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  1. Duliniel

    Spectre Sophie

    This is my entry for the Halloween online painting contest. It's the ReaperCon '06 New Orleans Sophie, with a slight modification. The background is some ruins that we use in our RPG. I put a black sheet behind it and lit Sophie (and the staircase) directly with flashlights instead of the normal filtered floodlights.
  2. These are really nice! Are the historicals Pegaso minis? How 'bout the elf?
  3. Welcome to the board You've done a nice job on this mini. His fingers and fingernails look perfectly grubby!
  4. I love your color choices and her hair is especially nice. Well done!
  5. Aw, man. My sister and I used to snack on Mothers Cookies and we'd always say, "those are some good mothers"
  6. Duliniel

    Women of Power

    Sweet Moses, that is a gorgeous piece. The sheerness of the green dress is amazing. My husband is a fan of George R.R. Martin. Your work has inspired me to raid his bookcase.
  7. That's very, very nice. Her hair and the wings really bring in a lot of warmth.
  8. I just read below (in a post that I started, no less) that Kit has already answered this question. It's so embarrassing when I try to be super-fast and end up being redundant. Thanks, Kit!
  9. Will there still be an online Halloween painting competition for those of us unable to attend
  10. Luckily, we've had unseasonably cool (and not dreadfully humid) weather in Houston since the storm. The high today was 81 and the low last night was 59. I have power, but didn't even run the AC today - just opened the windows and turned on the ceiling fans. I've heard it's supposed to stay this way the rest of the week then creep back up to the high 80s - not good news for the hardest hit areas where they're estimating that it may take 3-4 WEEKS for power to be up.
  11. We're all fine here. No damage to the house. Lots of tree limbs and fences down in my neighborhood. Power came back on in my area this afternoon (Monday). The media hasn't been allowed into the west side of Galveston (where there's no sea-wall). From what I've heard, Crystal Beach was the hardest hit. Some rescue-ees said that there's nothing there anymore.
  12. I'm in NW Houston and staying put. We're going to have high winds and possible/probable power outages, but I'd rather face that than be stuck on the highway with a one-year-old and a cat.
  13. Fantastic work! Congratulations!
  14. This will be a great reference - the one I started in your blending class is still staring at me...unfinished
  15. Ooooh...those are smooth blends! The red jacket on the pirate is very, very nice.
  16. She's beautiful! Keep us updated on her progress
  17. Here's my little girl, Lórien, at ReaperCon this past May. Just under a year old here...
  18. is it safe to ask if there will be a Reaper Halloween painting competition this year?
  19. Thanks! The bushes are just Woodland Scenics shrubbery. The yellow and orange flowers are Woodland Scenics foliage that I cut up and glued to the bushes.
  20. I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend. This is indeed a fantastic tribute!
  21. This looks fantastic and you should be really pleased with your work (and thanks for sharing your gold recipe)!
  22. I posted my Wonder Woman HeroClix repaint a few months ago, but I forgot about Spidey! Not great, but fun...
  23. I'm not thrilled to be selling him, but I'm going to California on vacation in a few weeks and an extra bit of "cha-ching" is always nice. The halfling, in particular, is an excellent sculpt. I even picked up a loose one from the bits bins at the Asylum Store for my RPG. Perhaps he'll get a pony - not as exciting as a dragon, but more suitable for my game. Can't wait to see your take on him, though it will surely make me sad and frustrated with my own.
  24. Congratulations on your well deserved wins! Your work is fantastic, and I always look forward to seeing your latest & greatest.
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