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  1. I'm so sorry. My thoughts are with you.
  2. Duliniel

    ReaperCon 2012

    I'm planning on being there, barring anything unforeseen.
  3. Forgot to say "congratulations" in my above post!
  4. It doesn't seem inconsiderate to me at all. If it's good for you, your groom and the wedding party, go for it! If I was a member of your wedding party, I'd appreciate you planning it over Memorial Weekend - it would save me from having to use a vacation day. As some have stated above, Christmas and Thanksgiving would be the big no-no's. I do know someone who got married on Christmas Eve. I don't know anyone who actually went to their wedding.
  5. Wow, Derek - that's above and beyond! Thank you!
  6. Just finished up Bronn from Dark Sword Miniatures (though he's actually going to represent Bran of Winterbourne Stoke in our Pendragon game). Freehand is definitely not my forte, but I'm pretty pleased with how the griffin on his shield turned out. It's a tad big for the shield surface, but I honestly couldn't paint it any smaller.
  7. I always read Lovecraft in October. I was reading "The Thing on the Doorstep" last night before I went to bed. My two-year-old woke during the night and, as I walked upstairs in the dark, I realized I totally had the heebie-jeebies.
  8. The whole mini is superb, as usual, but faces are most definitely your bailiwick. Beautiful!
  9. You need less than half of what Babies 'R Us will try to convince you is a necessity. Cloth diaper services are pricey, but totally worth it. If you're nursing, take advantage of the lactation consultant at the hospital. Teething Tablets are awesome. Orajel ends up all over the baby's face and your hand. Dr. Brown's bottles are the BEST!! You can never have too many onesies.
  10. Duliniel

    Steampunk Dorothy

    Ooh, I like this one! Lots of details, and you did a great job picking them out!
  11. Thanks, everyone! I'll definitely give your snow suggestions a shot!
  12. Just finished this guy up for the Dark Sword competition over on the WAMP forum. Pretty happy with him, just gotta find some different snow. This GW stuff looks OK to the naked eye, but just looks like white fibers when blown up in a photograph. Any suggestions? I've thought about baking soda, but I'm afraid it could get icky in this Houston humidity.
  13. I love the color scheme you've chosen! Lovely work, as usual!
  14. Is she dragging the flail behind her to keep herself upright?
  15. Yes, this one was a real stunner! Beautiful!
  16. What a fun one! Looks great!
  17. When Brian Jacques (author of the "Redwall" series) passed away earlier this year, I immediately knew that I wanted to pay some sort of tribute to him using Reaper's mouslings. Pretty simple, but I'm happy with the results (and the silver medal)!
  18. My first ReaperCon gold medal! She also placed third in the Dark Sword Competition.
  19. This was the best ReaperCon yet! Thank YOU!!
  20. http://www.star-telegram.com/2011/05/24/3101304/biggest-storm-system-in-years.html
  21. Glad to see you back at it, and with such great results! Those gems are particularly nice!
  22. This is a really interesting point. It's kind of like that huge group of people who think that all LOTR fans have to be Harry Potter fans, too. Or, on the opposite end, the Tolkien fans who can't fathom how a true Tolkienite can possibly like Harry Potter. I happen to like both for entirely different reasons. To me, they have very little in common except that they're both in the fantasy section of the bookstore (and in my home library -- yes, I sort my books accordingly). Rowling is certainly not the genius that Tolkien was, but she can spin a good yarn. It's just not fair to judge every fantasy author against Tolkien. He set the bar very, very high. Maybe some of us Reaper fan-girls should start a book club. We could lure our "normal" friends in with Marion Zimmer Bradley, then spring some Lovecraft on them.
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