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  1. Thanks for your response Tim. You've probably noticed by now that I've also signed up your forums under the name "Jonny Tenebrous". For anybody in the UK (or EU) who is interested in Warlord, Tim has started a thread at the Miniature Heroes.co.uk Forum dedicated to Warlord right HERE. I've weighed in already with my (very positive) thoughts on the matter, but am keen to share my experience and discuss it further with anybody who is interested. Now, if only Reaper needed a Rep / BL in the UK...
  2. (z)OMGOMGOMG!!! Thank you for the Miniature-Heroes.co.uk link! I can't believe somebody in the UK is finally gearing up to sell Reaper products! Ok, they appear to have almost no stock at the moment , but hopefully that will change. This is beyond exciting to me because I have really missed playing Warlord and - especially - painting with Master Series Paints since moving to the UK from the US 2 years ago. I actually just (randomly?) stopped by the Reaper forums to see if Warlord was still alive and kicking - and am very pleased to see that it's still going. Nobody that I've met in wargaming clubs in the UK has ever heard of it, so I've left literally hundreds of my Reaper minis sitting in a box back in the States in case there should ever be a reason to ship it over. Once Miniature-Heroes.co.uk gets some stock, I fully intend to ship over my Overlord, Elven, and Dwarven armies to begin converting locals to the cause. Ok - I've since majorly invested in Warmachine (which is big here - and I admit, I really enjoy it), and tooled around with Malifaux (also has a stable following, but hasn't hooked me) but Warlord has a big place in my affections and I'd go back to it in a heartbeat. Also - Privateer Press and Vallejo are about to lose a lot of money to my painting hobby. With MSP available in the UK - those other paints, decent as they are, are going to the back row and staying there! Absolutely nothing compares to MSP, IMO. Cheers, ladies and gents!
  3. Hello fellow obsessive miniature painting enthusiasts. Today's post addresses a few painting-related concerns I've been experiencing lately, which threatened to keep me from painting to the standard of which I'm accustomed, and we can't be having any of that ;). Having somewhat recently made the minor relocation from Montana to England, I've been tackling the rebuilding of some 15 years of collected hobby supplies in a matter of weeks, and on an extremely limited budget. This has been prioritisation (see, I spelled that without a "z" so the English grammar zealots don't hunt me down for my blatant Americanness) at its most efficient. I suspect the solution I've come up with may help those of you in a similar situation, or provide inspiration for the improvement of your own toolkit. The list of concerns were as follows: 1. LIGHTING. Obviously, this is of paramount importance. For me, it's gotta be full spectrum, ~5500k to 6000k. It has to be evenly spread and not create too much heat (drying my paints). 2. SHADOWS. I paint at night. I live at night. If I start painting while the sun is up, I can guarantee it'll be dark long before I've finished. I need good lighting in a space with little to no ambient light of its own, and too many shadows make my eyes go all buggy and tired after only a couple hours (or less) of painting. I like to paint for 8+ hours at a time whenever given the opportunity, so shadows need to be controlled. 3. BUDGET. Professional quality hobby supplies cost money. I spend most of mine traveling from pillar to post on this planet. However, having owned the professional supplies at one point or another, I've become spoiled and hate compromising on quality. If you can afford dual overhead Ott Lamps, more power to you... wish I still had mine. This lighting solution costs less than one Ott fluorescent tube, nevermind the actual fixture... about $20 US. I my case, I already had everything except the foam board, so I spent only ~$5. If your time is worth money, this only took about an hour to build from scratch. 4. PORTABILITY. I live in a tiny magikal cottage in Somerset.. they apparently didn't build offices into stone cottages 300 years ago, so I'm usually set up at the kitchen table. In 8-10 weeks, I'll be living in Dublin, Ireland for ~6 months, then back to England. I'll just leave this cabinet here when I go, and build a new one when I get there. On a smaller scale, sometimes I need to clear my stuff out of the way when guests come over, or perhaps sit in front of the tv while painting. My things need to be easy to move these days. Building the foam board cabinet into a bed serving tray means it weighs very little and has handles. Materials: 1x A2 (large) sheet of foam board with shiny white gloss coating (~$5), 1x wooden bed serving tray or similar (~$5), 1x automotive inspection lamp or similar (~$5), 1x 100w (or equivalent low-energy) full spectrum bulb/fluorescent tube (~$4), Hobby knife, glue, measuring implement, straight edge (you already have these). Time to complete: approx. 