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  1. This is very, very true. For example, I prefer (and am better at painting) shaded metallics over NMM. However, when I'm painting specifically for a competition, I get drawn into NMM thinking that it will make more of an impression on the judges. I usually end up unhappy with the results, knowing I could have done a better job with metallics. Enough chatter - back to painting!
  2. I had a dream about ReaperCon, too! In my dream, my contest entry was so poor compared to all the others I spent the entire time standing in front of the case trying to hide it. I agree with LunchBox re: competitions. I know they drive me to try harder and become a better painter. I have one Bronze Sophie Trophy from '06 (couldn't make it last year to try and move up). She was confirmation that I'm on the right track, but still have lots and lots of room for improvement. That being said, I almost always choose a model that I can use after a competition, unless it's just something unbelievably cool/fun to paint.
  3. My husband and 10 month old daughter will be making brief appearances throughout. Gotta get her started young...
  4. I'm in and taking the following classes: Friday - Blending 101 with Aaron Lovejoy Friday - Good Fast Painting with Derek Schubert Saturday - Brushstrokes with Anne Foerster Saturday - Blending with Marike Reimer Saturday - Painting Faces with Marike Reimer Looking forward to meeting everyone!
  5. Hoorah! Got in all the classes I wanted!
  6. I'm really excited about Marike Reimer's class. Hope I can snag a spot!
  7. Duliniel

    Which hotel?

    I'm going to be staying at a pretty swanky (seriously) retirement facility minutes from Reaper HQ (a very dear elderly friend resides there and has booked the guest apartment for me). As an added bonus, my 10 month old daughter will be able to eat directly from their menu, so no need to pack a bunch of baby food!
  8. Thanks, KatieG! I decided to go with shaded metallics and I think it does look better.
  9. I'm currently painting a hobbit. I gave him a yellow cloak and did a gold NMM on his greaves. They just look "wrong" next to the yellow cloak, so I think I'm going to do shaded metallics instead. My question is, since NMM is perceived by many to have more of a "wow" factor, do you think less of a model that showcases shaded metallics? Have I been brainwashed by the NMM crowd?
  10. RMS Steels (Shadowed, Honed, and Polished), and a very weak blue ink wash
  11. Very nice painting and a lovely gift as well!
  12. Here's Sir Percival Thirlwall, standard bearer to King Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth Field. According to legend, Percy had his legs cut out from under him, but still held the banner aloft. The standard bears Richard's badge, a white boar. I couldn't find any images/portraits of Percival, so I merely went by the Pegaso box. I actually have a print depicting the battle hanging in my living room, but he's wearing a helmet (which didn't help him in the end). Kind of wish I'd attempted NMM, but I'm pretty happy with how the metallic turned out on his armor He'll be on Ebay later today.
  13. After sitting primed for a year and a half, I finally got around to Sophie. As usual, I always think my blends look pretty good until I see them blown up on my monitor. Please let me know what you think. Hope to have her listed on ebay later today.
  14. Very nice, clean paint job. Well done!
  15. Wow! All of these are simply fantastic!
  16. Nice blends on the ta-tas, and your color choice for her hair really suits her.
  17. Thanks! That is freehand on the King's banners. I was pretty happy with both of them, but when I see them blown up on my monitor I see a lot of mistakes. Sometimes this is helpful, sometimes it's discouraging. Guess it depends on what kind of mood I'm in.
  18. Here are two more of my LOTR minis. Gil-Galad took Best of Show at a local GW Citadel event, while the Khandish King (aka Wrath of Khand) took second place in the LOTR Large category:
  19. Fantastic work as usual! I always look forward to new postings from you and often refer to your photos for reference.
  20. Her skirt looks good! And it doesn't make her butt look big (even slave girls share this concern, I'm sure ).
  21. Thanks for the heads-up. I'll definitely check it out. I've been out of the painting/gaming loop for the past year or so and I'm really eager to jump back in.
  22. Hope ya'll don't mind me posting some GW minis (I'm involved in a LOTR RPG). Here's my Galadriel & Celeborn. My husband set up the scenery and took the great photograph.
  23. I'm sure everyone who frequents this board knows what a great staff Reaper has, but I just wanted to post a big "thank you" to Bryan. He's gone above and beyond expected customer service a couple of times for me now and I really appreciate it. You guys are great!
  24. I'd like to see classes on creating a light source and painting free-hand patterns.
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