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  1. Duliniel

    Reapercon 2019 Class Reviews

  2. Duliniel

    Forumite Classes, 2019

    Great! Look forward to seeing you!
  3. Duliniel

    Forumite Classes, 2019

    Hey, all! Tish Wolter here. Every year after ReaperCon I vow to be more active on the Reaper Boards, and every year I fail miserably. Anyway, if anyone has any questions about the classes I'm teaching, please don't hesitate to contact me. And please come by and introduce yourselves at the Con so I can connect faces to forumite names :)
  4. Duliniel

    Johan Rumblegts

    I'm very happy to once again be a contributing artist for the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation. Johan was a lot of fun to paint, and he'll be a part of the NOCF online raffle later this summer. NOCF is an outstanding organization. Through their online raffles and auctions, they made donations totaling $80,000+ to Fisher House Foundation, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and Doctors Without Borders. I'll post a link when the event is live. There will be LOTS of fantastic miniatures in the mix! Also, if any of you have any questions about the classes I'm teaching at RCon this year (I'm Tish Wolter, btw), please don't hesitate to send me a message!
  5. Duliniel

    Is there an age limit for ReaperCon?

    I thought so! My daughter entered last year, too, but I couldn't remember if she had a badge or not. Thanks! Also, your daughter was awesome in my "Painting with Kids" class last year :)
  6. Duliniel

    Is there an age limit for ReaperCon?

    Can kiddos without badges (10 and under ) enter something in the painting competition? Both of my girls want to enter something, but will not be participating in any other Con events.
  7. Brilliant! Hope to see this at ReaperCon!
  8. Not this year, but hope to within the next few. Looks amazing! You'll have to post updates for us Did you get in on the Lovecraft documentary KickStarter?
  9. Duliniel

    Class Schedule - Classes Go On Sale Wed March 11, 2PM CDT

    Great! See you Friday. Start taking your Emergen C now and stay well!
  10. Duliniel

    Class Schedule - Classes Go On Sale Wed March 11, 2PM CDT

    Hey there! I'm teaching the Prep & Assembly class. I'll be covering basic filing, pinning, filling in gaps, etc. We'll also talk about working with Green Stuff & Milliput. Hope this helps in your decision making
  11. "So if you have spent as much time on the base as the miniature and want it considered as part of your score then this is the category for you." Something I've never been quite sure about...can a single stock model (no conversions) with a more elaborate base go in the Open Category, or should it go in the Painter Category? My apologies if this has already been answered and I just didn't see it.
  12. Duliniel

    Class Schedule - Classes Go On Sale Wed March 11, 2PM CDT

    I has a sad. I was looking forward to her Flesh and Faces class!!! 8 classes?! I don't think you're going to be conscious by the end of Thursday. Your Fast Painting class was the one I most wanted to take!!! Will you be available at times other than class? Huzzah! --OneBoot :D I'll be arriving at RCon early Friday afternoon. I plan on being in the artist area any time I'm not scheduled for a class
  13. Duliniel

    Class Schedule - Classes Go On Sale Wed March 11, 2PM CDT

    Hey, there! I wanted to toss in some info about my classes (I'm Tish Wolter, btw). Both Mini-Prep and Good Fast Painting are demo/Q&A, but please feel free to bring anything you're working on. I won't be covering Bones in the mini-prep class, as there are other classes devoted solely to Bones. My other class is Miniature Painting for Kids (aged 8+). They can bring their own mini or choose from some that will be provided. This is going to be fun! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone!
  14. "I'm pretty sure Tish Wolter is on the forums, but I do not know her name. She has painted for Reaper in the past, and you can see her gallery of work for them here - http://www.reapermini.com/InspirationGallery/Tish%20Wolter/latest/" Duliniel here!