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  1. I don't mind proxies (to an extent), but I do not have any CAV or BTech minis. I used to play Btech when it first hit the marketplace and at that point it only used cardboard standees. At one point I started to show interest in Btech, but at that time they had just introduced all the Clan stuff and the gamer group that played was really into the game lore and books. Needless to say I did not understand a lot of what they were talking about. Fast foward to today, the need for giant robot battles has bitten me again. I was never overly fond of the Btech minis though. I always found that they really seemed to vary in scale and quality. CAV on the other hand has consistently cool miniatures. I am really fond of the overall aesthetic, and not just the CAVs, but the vehicles, aircraft and infantry as well. Which brings me to my choices of additions to my starter Terran and Rach forces. I will most likely pick up a few more for each force to allow me to make proper Attack, Fire Support and Recon units and since I have nothing currently, it's all good! This will also allow me some more faction variety when my CAV II stuff arrives. I know I could just make a mercenary company and mix and match, but it's fun building faction forces as well. For my Terran forces I will be adding two Nightshades and Falcons and possibly another Raptor, along with some Dingos, Tsukais and Tsuisekis. For my Rach forces I will be adding two Voodoos and Imperators, possibly a second Khan and possibly a Gnomic, along with some Depots and Krakens. I'll probably figure out the values on paper as to what units I can form with them and the overall TV. It would be nice to keep them reasonably even... I figure if I place an order soon, I can have them in hand and start painting them while I await the arrival of my Basic Training kit in November (or December? Kickstarters always seem to run into delays).
  2. So I pledged the CAV:SO Kickstarter which means this fall I will be receiving my Basic Training set which has four CAVs for Terra and four for Rach. In the meantime, I was considering ordering a few more minis for those two factions (probably some tanks and another CAV or two). Since I do not yet have a copy of the rulebook, I was hoping for some advice from the Vets. Namely I am looking for info on building units. From what I have read so far, you can have up to six models in a group and you must have at least 75% of the models of one type (ie. attack, fire support, etc.). Also that SA:Bulky units count as two when building your force. The four CAVs that come with the Basic Training set do not conform to this unit model so I am guessing they either fit into a different unit role or are just for learning purposes? The reason I ask is that if I place an order I would like to make sure I can build a "legal" force out of the models. Can you mix tanks and CAVs in the same unit? How about aircraft? Considering that my Basic Training force will consist of: Terran: Thunderbird, Starhawk VI, Talon and Raptor Rach: Emperor, Dictator B, Conqueror, Khan What additional CAVs would you recommend? I really like the look of the Voodoo, Falcon and Nightshade, but perhaps some Terran and Rach players could chime in with some advice on which CAVs you cannot live without?
  3. I like your paint jobs! Plus the work on the bases looks really good! Just out of curiosity, what is the terrain you are using? You have some neat urban roads and cardstock buildings as the backdrop. Thanks Salem, they were fun to paint. The bases are cork and sand to look like rubble. The terrain is the Dropzone Commander Ruinscape terrain set. The roads are 1 foot square panels, double sided with a variety of configurations (24 total to make a 4' x 6' table), and it comes with 20 buildings I think. I got it from Miniature Market but a lot of online stores carry it. There is a also a set called Cityscape, the roads and buildings are more pristine where Ruinscape things show a lot of wear and tear. https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/22568589680/in/album-72157660788240801/ I have been eyeballing that exact terrain set! What do you think of it? Do the tiles remain stable on your game table or do you have to secure them somehow?
  4. I like your paint jobs! Plus the work on the bases looks really good! Just out of curiosity, what is the terrain you are using? You have some neat urban roads and cardstock buildings as the backdrop.
  5. You can check this out in Show Off: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/49162-cav-non-commission-job/page-7 Wow! That is a lot of CAV figures!
  6. Yep, I had seen that series of photos. Too bad it doesn't show several CAVs together for scale... They always show a single CAV (the Tiamat and then the Dictator). What I was hoping to see was a comparison of the size of some different CAVs together. I'm curious to see what sort of size variance there is between them.
  7. So while I await the arrival of my CAV II pledge, I would love to see some examples of the physical size of some of the existing CAVs. I have seen some photos of different games in progress, but it is always difficult to tell from those shots how large or small some of the models are when standing next to each other. It would be really cool to see a comparison shot that shows a squad of infantry, a tank, an aircraft, a small size CAV (like the Razor or Khan) and a large size CAV (like the Thunderbird, Emperor or Silverback?).
