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  1. well sincerely i don´t got anybody else to start the game but in the near future i got a fwe friends to give it a try.... Greetings SilverDrake
  2. OK I've got an email I'll get everything on the list above with a good discount, until end June. So Here it goes: another wargame in my collection^^ so Thank you all again, and i'm sure there will be alot more questions, when i got my stuff and started playing ;)
  3. Ah yes it is ;) and it's also in my to buy list :) But still thanks, for confirming this choice :) So just send an email to mu LGS, and now i'll wait for a response ^^ i'll keep you informed ;) Thanks to all of you SilverDrake
  4. Which would be? (didn't found anything like it in the online store)
  5. Yeah, but in the starterbox i get 2 out of the 3 army's i want ;) So i'll just wait 'till the elves are out (until then i've got enough to do ) and i think 3 factions will be enough ^^ And i just don't like mummy's ^^ surely there would nbe a point in waiting but, as i said i'll save money this way, and im sure getting a vaiety to show other people, and before anything else i need people who are willinly to play the Game with me ^^ but still suggestions are welcome, ther will be at least 3 weeks untill i'll order anything ^^ Regards SilverDrake
  6. If you don't have the Ivy Crown Archers, you don't really need Sir Conlan right now. If you do want to get a unit of cavalry for your Crusaders, Sir Danel (leader), with 2-3 Heavy Cavalry minis, and either Lady Devona or Isarah would be a good choice. For the Necropolis, the Bone Horror or the Grave Horror are impressively big monster solos. If your local store has all of these and you don't get a discount for making a big purchase, you still might want to go with the bare minimum (deluxe set and 2 faction books) to help guide the rest of your purchases. A lot of recommendations will come down to individual styles of play (one of the fun things about Warlord). Ron PS: A cavalry unit for Necropolis would be Sir Gadrun leading 2-4 Deathriders. The cool Thing is i'll get a descent discount (at least 10%) :) but for show purposes (remember i'll have to get myself opponents out of the club there no one (ok i didn't found anyone in northern germany) is playing warlords. So I think it would be best for the beginning to have cavalry, archers and normal troops as well as magic/relgion in the armys. I'll go look around the shop and make a new to buy list :) for the moment thank you for your efford ;) Edit:/ I've got a to buy list: 14185 : Bone Horror 14213 : Lady Devona 14231 : Heavy Cavalry 14226 : Sir Danel 14134 : Ivy Crown Archers (3) 14208 : Garr, War Dog 14114 : Templar Ironspines 14101 : Skeletal Archers (4) 14148 : Railor 14037 : Sir Conlan, Lightbringer 25005 : Faction Book: Crusaders 25003 : Faction Book: Necropolis 16510 : Deluxe Army Box, Warlord Starter Set I think it's pritty finally :) Im also happy with it i've got Archers, charakters, a big monster and cavalry, concluding i've got the whole spectre of the game, and Because i need to draw other palyers it 'll be good (at least i think ^^) Still i'm open for tips and suggestions ;)
  7. Well you're probably right, but in the other Tabletops is play i did also start with all the rules (ok except Whfb) and i think it's better and im also planning to buy the faction books right away, and reaper is not easy to get in germany, so i thought better order everything at the beginning to avoid problems, or getting the thing dropping in other months ;) So if you could build me a little cavalry unit (3-4) models would be totally cool) I'd be more tha happy ;), also i'd like a counterpart (no cavalry) for necropolis to it if there is any i mean ^^.
  8. 16510 : Deluxe Army Box, Warlord Starter Set 25003 : Faction Book: Necropolis 25005 : Faction Book: Crusaders 14037 : Sir Conlan, Lightbringer 14148 : Railor 14101 : Skeletal Archers (4) 14114 : Templar Ironspines 14208 : Garr, War Dog The Thing about cavalry is i'd like to have some, because of luring other players from the beginning in to play the game with me ^^ and getting them started too, and I think it would be an advantage, so i'd like to have some tips vor a cavalry unit of crusaders, and perhaps something else for necropolis, because there i only like one cavarly modell ;), perhaps something that looks impressing and would also be a good backup for necropolis, well at least acceptable ^^ So the list now would be a good choice for the beginning, and playable too? thanks again ;)
  9. Some room is there in my budget so i'm really thankfull for your suggestions :) The statcards come with the miniatures? or are they in the Armybook(s)/Rulebook? Another question: I love cavalry, would it make sense to buy some in the beginning and if yes which one would make sense? And i've noticed some really good modells of dogs for the crusaders, can i use them or are they complete useless (in the beginning and later)? Enough questions for the moment ^^ I'll come back and ask more :) regards SilverDrake Edit:/ just been araound the store and chose the things you two suggestet and some there i just like the look :P So you can give me some suggestions but, atm i'm planning to buy the following list (and in autumn perhaps as a 3rd faction elves): 16510 : Deluxe Army Box, Warlord Starter Set 25003 : Faction Book: Necropolis 25005 : Faction Book: Crusaders 14037 : Sir Conlan, Lightbringer 14148 : Railor 14101 : Skeletal Archers (4) 14114 : Templar Ironspines 14208 : Garr, War Dog 14231 : Heavy Cavalry 14213 : Lady Devona 14186 : Lord Vandrian, Mtd 14090 : Wraith Harvesters (3) 14134 : Ivy Crown Archers (3) total:$ 210.75 or here in germany with the aother reaper prizes here compared about 150 euro Please note, i want to play with both factions (and build even different armys out of them) but also have the possibility to get other people into it either the game and the looks so i'd like to get a feedback under this view on it ;) ps the warbeast may be good but i personally don't like the look so i chose ironspines :)
