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  1. A 16 DV ~ there are only 3 models with a DV that good, and only the Guardian Angel compares with the 19 DV against Ranged Attacks. The MAV 8 with 5 attacks. For fun with the noodles, let's add First Strike, Frenzy and Warmaster. Outrider ~ just for those 1000pt games when you really want to be a peeler. Hmmm, a Flying Mage with the Ranger Special Ability ~ how fun is that? But wait there's more! A Flying Mage with the Ranger Special Ability AND access to Elf Only Spells. So, for 294 + Spells, I know it buys a good dose of temporary invincible. Dragon went down fast in the game I was playing (I was playing Nefsokar)... Game lasted 4 turns. Dragon needs Blow thru in the worst way You just proved my point. Do I think dragons are cool! Heck yeah! Would I like them in Warlord. Shoot yes! My problem with them is their current stats. The way they are, they're not nearly strong enough and not nearly enough points. Dragons should be their own army, able to be allied with a faction where they're wanted, not part of any particular faction. And as far as points go, one dragon should be an entire 1500 point army by itself!
  2. A good part of my problem with the whole thing is that IMO little to no thought was put into it. A dragon with only 6 tracks, come on! A dragon compared to the normal models would have at a minimum twice that many tracks. Dragons are just nigh invincible, its just not realistic. Sorry, but to me that's just stupid. Yes, elves are supposed to be fairly strong mages, but come on, we're talking about an undead liche warlord here that should be stronger than any but the strongest elf mages. No way an elf captain mage should have that great of a CP. Not only that, they get the best spells too. It seems like the elves excel at pretty much everything, as well as most of the other factions now being completed whereas factions like the Necros and Crusaders are being left in the dust. What bugs me most is with all these new cards, there's no way they've tested all the changes thoroughly. Wait until you get some min/max masters out there who've seen all the new stuff and can work with it some and I guarantee there will be some gaping holes with uber munchie armies created.
  3. Ok, what I want to know is who at Reaper that's designing this thing is playing/likes the elves so much? They have some of the best spells of anyone with the arcane stuff that can be used defensively??? Now, they get a SILVER DRAGON as a warlord??? That's a huge chump move, but the one that really puts it over the top is creating Larnach, Grey Elf Arch Mage. Yes, he has fewer tracks, but he's a match for the Warlord liche Moandain in CP??? Someone is making demi-gods of the elves and I for one don't like/appreciate it at all and it needs to stop! I fully expect Moandain to go up to a CP of 11 if you're going to give this elven captain of all things a CP of 9! I'm sorry, but this is just about that last straw that finishes ticking me off and pushes me into selling out of Warlord.
  4. Yeah, that's what I figured, but wanted to be sure just on the off chance... The Necromancer ability can always be updated... ;-)
  5. The Chilling Aura upgrade says that it applies to Leaders or Elites with Undead SA. The Necromancer SA says that a Model with this SA may purchase spells that require the caster to have the Undead SA, as long as the Model fulfills all other requirements. What I'm wondering is if the Chilling Aura can also be purchased for Necromancers?
  6. The rules for this spell are as follows: If successfully cast the target Model loses both Actions on its next Activation. Until the end of its next Activation the affected Model will not be able to participate in combat, or provide any type of Support Bonus. Melee Attacks against the affected Model gain a +1 bonus to their MAV. My question is about casting it on flyers. It doesn't say anything about whether they remain airbourne, but the name of the spell implies to me that the reason they can't participate in combat, etc. is that they are held stiff by the spell. If that is the case, flying models would fall to ground level since they could no longer fly. Is that right or is there some wierd fluff reasoning and rule for them staying aloft?
  7. What would be nice is to have something like the DHL giant skeletal warrior as a match for the Reven Hill Giants in the Necropolis Crypt Legion. It would also be nice to see a Necropolis ghost Warlord, another ghost captain and sergeant and some ghost adepts and grunts in their own subfaction with its own special abilities so you can field an entire ghost army.
  8. Bindsouls weren't a faction ABILITY, they were a faction specific EQUIPMENT. therefore, they are no longer tournament legal. That really stinks, its still faction specific, which had at one time been said the faction books were being left alone for now. That was a good benefit that really needs to be added back.
  9. As far as I know, the Bindsouls are a Necropolis specific faction ability from the faction book and are still in effect since they said they weren't changing faction abilities right now. Until I see an official response stating otherwise, I'm going to use them as stated per faction abilities. If they weren't still in effect, it would also negate the faction ability for being able to break them as well for a +1 to the next undying host spell.
  10. I like that idea, but would suggest a minor change just for ease of play. Since all mages have relatively low DVs anyway, give the GF the exact same stats as the mage using it. Other than that, make it work just like you said with the GF taking damage and potentially being destroyed instead of the mage losing spells. Or if you want to add an element of danger to it, when the GF is killed, the mage loses his/her highest point spell remaining? or loses a turn due to psychic feedback? or whatever?
  11. Someone else who plays the Necropolis may have already asked or mentioned this and if so, I apologize in advance. Are there any plans to change the Gruesome Familiar to make it better? I'll grant you that in the old rules it was extremely munchie and needed to be changed. However, the change that was made has pretty much made it useless since a lot of the mages already have the fearsome ability. Now, instead of it being super munchie, its mostly useless.
  12. Its been a while since the Warcards had been changed to an HTML format and I thought you all were working on getting the pictures back with them. However, that's been quite a few months ago and still no pics to go with the Warcard stats. Just wondered on the status of that project. I like having the pics with the cards, to me it makes it much much easier to find what I'm looking for. Thanks.
  13. Exactly! the GF needs something to address this inconsistancy with innate spells and being indistructable. I'd be happy with either one myself, but lets see something . I don't see the difference between an innate spell and one that's not. If you can cast one thru a GF, you should be able to cast the other. That being said however, I'll have to look again, but if I remember the necropolis rules for GF correctly, the GF is already defined to have the same stats as the caster and takes damage the same as the caster does. I know I remember reading something where both caster and familiar only take damage from a spell if both are in the spell's area of effect. Otherwise, its only one or the other. From previous discussion, it may not have the caster's damage tracks, only movement, etc. If this is the case, to fix the issue, I would give the GF all of the caster's stats and let it take damage the same as the caster.
  14. Awesome! I'm in, can't wait. Terrain boards are looking good.
  15. To me, that would be awesome. Especially if you did something like someone (I think Qwik) suggested and changed the card's outline color to be unique per rank. i.e. Purple for Warlords, Red for Captains, etc.
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