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  1. that's because you looked like you had your nose superglued to the table
  2. Really nice. I do have to say it looks even better in person!!
  3. gmail is a web based email (like hotmail or yahoo mail) but it allows you up to 1gig of storage space. totally free, kinda neat, search functions just like google does.
  4. I seem to have over 150 invites to gmail and everyone I ask doesn't want one. Does anyone here want one? I'm not selling them or anything, just trying to give the $#@%(%[email protected] things away. If you want one email me at ksouth @ gmail . com (remove the empty spaces for proper email)
  5. for some reason I read that as porches and titchforks
  6. Try here. If you have any questions about their products Carol (or anyone) in Customer Service is very helpful. Alumilite For just starting out I would suggest the mini superkit. It contains everything you need to start casting small items/parts. the small kit contains enough silicone to make molds of a couple of minis.
  7. My Job. in 1987 I was working as a modelmaker for a small job-shop and someone wanted a battle-tech diorama built for display. I started working on the project and fell in love with Btech and been into minis ever since.
  8. Ghost Rider


    a Tsuiseki with racing stripes!!!
  9. "Whoa, dude, I'm a good guy." Jake says as he starts brushing himself off "Did you know that it's not a good idea to shoot thhe driver of the moving truck that you're in?" "You guys showed up just in time, they were about to place us in front of a firing squad." "Who's in charge here?"
  10. Sure just go to the boneyard in the reaper store. Reaper's Boneyard They have most of everything in there.
  11. Joe, you're going to be at gameday this weekend, right? I'll bring some stuff for you. you can find me at the mini painting slots all day (I'm finally going to get caught up, somewhat)
  12. Just wait until you have kids!! My (then) 2 yo decided to help me paint Duke Gerard. I was almost done, he had real nice black lacquer armour and she decided the whole thing needed a heavy coat of neon lime green. I never did punish her, but , I did give her her own set of paints,minis, and brushes
  13. Shaking his head to clear it, Jake lifts up the foot locker containing our gear and chucks it thru the side of the tarp. He will make a dive out the hole the locker has made and tumble hopefully before his world goes BOOM!!
  14. I tried to register but tthe confirmation link led me to a 404 page not found
  15. Jake will shoot the person trying to start the truck
  16. Mine actually has nothing to do with the comic book, in fact I didn't even know about the comic till much later. Mine came from my early battletech days, It was the name of one of my pilots that would never die. everybody assumed he was a ghost because he kept surviving the unsurvivable.
  17. How about we all check in with our character names? I can't remember everyone elses either Kris(Me) - Jake Mitchell
  18. Jake will make a grab for the pistol and take a snapshot at the Comissar. Yelling to the rest of the guys in the truck "Jump the guards!!!"
  19. Hey Matt, I'll do mine at the Enworld Chicago Gameday in one of the painting slots. I'll even buy the mini that morning! In other words I'm in.
  20. Anyone want to play CAV with these? I think we could have plenty of fun with that. We would probably want to view it from a safe distance though.
  21. In case your coffee maker dies or you need a little extra jolt of caffeine for those mini painting marathon sessions. Espresso Machine hmmmm, most of the parts are already here at work...
  22. "Hey kid, this "court" that we are heading to could be more accurately described as a firing squad, we've already been found guilty and they going to "try" us and then carry out the sentence." The voice came from the person sitting next to the former cop. dressed in fatigues and looking like he was dragged by the truck instead of riding in it, Jake Mitchell continues to say in a low voice " The only way for us to survive is to try and to escape from these bastards, anybody got any ideas?"
  23. go to Home depot (or local equiv.) and get some latex house paint. there is usually two or three cans of a grey in the "orphan" section. paint that no-one wants because its not the right shade or whatever. usually it's cheap $2-$3 gallon.
  24. uh, huh sure you do. You can't quit cold turkey We won't let you
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