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  1. I soooooo want one of these. Do you think the neighbors would complain? Toy tank
  2. I'm in and willing to ship overseas if needed Matt, if you need help don't hesitate to call on me.
  3. Mechwarrior series, Mech assault, and esp. Steel Battalion. I have Mechcommander but have yet to play it. Anything with mecha in it and I'm pretty much game.
  4. IIRC Spartan is around that area, give him a holler and see what happens He's played a game or two of CAV
  5. I would be very interested in playing. doesn't matter if military/not military etc...
  6. Sure, Blame me! They do look great, especially during the Warlord Demos Where'e the pink and flowery Rhino?
  7. contact me offlist and I'll see if I can dig up plans for you
  8. Yes I do. Spin, gravity, and pressure casting you?
  9. I get HSII in Five gallon buckets. I also use Dow "S" with great results. HSII will work nicely for spincasting pewter I tend to stay away from the "quick cure" stuff. In my experiences I found it to shorten mold life.
  10. I currently use DOW RTV myself, but I have been known to try others
  11. They do tear and they are a real PITA to repair. sometimes they can be repaired but usually it's better just to make a new mold
  12. I would be all up for a friday or saturday evening paint sessions at Games Plus. People are also welcome to come to my house too.
  13. IMMPS meets every Friday. Some of the members that frequent this board are Eastman,Skya, Paintminion, Ghost Rider (me) and other that I can't remember their board names. Send a message to Paintminion for more details
  14. Sweet paint job. Very nice and clean.
  15. Any and all of the above are good suggestions. I wouold like to add Gunsmith Cats Noir Initial D None of these have Mecha in them but they are IMO very good anime. I picked up a movie I thought was anime but really was Live action. G-Saviour - It's a Live action Gundam movie that IMO was very well done. I highly recommend it to any "mech-heads"
  16. I don't even know why they sell clothes for Barbie. I have two little girls and the first thing they do is take the clothes off of them. There is not one barbie doll in our house that currently has any clothes on, except the 3ft tall barbie that my older daughter has. Is there an explanation for this? or is it a phenomenon that occurs in just my house? I don't know, there are 4 people in my house and I'm the only male. To quote a favorite comedian, "I live in the estrogen ocean". I'm outa my league here.
  17. same here, those are still my favorites!!! those and frozen charleston chews
  18. yup, it's a variant of newbie
  19. hmmmm, maybe this is a good thing But then again,
  20. Thank you. Happy Birthday Platemailchic
  21. Man, some people have all the luck! I wish that we could have a white xmas here. it's been sooooo long since we've had one I can't remember I want to build snowforts and have snowball fights with my kids.
  22. I know you aren't starting this one yet but count me in.
  23. if you are only going to cast a couple of pieces you can use a silicone rtv mold material. I would recommend not using latex (itt tends to melt). If you are going to be make a lot of copies I would suggest using a rubber that you would need to vulcanize. Above all remember molten metal is very hot, be very careful.
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