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  1. A 54mm commission piece I just finished up. Yeah, I went with the same colors from Brom's "Lone Wolf"/Elric, which obviously inspired this sculpt. I have a print of it in my hobby room so it's kind of tatooed on my brain
  2. I finished these up last year, but I don't think I ever got around to posting them. Anyway, they wanted to stop by and say, "BOO!"
  3. Thank you all! These were a lot of fun to paint! Darius Glenwell - The GameZone squires are really nice! My husband & I play Pendragon and it's hard to find a miniature that can somewhat accurately represent a 5th century knight (most are loaded down with armor). The horse was a bit tricky to put together, as some of his parts didn't quite match up. Quite a bit of filing and puttying to make him work. I do appreciate everyone's kind words!
  4. I use wooden spools with blue tack. Sometimes if a mini has a dodgy base (or no base) I'll glue cork to the spool, drill holes in the model's feet, glue some sewing pins that I've cut down into the holes and stick them in the cork.
  5. None of these are Reaper minis, but I thought I'd share. These are all commission pieces I finished up about a month ago. First up is Brienne of Tarth from Dark Sword. I filed the Tarth arms off of her shield and painted the tree/shooting star she chose for herself in A Feast For Crows. Next is a 54mm Arya from Dark Sword's Arya/Jon Snow diorama (my client didn't want her painted as Arya, so she's a red-head). The squire is from GameZone Miniatures (gonna have to pick up a few of these for my Pendragon game). The last one is a nice little plastic 54mm chick. I don't know who the manufacturer is, unfortunately. Sorry these look a bit grainy; I'm having some camera issues that I've yet to resolve.
  6. I have had a couple of crumbled caps, but no real problems with fading labels. A few have faded a bit, but not so much that I can't read them.
  7. Thanks, everyone! GRRM has quite an extensive miniature collection and I know of several artists who have been painting for him. Jen Haley encouraged me to send him some photos of my work. I did, not really expecting to hear back from him. I was pleasantly surprised when I did, and thrilled for the opportunity to paint for him. That's pretty much it.
  8. Here we have two miniatures from Dark Sword that I just finished for George RR Martin. Can't quite believe that I actually got to paint for him. *Pinches Self* First up is Waymar Royce of the Night's Watch, followed by Female Rogue with Sword
  9. There's a Chuy's in Denton?!?!
  10. Thank you all for your feedback! Derek - I always appreciate any suggestions you have to offer! Darsc Zacal - The green leaves on her base are dried oregano from my herb garden. I don't remember what the other beige-y dried flowers are. I'm always on the lookout for interesting, tiny flowers that can be dried and used for basing
  11. Thanks! My pic is a showing up a bit dark here. Not sure why
  12. Finished up Kristianna a few months ago. This has come to be my favorite color palette, and I'm finding myself coming back to it a bit too often. Gotta branch out...
  13. Just booked my room at HGI and didn't have any issues getting the RMI $89 deal. Didn't say anything about breakfast being included, but I've emailed them to confirm.
  14. I've stayed at the HGI the past few times I've visited Denton. Their breakfast buffet is really, really good :)
  15. Thanks, everyone! Yes, Parish is a great place! All of the preschool teachers are speech/language pathologists. After one year, Lórien has already progressed to a "bridge" class where she has a regular teacher. A speech pathologist visits her classroom for 8 hours per week.
  16. I painted this little guy earlier this year for The Parish School's annual auction. Parish is an amazing place for kids with autism and other learning differences (mostly speech related). My five-year-old daughter, Lórien, attends Parish and the progress she's made over the past year has been incredible. Anyway, when I saw this mousling I thought his shield perfectly suited Parish's motto: Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow.
  17. Very, very deserving of the gold! Such an eye-catcher!
  18. That is stunning! Congratulations!
  19. That's happened to me before, too!
  20. I've just discovered an HP Lovecraft audio library here: http://www.miskatonic-university.org/libervox.php Then, you can listen to some really fun discussions of his works here (or free in iTunes, which seems to work better on my Mac): http://hppodcraft.com/
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