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  1. I had a great time at ReaperCon this year! Like Corporea, I really liked the extra space we had at Artist Alley. I did take more breaks than I normally do so I could go outside or up to my room to take my mask off for a bit. As for judging the MSP Open, please believe me when I say we do our best to be fair and consistent. All things considered - especially with COVID protocols in play - I think Reaper did a fantastic job making this event run as smoothly as it did. Now...get some rest, then paint!
  2. Just now saw this! Thanks so much for the birthday wishes!
  3. Yes! Earth Brown with a bit of Linen White will work, or Driftwood Brown
  4. Hey, all! Tish here. If you have any questions about my classes, please don't hesitate to pm me or tag me in a post!
  5. Hey, folks! The NOVA Open Charitable Foundation raffle is live and there are some beautiful miniatures available! From 2013-2019, NOVA has raised over $300,000, primarily for Doctors Without Borders, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and Fisher House. My 2019 ReaperCon Sophie is up for grabs. Proceeds from Sophie will benefit Fisher House. https://www.novaopenfoundation.org/?fbclid=IwAR2yuB1tNnOUXGNCK4kwtcA-WX6Rynx_8hM2WJr3n0KYjjelx2P5eO4Owrg
  6. Hey, all! Just wanted to share the ReaperCon 2019 Sophie I'm working on for the NOCF Charity Raffle. The NOVA Open Charitable Foundation (NOCF) began in 2013. To date, over $130,000 has been donated to various charities, primarily Doctors Without Borders, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and Fisher House. This miniature is the 2019 ReaperCon Sophie, and proceeds from her raffle will benefit Fisher House. I'll let you know when the raffles are live! I still have quite a bit of work to do, but I'm fairly happy with how she's coming along. I also have a FaceBook page now for my minis. Please check out https://www.facebook.com/UrsaMinis. Thanks!
  7. Hey, all! I'm finally getting around to sharing photos of my miniatures via social media. You can find me at Ursa Minis on FaceBook. There's not a lot going on there just yet, but I hope to have more pics up soon. I hope you're all safe and well, and I do hope to see many of you at ReaperCon! Thanks in advance for checking out Ursa Minis, and please 'like' and share if you're so inclined. https://www.facebook.com/UrsaMinis
  8. Great! Look forward to seeing you!
  9. Hey, all! Tish Wolter here. Every year after ReaperCon I vow to be more active on the Reaper Boards, and every year I fail miserably. Anyway, if anyone has any questions about the classes I'm teaching, please don't hesitate to contact me. And please come by and introduce yourselves at the Con so I can connect faces to forumite names :)
  10. I'm very happy to once again be a contributing artist for the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation. Johan was a lot of fun to paint, and he'll be a part of the NOCF online raffle later this summer. NOCF is an outstanding organization. Through their online raffles and auctions, they made donations totaling $80,000+ to Fisher House Foundation, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and Doctors Without Borders. I'll post a link when the event is live. There will be LOTS of fantastic miniatures in the mix! Also, if any of you have any questions about the classes I'm teaching at RCon this year (I'm Tish Wolter, btw), please don't hesitate to send me a message!
  11. I thought so! My daughter entered last year, too, but I couldn't remember if she had a badge or not. Thanks! Also, your daughter was awesome in my "Painting with Kids" class last year :)
  12. Can kiddos without badges (10 and under ) enter something in the painting competition? Both of my girls want to enter something, but will not be participating in any other Con events.
  13. Not this year, but hope to within the next few. Looks amazing! You'll have to post updates for us Did you get in on the Lovecraft documentary KickStarter?
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