1 hour. ***BEHOLD: The Portable Lighting Cabinet *** Side View: Top Down View: Clearly you can see the contrast in lighting when compared to the ambient lighting around the cabinet. It should be noted that I have NOT turned off the overhead lights in the room. Previously, I had been using the inspection lamp WITHOUT the lighting cabinet, and while sufficient for painting with much strain upon my eyes, this is still a tremendous improvement. It was so simple to make, I won't even bother explaining how to do it in detail. I just started by taking some internal measurements of the bed serving tray, drew the cutout lines onto the foam board with a pencil and straightedge, cutout the pieces with my hobby knife, glued everything together with pvc glue, reinforced the corners with superglue, used some scrap foam board to make brush and tool holders, and voila! As I'm right-handed, the brush holders are comfortably set off to the right, and the left offset of the inspection lamp actually means it's directly over my mini while I hold it with my left hand. I will specifically note that I think it's important to have angled the back of the cabinet below the lamp rather than make a plain 90degree box because it helps reflect light evenly to the back of the mini... one more way of keeping shadows under control. Disclaimer: Sorry to have not displayed Reaper products. I own all the Reaper MSPs and Pro Paints, as well as boxes of minis, and a gigantic bag full of swag points, and miss them terribly while they're all in storage in the States. I'm pleased to see that Reaper now has free shipping to EU/UK on orders over 35€/£. Let me know what you think, suggestions for improvement, assembly questions, etc. Cheers~ Tenebrien
  4. w00t! I just received my first 3 Da Vinci Maestro Series 10 brushes in the post. I purchased the 000, 0, and 1 sizes from Jackson's Art Supplies in London for about 4 quid apiece and can't wait to try them out tonight. I made the switch from "generic" Kolinsky sable brushes to W&N Series 7 brushes about 5 years ago, so I can't say I'm expecting much of an upgrade but, like a complete fool, I left my beloved W&Ns behind in the States and found myself in the position of having to buy new kit. I'm very glad this forum thread was posted... I can already see why these brushes are so highly regarded! ~Off to the painting table~
  5. Another +1 on the optivisor. I've used one for about the last 6 years and have very few complaints, using it absolutely every time I put brush to mini. For 10 years before that I used the old magnifier & lamp combo and, while I got used to it, find there are better options these days. If you go for an optivisor, don't bother yourself with the optional xenon light attachment... I purchased one some time ago but the light it casts is yellow-ish which makes it useless for minis, imo. If there are any downsides to the optivisor it'd be these: it's kind of pricey, it looks ridiculous to onlookers, and I find it to be heavy and uncomfortable to wear during those 10+ hour sessions (I mitigate this issue by wearing a bandanna on my head and tightening the optivisor so that it sits higher on my forehead and not touching my ears). ...Unfortunately... I left my optivisor (and the masses of other painting supplies/boxes of miniatures) behind when I moved to England a few months ago. I was very incorrect in thinking it'd be reasonably inexpensive to have it all shipped over after I arrived. Long story short, I've an order of new paints/brushes/minis arriving at my doorstep tomorrow, and I'll be purchasing a pair of inexpensive magnified reading glasses at the local drugstore to get me by. They'll have to suffice for now and, who knows, maybe they'll become my new favorite ;) Cheers~
