Jake
  9. I don't have ANYWHERE to get reaper paints close to me. I've been getting them online but with the shipping and everything.... My wallet hurts. If anyone knows where to get MSP within 20 miles of 94941 PLEASE PM me. Thanks, Jake
  10. Looks good. Fill the gaps and get rid of the mold lines it will look even better. The gloves are the most minor problem in the world. Get him painted! Jake
  11. Wow! This is really looking great. There are these two white marks on the base. Glue showing through? I don't know what it is. I think a thin dark line separating the armor bands on his chest would be good. Thanks! Jake
  12. Have you painted anything other than the cloak and base? I think a bit more shading on the cloak would be good. Jake
  13. Looks good. Some greater definition around the eyes and a bit more shading on the face would look good. I think that the cloak needs a little more highlighting and that everything thats dark brown (the hair, ect.) need some more highlighting and shading. Up to linen white probabaly. Keep up the good work, Jake
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