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  1. possibly, but not as much as the baby corn what reaper paint do you use most often?
  2. the original night of the living dead (if that counts) reaper paints or citadel paints?
  3. Chocolate covered pickles the crow or the crow:city of angels?
  4. I was reading dragon magazine the other day and saw something about show on the internet called "dungeon majesty". I decided to check it out and it was awesome. It's extremely cheesy graphics add to how great it is. I really can't explain it but i think it was pretty cool. the following link will send you to the Dungeon Majesty home page http://dungeonmajesty.com/home.html I also found a website that had an animated video about d and d that was amazingly funny (atleast thats what i thought. the link is shown below http://www.cybermoonstudios.com/8bitDandD.html
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