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  1. This is a fantastic plan of action! Good luck & have fun!
  2. My husband was playing in a rock band. My sister was a DJ at the time and had to do a remote broadcast at the club his band was playing. I tagged along, we met, and that was that.
  3. Duliniel

    River Troll

    Wow! Your blends are super-smooth, and I really like the base, too. Well done!
  4. Thanks, everyone! Laszlo - I just used a dark brown (blackened brown, I think), followed by a black glaze. Glad you like them! edit**Come to think of it, I used glazes all over the horses. I was trying to work fast, so the original intent was to smooth out the blends, but I do like how it ended up giving them a little bit of a sheen.
  5. Finally finished up a bunch of Rohirrim
  6. That, my friend, is sweet! I especially like the gritty look of the banners and the skeleton (bright white skeletons really annoy me).
  7. Thanks, guys! The smoke didn't turn out as I had envisioned it. I can (sort of) do transparent fabrics, but how do you do transparent smoke? Just couldn't figure it out.
  8. That's a great idea, and a very cool paint job! Very serene.
  9. Here's my take on last year's Halloween Sophie. I'm very pleased that she won a silver medal in the painter's competition at ReaperCon.
  10. Picking out that much detail in a 1-hour paint job is incredible! Always nice to see your work!
  11. Nice! He looks like one of our residents here at the Houston Zoo: http://tinyurl.com/28fxtdy
  12. Duliniel


    Very, very nice! Gotta agree with the others - the gems really make it special!
  13. Thanks! Her pouch is actually dark brown with orangey brown highlights, but it does look pretty red here. Not quite sure why that is...
  14. This is Agáta Vicárius, a character in our Solomon Kane game. It's really my first attempt at a "little more than minor, but not quite major" conversion. I swapped out her weapons on both hands and sculpted a shirt for her (she originally had a bare midriff). Lesson learned: rough conversions = rough painting surface. Practice, practice, practice...
  15. Thank you so much for sharing the process for us. As lovely as the photos are, it was an absolute treat to see this in person!
  16. Duliniel

    War Pug 2.0

    Certainly makes me want to stay off of the "naughty" list...
  17. I was thinking the same thing! Gorgeous work as usual, Derek!
  18. She's brilliant! Thanks for sharing with us!
  19. I'm certainly not going to say that you didn't hear what you heard, but I think this has to be some sort of misunderstanding. The official rules state: Initial deadline for entries will be Friday evening at 6 p.m. For any convention attendees who cannot attend until Saturday, some entries may continue to be accepted Saturday morning, but only as space permits. This is to ensure that most of the judging can be done Friday night, leaving plenty of time on Saturday for everyone to view the models and for any additional Saturday entries to be quickly judged, scores totaled, and special award winners chosen. So, it's no big surprise that most of the judging was done Friday night, and All Terrain Monkey has stated that the trophy judges weren't even selected until after all of the entries were received on Saturday. I don't doubt that you heard what you claim to have heard, but it's very possible that whoever (whomever?) it was that you heard was simply spouting off.
  20. I was just about to ask about the Saturday judging, as it was my understanding that everything was judged Friday after the 6:00 deadline and that Saturday "as space allows" entries were judged by a different set of judges. Was a specific deadline ever even announced for Saturday entrants?
  21. Anne, thank you for addressing this point-by-point. Personally, I really, really like the new system. I won two bronze Sophies under the old system. I'm really proud of them, but they were both in the Warlord Large category, which usually only had a dozen or so entries. With the new system, I've won two silvers and a bronze, and the best part is I don't have to wonder how close I was to getting bronze/silver/gold. If the piece is worthy, it takes a medal. I like that. Meg made a really good point about defining "pro-painter". I've sold a few of my minis for some pretty respectable cha-ching, yet I've never won a gold (next year ). As Meg stated, how could Reaper possibly police such a policy?
  22. Absolute agreement! Special thanks to Anne and everyone who helped out for keeping things running so smoothly, and congratulations to all the winners
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