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  1. I'll be there Friday evening and I'll see if I can leave these in a break room. Help yourselves!
  2. Sending you off with positive vibes & many thanks!
  3. Thanks, Laslo! Good to know about how lamps play into this. I took one of Jeremie's classes at ReaperCon last year and he said he doesn't use any additives, just water.
  4. Thank you all for your input! Anne - very interesting re: NOT sealing/MSP's. Since I use about 95% MSP's, this is definitely an option. As for armies that are going to be knocked about, I'm pretty comfortable going with Testors now. Thanks!
  5. What about super-close scrutiny?
  6. I once read in a forum somewhere that Testors Dull Coat yellows over time. Has anyone had any experience with this? Any dull coat suggestions? My Mr. Hobby Topcoat is expensive and becoming increasingly hard to find.
  7. Very excited to have snagged one of these spots with Jennifer!
  8. Having a 7-month-old, I've found myself with a whole bunch of little glass baby food jars. I've found that they're excellent for mixing larger amounts of paint and for storing bits of this and that. If anyone is interested, I can bring some to ReaperCon. I hate to throw them out and it would save me a trip to the recycling center since I'm going to ReaperCon anyway. Should I bring them and just leave them in the break room? Any takers?
  9. Nice! Might have to add this triad to my ever-growing list of things to pick up at ReaperCon...
  10. Oh, wow! I LOVED Runaway Ralph, but hadn't thought about him in years! Thanks for bringing back such a great memory!
  11. Redwall was my first thought, too. I almost can't bear the cuteness!!
  12. I'll be there Friday afternoon at some point. Really sorry I'm missing out on the pancakes
  13. I was actually just taking a second look at that one. I might have to just make it work, which would require filing off her boobage Thanks!
  14. I did look at those and I think I can make Tanwylin work if I can't find something else. I was hoping to find something a little more...innocent looking? Thanks!
  15. Anyone know where I can find a faun or satyr mini that isn't loaded down with armor? I'm willing to do a bit of converting, but the less I have to do, the better.
  16. I'll throw in my request for a sneak peek, too, and add a "pretty, pretty please".
  17. I was sitting here this morning looking at (what I hope will be) my entry, with only the base coat on her top half. Got some work to do...
  18. Since my conversions were minor, I went ahead and soaked yesterday (not overnight). Everything came out intact. Thanks for the input!
  19. Thanks! I'll go ahead and give it a try. It's only a few weapons swaps, so it won't be too traumatic if I have to re-green stuff.
  20. I'm fairly new to conversions and I'm pretty pleased with one I just did...until I started painting it. I usually soak my not-so-great paint jobs in Simple Green to remove the paint, but I didn't know if it would effect the Green Stuff I used to do the conversion. I know someone out there knows the answer. Please help!
  21. Can we expect the rules & categories to be the same as last year's?
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