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  1. Polo, That was awesom. I laughed so loud that I got in trouble at work. Oh and what's good for getting Snapple off the computer screen? This thread should have a DO NOT BE DRINKING warning atattched
  2. yes, they are great people. I have a bunch of their shirts and a custom airbrushed one from them too. They do our convention shirts every year, Duckon. IMNSHO THEY ROCK!!!
  3. ok, what can you do to mine? I dare you besides, work is for people who don't have lives
  4. Matt, Glad to hear you are still employed and the little one and the wife are doing well. Have a happy holidaze!!
  5. It works by chilling the air above it to dew point and creating a fog that it project the images onto, I think the lasers are to measure any movement within the picture for the "touch" screen effect
  6. I'm playtesting it with brand new players (never heard of CAV), so we are really combing thruogh the rules and trying to pick everything apart from a newbies angle, and besides some of the stuff that has come up has already been posted and we didn't want to be redundant.
  7. My wife had hers removed jus tbefore it burst. She said the surgery was no big deal and was out of the hospital and back to work in like 3-4 days I hope all goes well for you and you have a speedy and pain-free recovery
  8. For you Roman fans out there check out this site Legio XX It's pretty decent, The patterns are easy to follow ( I just made a suit of Segmentata during the week)
  9. Ouch! that's gotta suck. You might want to purchase some simple green. It'll be cheaper and a LOT safer on the minis.
  10. There is no I in team, but there is a me! to use a line I used on my supervisor the other day when he actually said "There is no I in team" I responded that there is no "We" either needless to say that didn't go over too well.
  11. 2 of 3 male elf rogue last one - Dal'Arasi (Black Leopard Caste) male ranger
  12. Ghost Rider

    CAV 2 Beta

    The problem with Number 2 is: what if you start behind terrain or a building and come out behind an opponents CAV? It would rule out the possibility of ambushes. I haven't been ignoring posting my comments for CAV2.0, we are just going over the rules and stuff and will be playing soon, besides, some of the stuff I'd post would be redundant until we can come up with what we think would be a good idea to help it out
  13. Actually I do thin my paints down, I think my problem is that I didn't put enough layers on and you can see thru to the basecoat. I always thinking I'm putting enough on, but I guess I'm not.
  14. I know exactly what you mean. I'll have to get a bunch of minis ready befoore I break out the airbrush
  15. The last one from my painting weekend.
  16. Another one I did last weekend. Again my skills with the camera are lacking. Please by all means let me know what you think
  17. It usually takes me about 15-20 minutes. I airbrush them using Vallejo Model Air colors. hit the cockpits and gunbarrels with a paintbrush, seal and that's it. I'll post a pic when I get home from work.
  18. Tennis balls and paint roller covers. sounds crazy, but you use them to massage her lower back. every time I did that for me wife she got so relaxed
  19. This was my first attempt at going for the sheer look on the clothing. It looks a LOT better in person, my photo skills are the worst right now
  20. you want a gmail account? there spam filters have been spot on so far. no false positives for me if anyone is interested I have about a dozen invites, just drop me a line and I'll send you one
  21. I would highly recommend reading everything you can find on herbs and herbalism. Read the books with the good reviews and the ones with the bad reviews. that way you have the ability to make your own educated desicions. when i get home from work I'll post a few links to some herbal sites that I've found useful
  22. I now need to floss my brain. Thanx for the image [email protected], I will never look at a BLT the same way again
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