  10. Ok thank you also for welcoming me ;) And of couse for your information. so at the moment i'm planning to buy this: the deluxe starter set and the two armybooks for crusaders and necropolis, I gave a thought to buying the two deluxe armysets, but since atm there is none with elves in it and since i've got enough colors I think it will be the best option to start for me: I've got two forces the basic rules, and the army spceific rules for both my forces. So i can give demos right from the start with all the correct rules, i can see (and show others) the deepness of the system with specific rules, and I can decide how i'll build my armys in the end. Also i decided, that i'll apply to the black lightning program, directly after i've go to know the rules, that will hopefully be in early august or late july. So thank you all again you've really been a great help, and also encouraged me a lot ^^, so if anyone of you ever visits germany (the Spiel06 in october is really great and i'm going there every year) give me sign and we can surely arrange a game or two :) Still i'll probably use this thread again ;) Greetings SilverDrake
  11. Ah cool thats not to far away from bremen ^^ (about 3 hours with train and 2 hours with car) :) @ Qwiksilver thanks a lot that does help allthough i'm happy with my vallejo colors ;) (and i have enough of them for a year in advance (well most of them ^^ after painting 5000pts 40k Tau some of them are reduced a lot ^^) But with the starterdeals you've got a point, i lso checked out Black lightnig, and also thanks, i'll probably try to join allthoug i need to find one or more stores who are willing to have such an event and got reaper in their store ^^ in germany we are just starting with confrontation and hordes/warmachine, allmost everyone is playing GW (it's fun but i like it if the game is balanced if you know what i mean ;) ) So in conclusion i've allready got a few other interested people in my local wargaming club, and i am organising our tournaments and a lot more so i'll just start to learn Warlords and just organize a few events (if i got power i'll use ist ;)) And i'm really planning to join black lightning but first i'll need to get the miniatures, hopefully during the next 5 weeks (hah i need money ^^) so i can learn the rules a little ^^ And the other good thing on the starterbox is i really like crusaders, necropolis and Elves from the design so at least i get 2 out of 3 ^^ Ok so thanks again and I'll just use this thread for anyother question that might come up ^^ regards SilverDrake edit/: btw i updated my personal infos, and a thank you for the warm welcome :)
  12. Ah cool thanks a lot, This answers allmost all of my questions :) It does sound interesting, and i'm planning totally to try it out. And in the future i'll use the searchfunction, but i thought i'll just put all of my questions into one Thread ^^ And i've got another one, I've been looking around and found some deluxe startersets for the factions which include Armybooks, now my question is, if it would be better to get the army books from the start on? (they seem to be priced nicely (unlike GW)) So thanks a lot, I'll probably ask a lot more during the next few months :) @ urion if you get near the north of germany give me a pm and we'll find some tabletop to play ;) probably Warlord too, allthough i first need to get my hands on it ^^. well enough set for this time, thanks again, and kind regards SilverDrake
  13. Hi there, I'm just planning to get started with warlords, due to my location (germany), I won't have anyone who can tell me how ists done, so i'll need the rules and probably two army's ^^ I've got quit some wargaming epertise due to many years of Gamesworksshop games playing and a few games, Hordes and Flames of War, Also a lot of Confrontation. Mainly I'm searching for an alternative for Warhammer Fantasy, so I'm looking for a larger scaled fantasy game, (rank and file is not neccessary, but it would be nice), So i'm planning to buy the big starterpack with Cursader and necropolis and i think the rulebook inside. So my main questions are: 1.) How is Warlords played? 2.) Is it confrontation, Hordes or Warhammerlike? (I'm asking this because I read something about statcards) 3.) How many Minitatures are there in the common Game? would something else be better to buy (e.g. two army sets and the rulebook)? 4.) Is it a rank and file based system, or more like Flames of War, or Hordes, or Confrontation? 5.) What amount of money should i calculate for one army? 6.) Is the deluxe startersset the right choice for me? (I've got a wargaming club and i'm planning to get some other people interested, if i'm going to start with Warlords). 7.) If I read it correctly ina naother thread there are no Fansites at this time, in english or german? So I'm sorry if some of the questions seem to be obvious, but I've got no opprtunity to ask anyone here, or playtest the game, so i hope i get some answers here ;) Kind regards SilverDrake
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