  6. Well, thanks everyone... a good dose of encouragement goes a long way ;) . I'm sure that I'll start another piece this weekend. Will I finish this weekend.............. ? I may also have a couple older ones that I painted to my (then) best standard a few years ago, but that could be brought up to a higher standard and "finished" in a fairly short time frame... just for comparison's sake between now and then (and a little instant gratification). The only problem is that I have a lot of demands on my time at the moment (don't we all....). I just finished driving ~3000 miles from my home in Savannah, GA to my family's residence in Missoula, MT... and I've got to convert all of my musical instruments to liquid assets (cash), visit all my friends, and get my bags packed and ready to move with my wife to Amsterdam, NL by the first week in October (!!!). I'm taking a good portion of my painting stuff, though!!! I'd rather go light on clothing than leave my entire Reaper MSP and W&N Series 7 brush collection behind... I spent a good many months dieting on ramen over the years to collect them. But enough of my whole life story (..Zzzzzzz). The paint recipes for the NMM all came from these forums. The wet palette, as I'm sure most of you are well ahead me in this, was amazing and I shant paint again without one. Also, I watched a DVD series of painting videos by French miniature painting master Jérémie Bonamant Teboul (www.jeremiebt.com) that have given me a lot of insight, but will certainly take some practice to really use effectively. I highly recommend them as another tool in your arsenal (wow, there are some really great resources these days... I wish they were around when I started 15 years ago). I have to say... I'm so glad to not be painting in 115 Degree F weather (including heat index) with 98% humidity like I was in Savannah, GA in August (I had AC, but it was still miserable). I started this Iks while I was still there and finished him in cool, arid MT the following week. The humidity played havoc with my techniques since I'm not used to it... it invalidated my "gunk" formula and royally messed with my wet blending. The other (good?) news is that, amongst all the things I'm selling, I've offloaded my ridiculously awesome gaming computer for a decent chunk of change and doubt I'll be buying another soon... so that's a *great* wealth of PC gaming time that will now be available for painting, which I've always guiltfully found to be a hobby much more worthy of my undivided attention. My only problem now is that I don't think I really know the meaning of "speed painting" or "tabletop quality", and I often find myself neurotically intimidated at the thought of putting paint on an awesome Reaper sculpt in the grave fear that "it doesn't look wicked when I'm finished." Anyhow... my copy of Warlord 2nd Ed. is on the way to my current locale and I'm going to be geared up to play at least one game before I skip the country, so I'll keep you all up to date with my painting progress. ~Cheers! -Tenebrien
  7. Hello all! It's been a couple of years since I've posted any of my painted Reaper minis on the forum here, though I've never really stopped lurking and admiring the work of others. Anyhow, between moving all over the country and whatnot, my painting output has been pathetic. Now that Warlord 2nd Edition is released, however, I've decided that my primer Overlords from 2004/2005 are *finally* due a coat of paint. Even if,*gasp*, they don't get my usual 20+ hours apiece. They've even won a tournament... and the only painted fig was a (exquisite) bondslave! This type of neglect is why I don't bother with having children ;). I tried a lot of new-to-me techniques with this figurine. It's the first time I've attempted NMM "black" armor, it's the second time I've attempted NMM at all, it's the first time I've attempted to paint gems in the appropriate manner, it's the first time I've ever worked with green stuff (details sculpted on the base), and it's the first time I've used a wet palette. I'm very pleased with the overall results and feel like I've given my rusty skills a significant polishing in the process. I realize from the large photos that not all of my transitions were perfectly smooth, and some of my NMM highlights are a bit misplaced, but these things always look better in real (miniature) life than under the microscope. I greatly look forward to your comments and feedback! Thanks! ~Tenebrien Actual Size Front and Back Front Back Back
  8. Say, quick question since I haven't had much luck searching online: I've been painting minis for years now, mainly as a gaming hobby, but I've recently introduced my wife to the concept of miniature painting and she's curious if there are minis available for various deities in a non-gaming sense. She's very spiritually-minded and thought it would make a great meditation to paint a mini of say, Kali, Vishnu, Horace, Thoth, and the like. I've never seen such a thing and there are obviously Egyptian-themed warlord figurines.... but only some deities would actually be found holding swords and battle equipment if you know what I'm saying. And she's interested in various scales... not just 25mm, 28mm, etc. Any ideas where I'd be able to find minis of this nature?
