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  1. I'm not thrilled to be selling him, but I'm going to California on vacation in a few weeks and an extra bit of "cha-ching" is always nice. The halfling, in particular, is an excellent sculpt. I even picked up a loose one from the bits bins at the Asylum Store for my RPG. Perhaps he'll get a pony - not as exciting as a dragon, but more suitable for my game. Can't wait to see your take on him, though it will surely make me sad and frustrated with my own.
  2. Congratulations on your well deserved wins! Your work is fantastic, and I always look forward to seeing your latest & greatest.
  3. ReaperCon painting competition "non-winner" He'll probably be up on Ebay within the next few days...banished for failing to bring home a Sophie. My bronze winning river troll gets to stay here, living comfortably in my Middle Earth RPG. He's a good boy.
  4. The whole thing is gorgeous, but I'm always drawn to the eyes of your models. You're the best at making them so beautifully expressive!
  5. I really like the warm color palette you've chosen here. Congratulations on your gold!
  6. That shows some real growth! Good job!
  7. Duliniel

    02953: Cyclops

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Reaper! I think he looks good. You might want to define his pupil a bit more, though. He kind of looks like he has two eyes that are just crossed. Good job!
  8. Exquisite work as usual! I always look forward to seeing your latest, and the speed in which you produce such high quality work is amazing.
  9. Duliniel

    Arran Rabin

    That red is gorgeous! I particularly like the subtlety of the freehand inside the cloak. It's beautiful, but it's not hitting you over the head with it's beauty.
  10. Duliniel

    Wonder Woman

    Exactly. You get what you pay for...and I paid maybe a $1 for her on Ebay, possibly less. I repainted a Spider Man, too, which was pretty fun. I bought the Marvel Heroes board game (from Reaper HQ, thank you) and I'm really looking forward to tackling some of those guys!
  11. Duliniel

    Wonder Woman

    Can you imagine ? Poor Linda Carter. Well, poor lady floating in the Potomac, moreso... Thanks for the basing suggestions, gowestover. There's definitely a scale issue to be dealt with. I really want her to look like she's soaring upwards. I didn't take a "before", Rastl, but I'll see if I can find one online.
  12. Duliniel

    Wonder Woman

    Here's a full photo of my Wonder Woman avatar. HeroClix are pretty flimsy-grade plastic, so I think she looks OK all things considered (for example, having no discernable face, only bumps where her nose and cheeks should be) . She's game-table quality, I guess, if only I could find a place for her in my Middle Earth RPG. Wonder Woman vs. Galadriel smack-down? Unfortunately, she lacks a proper base. Any ideas?
  13. D'oh!! I thought they had just gone missing. Photos weren't taken of the masters figs?!
  14. He's purple on my monitor. Looks fantastic!
  15. Have the photos been found?
  16. That's some nice, solid work there! I agree with everyone on your color scheme - realistic and pleasing to the eye.
  17. Beauty! The skin tones are fabulously smooth (as usual and expected) and suite her so well.
  18. The highlights on his red shirt are really nice. It's very easy to end up too pink or too orange, but you have enough depth in your shadows that it ends up, well...red. Good job!
  19. That's a great gift! Well done, Mrs. Lunchbox!
  20. I only ate at Sonic once, but my chili & fritos were delish Sonic Mike was kind enough to offer my Reaper baby a grilled cheese sandwich, but she was already stuffed with Cheerios (anything to keep things calm in public).
  21. Oops...didn't mean to imply that they were. I was just admiring your previous work - can't wait to see what you have in store for us this weekend!
  22. Well done! And, I've just checked out your CMON gallery. You do fantastic work and I'd bet you're going to be taking home a few Sophies. I've completed two pieces for the competition - not the "something for each category" I was hoping to accomplish. I thought I'd try to knock out another one, but discovered a nasty mold line as I started on him. GRRRRRRR!!
  23. I guess it all depends upon what you're used to. I was pretty pleased to see 70s in the forecast Again, this is Texas, so no one better blame me when next Thursday rolls around and it's 98 degrees with blaring sun or 50 degrees with 40 mph winds
  24. I'm in Houston. 70-80 is considered mild when you're used to 90+. And, yes, I've seen women in Houston wearing wintery Ugg boots when the temperature gets in the low 70s.
  25. Accuweather.com is forcasting partly cloudy skies with temps in the 70s May 15-18. Of course, this is Texas and it could all change within minutes...
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