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  1. Duliniel

    Contest pics?

    Really?! Wow...I thought I might have barely squeaked by with a bronze, and I wasn't too sure about that. Thank you!!
  2. Duliniel

    Contest pics?

    That would be great! I still don't know how I did
  3. We arrived back in Houston around 9:00 last night after having to leave earlier than planned. Had a great time, though. Thanks Reaper Staff & class instructors!!
  4. Whatever their reservation / charge policy may be, the manager should not have been yelling at you or lecturing you about your finances. A nice little threat to the Better Business Bureau might be in order here.
  5. I'll be there Friday afternoon & Saturday
  6. Duliniel


    This actually makes perfect sense to me. However, I'm pregnant...
  7. Yep. It appears he's definitely gearing up to paint Kay Bailey Hutchison as the "Washington insider".
  8. Duliniel


    I missed out on Aaron's True Metallics class, too. I did get a seat in the other classes I wanted, though.
  9. Wow! I'm so glad everything is OK now. I have an almost-two-year-old; I can imagine how scared you must have been. That's a big lifestyle change to undergo (eliminating eggs), but I would totally do the same thing. It's just too risky with a well intentioned four year old who wants to help feed the baby.
  10. Duliniel

    My game room

    They probably have a fridge, oven, full BBQ setup with smoker, grill and chef in that room also. They clap their hands three times, and the "Gamers Kitchen" setup slowly rises from hidden panels in the floor. So ya ... they probably still got ya beat. Nah...we just get take-out on game night
  11. Will we see a finalized class schedule before they go on sale?
  12. Duliniel

    My game room

    I think that's a fine dream/goal. Good luck! T. That would also make for a great TV show. I'd watch it.
  13. Duliniel

    My game room

    Those are bronze Sophies. I've never placed higher than third at ReaperCon, but I'm proud of them. Maybe this year...
  14. Duliniel

    My game room

    That's the window seat. It has a large map of Middle Earth sitting on top of it. The maps hanging on the wall are the different lands of Middle Earth.
  15. Duliniel

    My game room

    When my husband and I were house hunting, we were determined to find something with a room strictly for game playing. This loft area worked out perfectly. My husband and his father built the game table (I contributed the curtains with my limited sewing abilities, to cover the storage area underneath the table). There are two pull-out shelves on each of the four sides - one for your character sheet, the other with a cup holder for the beverage of your choice. The game boards are interchangeable, depending on what type of scenery is required. We had a window seat built for more storage space, and converted the entertainment center cabinet into even more storage space (it goes back about 3'). The two oak curio cabinets were a CraigsList find.
  16. Duliniel

    CAV Bomber Sophie

    I may have to steal / borrow the steel wool idea if I ever get around to painting mine! This is fantastic!
  17. This is lovely! You made a great color choice on her dress!
  18. YES! For years, I was painting (and mostly screwing up) eyes while holding my breath. I didn't even realize I was doing it. Once realized, I did just as Rastl wrote - inhale / exhale / paint. Much better results!
  19. I'm another one who orders my W&N S7 from Dick Blick. The prices are reasonable, they ship quickly, and I've never gotten a bad brush from them.
  20. I've got another one. How 'bout a class in fabrics? Like, how to make fabric look sheer, satiny, velvety, etc.
  21. So, what's the ETA on the completed class schedule? So excited !!!!
  22. Agreed. I'm so sorry for your loss, Brushmaster. Stay safe.
  23. As far as dabbing / drying the brush, I've found that I like a flat, round cosmetic sponge better than a paper towel. You can wash them out and reuse them, and they don't leave any little fibers on your brush. You can get a big bag of them fairly cheap at any beauty supply store.
  24. Anne, I think YOU should teach a light source/reflections class. Your work on Jonas Kane, Undead Hunter is amazing! I'd also like to see a Painting Expressive Faces / Eyes class.
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