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  1. This is a really interesting point. It's kind of like that huge group of people who think that all LOTR fans have to be Harry Potter fans, too. Or, on the opposite end, the Tolkien fans who can't fathom how a true Tolkienite can possibly like Harry Potter. I happen to like both for entirely different reasons. To me, they have very little in common except that they're both in the fantasy section of the bookstore (and in my home library -- yes, I sort my books accordingly). Rowling is certainly not the genius that Tolkien was, but she can spin a good yarn. It's just not fair to judge every fantasy author against Tolkien. He set the bar very, very high. Maybe some of us Reaper fan-girls should start a book club. We could lure our "normal" friends in with Marion Zimmer Bradley, then spring some Lovecraft on them.
  2. Really?! Certainly news to me... http://www.theonering.net/torwp/2011/04/16/43557-do-women-love-the-hobbit-nytimes-says-no/#more-43557
  3. Very nice! I've really been enjoying the work you've been posting!
  4. Last year, if memory serves me, entries had to be in by 6:00 Friday with a few spots left available for Saturday morning depending on space. The winners were announced Saturday evening around 6:30-7:00ish.
  5. Bumpin' this up. Does anyone know the status of the one-on-ones?
  6. I've just signed up for one on Friday. Gonna wait and see what one-on-one sessions come up (unless I'm missing them somewhere?)
  7. Nice! Where are the animals from?
  8. My husband and I will be there Friday & Saturday. Booked our room earlier this week!
  9. Lilliana has posted on FB that her little one passed away this afternoon. Please continue to send prayers and positive thoughts out to the Troy family.
  10. Lilliana posted on FB that they've welcomed a beautiful baby boy into the world! However, he is here very, very early. The cost of treating a preemie is astronomical. What can we do to help the family? A mini auction on ebay? I'm not able to manage an auction right now (time-wise), but I'd certainly be able to donate a miniature. Any ideas?
  11. SK - This was a real quickie and I honestly don't remember all the steps I took on her coat. I know the base color is Creamy Ivory (Master Series) and the highlights are Linen White. I think I used Yellowed Bone in there somewhere, too. Ha! You can find the real thing here: http://www.youtube.com/user/newmanimage#p/u/15/I0rynzFKKEE
  12. I was kind of shocked (and a little disturbed) when I first saw Agatha Fox and her uncanny resemblance to my sister...
  13. I took a one-on-one class with Jennifer Haley last year. We went over a few of my then-current projects. She gave me some specific tips on those, then hit on a few general things. I think it cost a little more than the regular classes, but it was definitely worth it, IMO.
  14. Nice! The bear's muzzle looks particularly good! You might consider giving his fur a once-over with a wash, especially in the deeper areas.
  15. This is exquisite! There certainly are lots of details and such, and you managed to pick them all out. Your colors work very well together and the freehand is gorgeous!
  16. 2nd entry - Agatha Fox, who looks EXACTLY like my sister!
  17. Great idea! I'd certainly pick up a couple of those.
  18. Author of the Redwall series has passed... http://www.redwall.org/
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