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  1. Originally from the Chicago area, came to the big apple on my way home for leave. I guess I won't make it, huh?
  2. I'm here. Been working gonzo hours lately
  3. In case you are wondering all your answers can be found at [email protected]
  4. Star Wars There is no escape!! I only hope that it's better than the movies
  5. yeah, there are German experts on exploding toads?
  6. All the players in my area are gone. all I get is a mysql error
  7. I felt the same way today, but , fortunately the company bought me a supersweet laptop for working from home. So I told my boss at 2:00 that I'll finish up my designs from home and I'll see him on monday. I'm now wokring at home with a beer in my hand and a movie on the tv
  8. I did notice he is no longer godlike but is now a Froggy Overlord. Conga Rats Frosch!!
  9. That's what we tried telling him at the con while he was painting her. More highlights in the hair!! See Dracos? I told you so.
  10. US Cavalry This is a pretty good source. I've been to the store once and it was fun. The catalog is pretty thorough and I've never had any problems with any orders
  11. I know it's been posted here before. there was a guy who built a Battlemech in his backyard as a tree fort for his kids
  12. Is that the paper model? or is it a plastic/resin kit?
  13. If you never want to remove it I would recommend using JB Weld. You can get it at any auto parts stores and well, Ive used it to even make machine parts
  14. They put their real name on the letter that they included, But I'd rather post the board name, maybe [email protected] can help out here.
  15. Here is my mini I recieved in the mini exchange. I don't know the board name for the person who painted it, so please whoever you are please add you name to this post. I have to say WOW!! this mini is amazing. The person included a note with everything they did to it and I have to say I'm really impressed. Without further ado-
  16. Thanx for sharing DS. I really miss my .45 I had a Colt M1911 Combat Elite in two tone. brushed reciever and blued slide. It was a nice gun except the gunsmith I bought it from screwed up the feed ramp. I ended up trading it for a motorcycle. I will get another one someday.
  17. The Art of War - Sun Tzu The Book of Five Rings - Miyamoto Musashi The Raft (short story) - Stephen King
  18. Congrats!! and good luck! You thought working from home was tough before, just wait. Like everyone else has said, post pics.
  19. Those are the masters right off of the 3d printer. It looks like a is a FDM or SLA process. Thanx for the New CAV's !!!!! Keep them coming!
  20. Alright, who left the door open? sheesh you'd think we'd let just any body in around here! Welcome Back, Spartan
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