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  1. Duliniel

    Some Dark Sword stuff

    Ha! Thanks!
  2. Duliniel

    Some Dark Sword stuff

    Alas, didn't place (not surprised, as stated above). Go check out the winners!
  3. Duliniel

    Sophie's Garden

    @TheBucklandBrewer - Thank you! Unfortunately, I can't get any other shots of her because I sold her at ReaperCon (which is not unfortunate). She lives with Ed Pugh now ! This is the pic they took at the Con and they were nice enough to send it to me. Kicking myself for not taking photos beforehand *KICK*KICK*KICK*
  4. Duliniel

    Sophie's Garden

    This is "Sophie's Garden", one of the pieces I entered at ReaperCon. Very pleased that she won a silver medal in the Open category. Pleased and quite surprised that she won a bronze Sophie Trophy in the Diorama category. She started out as the 2010 Convention Sophie. I removed some of her bling and added gloves and boots (Wellies). I sculpted the butterflies and watering can. All of the flowers are real, dried flowers that I collected from various places, including my herb garden (so she kind of smelled nice, too).
  5. Duliniel

    Pinterest Boards

    Thanks, Inarah! Those are great!
  6. Whoa...don't throw in the towel on the Open Category! I'm not a sculptor by any stretch of the imagination and the conversions I do have to be extremely simple for me to be able to make them work, but I still managed to win a silver medal in the Open Category and the very same mini won a bronze Sophie in the Diorama Category. Keep taking classes and work towards expanding your skill set. That's what I'm trying to do, and it's paying off (in smallish increments, anyway).
  7. Duliniel

    Big thanks to everyone.

    Just wanted to join in with my "thanks" to the entire Reaper crew, the incredibly talented class instructors, the volunteers, and Sonic Mike. What a great weekend!
  8. Duliniel

    A Rhonda Bender Spotlight Gallery

    Love Rhonda's work & Newbo Mag!
  9. Duliniel

    Robert "Rob Roy" MacGregor (Andrea Miniatures 54mm)

    It all looks great, but that tartan is especially nice!
  10. On the subject of BBQ, what is the best spot in Denton? I know you have a Rudy's, which is pretty darn good for a chain, but is there a favorite place amongst the locals?
  11. Duliniel

    A celebration of my own-and YOU'RE invited!

  12. Duliniel

    Tickets purchased at last years con?

    Kit told me that he hadn't had a chance to get to the preregistrations from last year. He advised me to go ahead and buy a ticket. If it turns out I did purchase a ticket last year (pretty sure I didn't), he said he would give me a refund ASAP.
  13. Duliniel

    Comparative Class Schedules

    I took this class with Derek a couple of years ago and it's really, really good. I still refer back to my notes from this one. This year I'm taking Laszlo's Special Effects w/ NMM class on Saturday and One-On-One with Jen Haley Saturday afternoon.
  14. Duliniel

    Day Passes

  15. Duliniel

    Day Passes

    Will day passes be available this year? If so, does anyone know how much they'll cost? Thanks!
  16. Duliniel

    Dallas area storms: MERGED THREAD

    Please let us know how Reaper folk fared! Check in when you can, please!
  17. Duliniel

    Arrrrrrrr ye done yet?

    I've reached the "ugh" stage on my contest entry. Must persevere...
  18. Duliniel

    Tickets purchased at last years con?

    Same here. I emailed Kit and he said he could get back to me in a few days.
  19. Duliniel

    Middle-Earth/Lord of the Rings Miniatures

    I think I have a few Mithrils. I'll dig through my "these are so old I will never paint them" cases and see what I can find.
  20. Duliniel

    Any Questions?

    Are there going to be any "special" categories this year?
  21. Just gorgeous. I can't figure out how you get such expression from a pupil-free eye.
  22. Duliniel

    what's for dinner?

    I think Rudy's is the best "chain" BBQ around! There's a Freebirds in Denton?!
  23. Duliniel


    I'm so sorry. My thoughts are with you.
  24. Duliniel

    ReaperCon 2012

    I'm planning on being there, barring anything unforeseen.