  8. I'm sort of leaning towards the Worldworks scenery. I can download a few pdfs for $15-25 and then print what I need. They have a couple of sets of urban buildings that are quick to assemble and will actually fold flat for storage (which is an added space bonus for me). They also have a roads set that you can print in sections and has a clean/dirty/destroyed set as well.
  9. Very cool terrain! The set that I saw was this one (link below). My FLGS has it for about $60 (Canadian). The buildings come flat and you just have to unfold them and glue the roof on. Certainly not as nice as your terrain but quick and easy to get going. From the looks of it, this cardstock urban area is not quite as dense. The set shown is supposed to be able to cover a 6x4' table. http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0159/4298/products/Buildings_website2_7c1b6206-da33-462c-b5bd-dc2580fccb20_1024x1024.jpg?v=1417424639
  10. Hi All, I just pledged the CAV:SO kickstarter and am really looking forward to getting into this game. I am curious what everyone typically uses for terrain. I have seen photos of the game in action and it is typically a wilderness type region. Does anyone play in an urban environment? I have seen a really nice cardstock terrain set from Hawk Wargames for thier 10mm Dropzone Commander which looks like it could make for a really cool urban warzone in CAV. Any thoughts or suggestions? While I am eagerly awaiting my pledge (I will be getting the Basic Training set as well), I thought I would begin looking at ideas for terrain, specifically objective buildings like hangers, airstrips, factories and power stations, etc. I have also been looking at a cardstock terrain set from worldworks games. They have some urban sets that are pdf, print and assemble yourself that are for 25-38mm figures, but since you print them yourself, you could easily print them at a reduced size to scale them for 10mm....
  11. Hi All, I've just finished reading through the Beta Rules and I'm contemplating my first purchases of CAV figures. I'm going to build two different forces to use so that I can introduce the game to some players in my area. I'm building an Adon force (since the Mantis CAV is what initially grabbed my attention), and a Terran force. Here are my ideas for starting 2000 pt forces. Any comments are welcome. Adon: Armour Platoon: 2 Mantis and 2 Sultans (1292 points) Mechanized Infantry Platoon: 4 Assault Teams and 2 Barons (682 points) Total: 1974 (leaving 26 points remaining for an upgrade to one of the CAVs) Terran: Armour Platoon: 2 Starhawk VI's and 2 Falcons (1314 points) Flight Platoon: 2 Tsuiseki (660 points) Total: 1974 (leaving 26 points remaining) I figured these would be good starting forces, allowing my to explore CAV's, Infantry and Gunships and would be reasonable matchups against each other.
  12. Thanks for the help. My current miniatures games consist of Confrontation and Starship Troopers. CAV will be my next investment. I used to play Dirtside II which is a good ruleset for this scale, but I must admit that I like what I am seeing in the CAV rules. Some more questions. If I create a unit that consists of 4 Assault Teams and 2 Gunship Transports, does it classify as a Mechanized Infantry platoon or a Flight platoon... or can I choose? According to the Beta Rules, a typical battle is 2000 pts... is this what most of you play? It seems that you could easially increase to 4000+ points and not slow the game down too much... Is 2000 pts a good starting point to learn the game, or should I drop down to 1000-1500?
  13. Hi All, I have recently taken an interest in CAV. I used to play Battletech (before the Clan stuff), and gave up on it long ago. CAV grabbed my interest initially due to the incredible models, and now after giving the Beta Test rules a quick read, I think I'm going to jump in. A few questions. 1. What is the arc of fire of the models? Perhaps I overlooked it in the rules, but I don't remember seeing anything stating that there was a restricted fire arc for certain models. I'm guessing there must be one... seeing as if you take a Launch Missles action and then a Direct Fire action, there is no movement involved in that... suggesting that you must have a target without moving.... 2. When a model is given the Run and Gun action, is this a full move? Basically a CAV could take a non-combat action such as Launch Missles, and then perform a Run and Gun action? 3. I've noticed on the stat cards that some of the model reference numbers don't actually exist on the webstore. I'm guessing that these are soon to be released? ( I ask because I am interested in the Adon models, and one of their gunship models has a number, but no listing on the webstore yet (Baron #7100)).
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