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  1. Well, let me say this: I never gave minis a thought before the D&D Minis game came out...and I've been playing D&D since the late 80s. After DDM came out, I quickly got a love for using minis in my games. But after a little while I got tired of the whole rare, common, uncommon setup, and I got interested in other options...namely the big Reaper display at my FLGS. Once I realized "hey, I can paint", I realized I could have my cake and eat it too. Now, my lovingly painted, but one-of-a-kind Reaper metals do battle with mass-produced gangs of orcs, gobs, trogs, skels etc. It's all good. Point of the story: Mass produced plastic can lead to love for painting metal. I can't be the only guy who discovers painting this way.
  2. I think this is great news. I mean, like a lot of people, I enjoy painting metal. But being able to buy packs of baddies ready to go is a great idea. If anything, because I like Reaper's more "classical" style over WOTCs. (I still don't think they've done a pointy hatted wizard) And I also like Reaper's scale. But the question burning in my mind, is "will they have broccoli bases?"
  3. OK, thanks guys. I didn't know the fig finder only gives you blistered figs. I saw those ones mentioned and assumed they were big enough to use as doorstops. They oughta photo those with a quarter on the table beside them. Then it'd be easy to tell scale.
  4. Hi all. Just did a search via the Fantasy fig finder and came up short. I'm looking for a younger/smaller dragon that would fit as a large sized D&D figure. (Basically on a 2 inch base) I see hatchlings and baby dragons, and what appear to be really big dragons, but no where in between. But then this fig finder is kind of lacking in demonstrating any kind of scale, so maybe those big dragons are actually a bit smaller than they seem in the photos? Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Eh, they're not so bad, though I would like a slotted round base better. As it goes, I glue mine to a one inch washer and paint the washer. Saves the toppling problem.
  6. Actually, the pose is such that the figure is holding the sword across his front. The hand, pommel, and the first half of the sword blade are molded right to the body...so I don't see a weapon replacement working out. (even if I DID know what I was doing) The weakness is just a hairline crack on one side of the sword. I'll see about some greenstuff.
  7. Thanks for the advice. Its too thin to pin, so I think I'll try the greenstuff. Thanks again.
  8. Hi all. I'm looking at the next mini I want to paint. Its an older one. I noticed the sword on it was slightly bent and while bending it back, noticed there is a slight crack at the bend. Anything I can do to strengthen it a bit? Its OK and doesn't show, but I don't want the sword to come off the first time it gets knocked over either. (Unfortunately its an out of production mini so sending it back is not really an option) I was thinking a wee bit of superglue might help. Anyone have any tips? Trev
  9. Found it. For anyone else interested, just to save you the hassle...he's a "Cadrusat" Which is a skin golem type thingy whose body is filled with the ashes of wizards. (comes from GURPS as far as I can tell. I have no idea whether or not there's a basis in real world mythology) Pretty cool.
  10. OK, so this isn't the place for theorizing. Anyone care to PM me their theory? Sure would appreciate it.
  11. 2364 Protector of Souls. Can anyone help me identify this mini? I'm trying to figure out what he was intended as. Sorta looks like a skull on top of a muscled body. Maybe its a human wearing some kind of mask? I can make something up for sure, but I'd like to know what he was meant to be. Anyone? (This question was buried at the bottom of a post that got moved to the painting section...hope this is OK)
  12. This Warlord sounds interesting! Is it simple enough that a 13 year old rookie might pick it up? My nephew is about the only one I play these sorts of games with. My other gamer buddies arent into wargames. (Kinda depressing though...my nephew regularly whups my butt at this sort of stuff)
  13. Please, I work for a living. Aye Sergeant! (sorry about that)
  14. Wow. Thanks for the shout out Anne. You just proved Captain Crunch's last post to be correct. re the MSP's, as little as I know about paints, I did notice that the MSP's seemed to be a little easier to work with than my Citadel paints. Nothing I could put a finger on though...except for the dropper bottle. Anyway, I'll try this mixture you're talking about. Guess I'm off to Micheal's superstore in the morning! Trev
  15. Well thanks for the responses! re: thinning paints. Do you mean beyond simply adding a little water to make it go on smoother? Right now, I've been scooping a few brushfuls onto a pallette and then adding a drop or 2 of water to smooth it out a bit. (most of my paints right now are GW, aside from the 5 MSPs I just picked up for flesh tones) My results got a lot better once I started doing that. I'll peruse the articles soon. BTW, Warlord looks cool. I might look it up...my FLGS carries a pretty good selecton of Reaper stuff, and I imagine he carries that too. Most of the regulars in the store play Warhammer...I'd imagine the actual Warlord game is cut from the same cloth as Warhammer? Thanks again. Trev
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