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  1. McGoohan was great, and I've often thought he would have been a great Gandalf in the LOTR trilogy (not that Ian McKellan wasn't fantastic). If you haven't seen Disney's "The Scarcrow of Romney Marsh", see it. It just came out on DVD last November. My favorite McGoohan moment was in "Braveheart" where, as Edward I, he spectacularly tossed his son's "high councilor" out the tower window. Brilliant!
  2. I'm sending good and positive thoughts their way - and I just gave my own little girl a big hug
  3. It's fantastic that they're interested in the hobby and that you're patient enough to give them the opportunity to try. They're off to a great start and should be very proud of their work!
  4. Thanks! In retrospect, I think I should have painted her skin darker. I'm so used to painting fair-skinned elves, Ellen just kept getting lighter and lighter.
  5. Here's Ellen, a commission piece I just finished up. Constructive criticism always appreciated!
  6. Duliniel

    Work Areas

    My husband got me a drafting table for my birthday last year. When we bought our house in '07, we were adamant about having a room designated for the "craft" side of our hobby and a different room for our game room (pics to come). FYI - If you're planning on ordering something from the Home Decorators Collection, my husband ordered this early last January for my February birthday. I got it in September.
  7. Oh, no. I'll certainly be sending good thoughts your way.
  8. A little demon version of Holly Golightly! I love it! The sculpts are great, and your painting is brilliant, as usual. Well done.
  9. This is a good first effort . One thing I would suggest is thinning your paints down a bit. It's better to use several layers of thin paint than to try to get better coverage with thick paint. You'll really notice a difference when you start shading and highlighting more, as thick paint starts to look "worked" with too many layers.
  10. Thanks! I used Citadel Foundation paint in Orkhide Shade as my base, and progressively added RMS Linen White for the highlights. I didn't know if I should be mixing Foundation & RMS paints, but it worked out OK this time.
  11. After standing around with only her skin painted for 2+ years, I finally got around to finishing Sophie.
  12. We'll be expecting one of you lucky attendees to post a report and lots of photos for those of us who won't be there. Have fun!!
  13. Congratulations on the weight loss & muscle gain. That's an impressive feat! My sister is an image / style advisor. You can contact her for a complimentary consultation at: http://newmanimage.info/ Good luck and I hope you have a great time at the party!
  14. I'm always impressed with the expressiveness in your faces, and the skin tones here are perfectly undead-y. Fantastic!
  15. I haven't sold a whole lot of minis, but I've had good experiences selling on eBay. I never ship anything until payment has cleared and, depending on the final purchase price, I would advise buyers to get insurance (especially if it's shipping overseas). The few I have sold usually go for between $50-$100. I'd like to paint more to sell, but I have a HUGE lot of unpainted minis for my own RPG that are staring me down, waiting for their turn. Give it a try & good luck! *I just went back and read Anne's eBay bible. Please read it - it is SO worth your time!
  16. Beautiful work! Your blends are unbelievably smooth, and I love how your hottest highlights are both bright and subtle.
  17. Well, this stinks. I always look forward to seeing your latest and greatest. Here's wishing you a very speedy recovery. Keep us up to date on your progress.
  18. This is from the Breaking of the Fellowship box set.
  19. Clever concept and a nice paint job! Congratulations!
  20. Duliniel

    Spectre Sophie

    OK - I've added a couple of basic shots
  21. Duliniel

    Spectre Sophie

    I had been wondering if I should add a "basic" shot. I'll try to get something up tonight. Thanks!
  22. Duliniel

    Spectre Sophie

    Decapitating Sophie was not an easy decision to make. I had two, though, so that helped a bit as I took the saw to her neck. Oh, the things we do for our art...
  23. Duliniel

    Spectre Sophie

    This is my entry for the Halloween online painting contest. It's the ReaperCon '06 New Orleans Sophie, with a slight modification. The background is some ruins that we use in our RPG. I put a black sheet behind it and lit Sophie (and the staircase) directly with flashlights instead of the normal filtered floodlights.
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