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  1. I think its awesome! I love the back of his hood and robe. Was the webbing on the back of his hood already there or did you free-hand it? Either way it is very nice.
  2. Okay...I tried brightening the higlights a bit. And I dulled the tusks a tiche too.
  3. Yeah I think you're right. I was a little timid with the highlights. Thanks. :-)
  4. The last coat I put on was Valejo Matte Varnish dilluted with a touch of water. Would another coat without water dull him down a bit?
  5. Here is my first attempt at blending. I think I maybe picked too dark of a skin color but oh well.
  6. Thanks Adenosine. And no I dont mind the photoshopping at all. Looks great. I'm painting Harapan, Elephant Warrior now.... http://www.reapermini.com/gallery/se/1411_G I really like this guy but Im not too crazy about his weapon. Im not sure if he is about to dig a hole or play shufflepuck. I love his pose though. Gonna try blending and shading on him.
  7. Thanks for the welcomes Sergeant and Mousekiller. :- ) I will look into making a light box. I was kinda flying blind with the camera. You should have seen the pics I deleted!!!! I will have to read up on the Macro forum. -Ian
  8. Very cool! I like his expression, friendly looking fellow. Whats in hi left hand? Congrats on 30 years!
  9. Hello... First post and first mini (so be gentle!). There is no blending, just wash and drybrushing. Overall I like how he looks, but on my next mini (Harapan, Elephant warrior) I plan on trying my hand at blending. Cheers!
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