  9. Wow. That's all I've got to say. I've never played Warlord on anything like THAT! Enough of this warhammer-holdover-let's-meet-in-the-middle-of-a-field -disregarding-that-this-is-a-skirmish-game crap... I want my Warlordians to try out some urban-tastic stunt-friendly terrain like that!
  10. You sonuvagun! Make me scroll down the page with heart-attack levels of anxiety and anticipation.... and then you squeeze a little thumbnail pic of Rauthuros down in the corner? That's some cold $&*% man.
  11. I've nearly finished building my first seige tower. The Overlords request a measurement, in inches, from the base of the wall to the top. That way they can be sure to build to an appropriate height in order for the gate to be released directly onto the parapet..... and keeeel you!
  12. Your perception was pretty much right, at least according to what came out of her mouth. Or so I perceived it as well. But then, I think at that point in the conversation she pretty much knew my position, and then proceeded to push the envelope just to get a rise out me. She's just a brat that way sometimes. But so am I. FOR THE CONCLUSION: I went home and I didn't notice any of my brushes missing. And I didn't notice her desk in disarray either ( no more so than usual, anyhow), so as to conclude that she must not have worked on any kind of art project (it takes her days to clean up after an art project). Note: she didn't necessarily indicate that her project was of an "art" nature, though. I didn't get to ask her, because she was out running errands followed by visiting friends/family until after I went to bed (I've been sick, so I was out early). She probably got sidetracked by something else and forgot about doing whatever it was that began this thread. The time's ripe then, I think, to hurry up and order some sacrificial brushes. Where I live there is no Michael's, no Hobby Lobby, no FLGS of any kind. There is no place in this town any more for a person to even buy a pack of Magic the Gathering cards (used as an example of something ubiquitous, not something that I personally have an interest in any more). The closest place to get that stuff locally is more than 100 miles away, though I make the trip regularly enough. And I don't live in some tiny wide-spot in the road... just a place devoid of certain local markets of interest to myself. So, the internet comes to the rescue. I laughed out loud about the idea of using decoy brushes in my normal space, and sticking the real brushes to the bottom of my desk. Too bad my desk is glass!
  13. Yes, I posted it here in mostly-but-not-complete-jest. I wanted advice from people who could understand a Series 7 from a 5-pack of Testors at Wal-Mart... I mean, really "understand" the connection with a paint brush. That type of person, by association, also understands at least semi obsessive-compulsive lifestyle habits ;) . I wasn't seriously fumed or anything... and at least she ASKED first. People like me take it for obvious that you don't ASK those kinds of questions because the answer is obvious. But I realize there are people out there who are nothing like me.... for example, my wife. That's why we get along She's a "special breed".... EvilBob understands. We probably all know somebody that fits the bill: the type of person who utterly defies convention and everything that people relate as "normal", who are thereby often terribly frustrating and difficult to comprehend, and by extension have probably led a really rough life, but as a trade-off were somehow imbued with truly exceptional qualities that make it all worthwhile and then some. I could be friends with a clone of myself, but I could never LIVE with anybody even remotely close to myself... it'd quickly present a conflict of personality. All good responses. The serious and the jesting. One can never have too much knowledge. Thanks everybody. And yes, EvilBob, she'll be coming to MisCon. At least the latter portion. She's photographing a wedding in Couer D'Alene Friday through Saturday. I look forward to seeing you and yours there.
  14. Oh, she HAS her own set. I made sure of it. They're not kolinsky sable, but she doesn't paint often, and she's registered in MT as a "brush abuser". And they're better than the brushes I used during my formative years. It's just... she'd rather abuse MINE. I think we maybe need the $10 Michael's set mentioned ... the default "brush destruction" set, if you will. I just take such loving care of my own brushes that even my "crappy" nylons have their place. As has been mentioned here so many times "there's no such thing as a useless paint brush". I even keep them enclosed ever since my Series 7 brushes narrowly escaped a cat-attack due to being kept inside plastic tubes. So many forces in the world trying to destroy my miniatures brushes...
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